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Running ads on social media but your ads have run out of steam?

Good news for you.

We’ve decided to show you our big guns.

We call it the ‘Hook Test’.

It’s the best way to turn a non-performing campaign into an ass-kicking one.

Watch this video where we spill the beans on our closely-guarded secret method to create winning ads.

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Video Transcript

Okay, guys, just to make it crystal clear, what a test. We’re not testing a benefit or pain or challenge specifically PBC tests is when we already know that the hook works pretty well. Right? Or we want to get really granular and figure out what kind of pain is actually hurting them and stuff like that. So hook test is more like testing the general idea sort of thing, right? So in the previous document with Vince, I’m testing specific pain points, whereas here I’m kind of testing more big ideas and hooks because, with Vince, the difference here is that with Vince we were testing doing a PBC test because it’s more brand new, right? It’s a brand new market that we’re targeting because we’re targeting business entrepreneurs, not so much the wannabe pro nurse anymore. So that’s why I want to test what pains are currently most that most entrepreneurs in the UK currently identify with.

Whereas with this one we already have a lot of data on what kind of works, right? So we just want to come with fresh ideas right now to to kind of get people interested. Again, we actually have done PBC tests for Aaron already, so it’s not necessary to do that Again, we just want to find out what hooks are kind of like getting people’s attention right now. Okay. So as you can see this section here, these are the four different headlines. But okay, let’s look at a body, the ones that are not highlighted here. Right.

This is quite generic, as you can see. But I first have a salesperson followed everything. My manager, this is like one of the best copies we have for, for, for Aaron. Right. So if you work on this document, don’t we need to change it up and make it? Fresh air. Again, you can follow the same concept, but maybe paraphrase and make it sound a little bit better. A little bit different, right? So this is very general.

Like the sales manager told me to do this, which is all the challenges and pains. And I couldn’t get a result once again, pain. Okay, So then thank you so much for watching our video. Just a quick interruption to remind you, if you are watching this on YouTube to like and subscribe and check out all our other videos on the channel. And if you’re checking out this video on our blog post, make sure you check out all the other blog posts on our website. So thank you so much. And back to the rest of the video. pivot to the whole epic, the illustrate section.

I started using a new approach. Blah, blah, blah. Right. And then we’re kind of like talking about all this various new approach that that how it actually works and the results they got and this is who it’s full and so on. So this is quite generic, right? So it kind of it doesn’t 100% fit each of these headlines, but it does kind of work for each of these headlines because the whole idea here is we’re not looking to just keep running the ad. The whole idea here is we want to see which one, which hook or which big idea that we’re talking, and which headline here is going to get the biggest attention, cause then we can customize it for the right. And if you look at these four big four hooks here, right, we are talking using this document that what’s an angel did up.

Okay, So we’re talking about. All right. So this one is like not interested. Yeah. So how I convert project prospects who are not interested in 100 buyers. Right. So that’s the big idea with that, I’m using for this one reasons clients don’t buy a think, why prospects don’t buy? and the ethical way to persuade them to say yes, that gets more sales than simply being pushy. Right. So I just quickly whip these up. Just I didn’t have time to really refine this, but I just want to give you guys the idea, the concept here.

Of basically testing the big idea or the hook. So some of them are. Some of them are big ideas. Right. So next one. Here is why introverts are finding more qualified prospects and closing more deals. So this is one. Once again, the whole introvert into self superstar idea. Sales manager laughed at me when I said I’m going to break sales records without doing cold-calling. So this once again, no cold- calling idea but written in a completely different way. Right? So it’s not like stop doing cold- calling. Well I’m saying, I’m still saying stop doing co calling but I’m saying in a different way. Right. So yeah, this, this covers a few of the hooks that we came up with.

So I’m just going to leave it here so you guys can continue working on this document. You can continue working in this document and using the big ideas that we came up with here. And we should have about a dozen of them or so, right? And then we can just put it test, right. Obviously, once again, we need to refresh this copy a little bit. Okay. And then yeah, so each one is a completely different like hook and big idea from here. So from there what we want to do is find out which one works best, which one the market resonates with right now.

Okay. And yeah, that’s pretty much it. I hope that clarifies it.

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