Why become an expert? Here’s Reason 9

Check out reason 9 you should consider branding yourself an expert:

Hi, Terence here from Expertizeu. We’re up to reason number nine now on why you may want to become an ‘expert’. Now, reason number nine for why you want to become an expert is because you gain free exposure on media.

You can gain free exposure to the media and other publications because you are now known as an industry expert. They want to see your opinions, they want to see your ideas, and they want to seek you for information because they are interested in genuinely good content to publish out there.

For my personal experience, my other company Bookpal, has gained several interviews and even documentary made on this because we are regarded as one of the industry experts out there in the field of book publishing.

We demonstrated our expertise and that is why we got all that media exposure and you can too. You need to start demonstrating your expertise because gaining free media publicity while it’s free advertising and the impact you can have on your bottom line is just amazing.

(Imagine the free advertising you can get!)

That’s reason number nine.

Free media exposure is something to consider. I’ll see you in reason number 10.


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