Why brand yourself as the go-to expert?

why become an expert

For the most part, marketing in general is fairly uncomplicated; basically it comes down to offering a decent product and/or service to your demographic, and getting the word out through effective brand recognition.

The problem is most of your competition is aware of the marketing rules of effective business practices as well which is why become an expert in your industry gives you a cutting edge. Sure, you’ll want to focus on efficient advertising; but if you want to create a fan base with staying power, you got to create a brand so they remember you!

As a go-to expert, you can grow your client base by offering premium, even high end services. The key is that you invest the time and/or money to truly become the perceived expert in your market, and create a personality around that personal brand, i.e. You! Finally, you need to communicate and demonstrate your expertise with your clients, and potential clients on a consistent basis.

When people talk about becoming an expert, most people think they need to get a formal education or spend a lot of time getting titles behind their names. Yes, that helps in certain fields such as medicine. But for the most part in the digital business world, it means building your personal profile via tools such as a blog, Youtube videos, authoring a book and so on.

Why would you want to invest in yourself or your business to become a perceived expert? Because people are constantly searching for information on the Internet…you can impress those in your target market with your knowledge. With interaction, you’ll become a trusted resource and it’ll increase your client base.

People will want to hear your opinion on a variety of subjects related to your field, and by conversing with them you’ll build a reputation that can lead to sales and keep your clients coming back for more.

By branding yourself a go-to expert you can also be asked for interviews, media coverage, guest blog writing and more. You’ll be contacted by your ‘fans’ and by responding you’ll build trust. Be an expert and you’ll be able to build a large following and reach more of your target demographic. Best of all, by utilising the power of Social Media, even an entrepreneur can afford to reach the masses in a personal way; no doubt it will take time. But the investment can be very rewarding.

Branding yourself an expert also helps you generate more revenue from your fans. By building trust and offering premium customer service, your goods and/or services will sell more rapidly, even if you aren’t the cheapest provider in your market (in fact, you can price yourself higher and people will feel they are getting more value).

It’s that expertise that’ll win over your customers and it’s a big deal. If you want to impress people and earn more money then you’ll want to become a go-to expert.

It doesn’t matter what your market is. You could be selling books, movies, real estate, medical supplies or anything else and branding yourself as an expert would still garner you fantastic results.

Being a person who is well regarded in their field of expertise will get you more attention overall, and the right kind of attention; the kind that will boost your financial bottom line.

For more information on why you want to become an expert. Check out my why become an expert video series.

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