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Since 2014 we’ve been helping thought leaders and coaches with Webinar marketing. By filling up events with funnels and paid ads… We’re a growth partner for many coaches.

Best part? 

You pay most of our fees based on results. 

Radical Marketing is the #1 trusted webinar marketing expert for many coaches across the globe. We have a proven track record – we’ve promoted thousands of Webinars.

When you partner with Radical Marketing as your webinar marketing consultant, you can sit back and let us do the hard lifting – while you focus on what you are good at: delivering value to your Webinar participants and closing sales. 

We take care of all the marketing, funnels, ads and technical set up.   

How Can You Grow with Our Webinar Marketing Services?

Webinars are a proven sales mechanism for scaling businesses fast. Instead of talking to people 1 on 1… you can talk to countless prospects at once. This can help you to scale your business more rapidly. That’s why many of our clients have gone from just surviving to scaling rapidly with their business with our Webinar marketing service.

But this can only happen with the webinar marketing strategy. Because it is completely pointless to have a room full of people who cannot afford your offer. You need to have the right bait or topic to attract the right type of Webinar attendees. And just as importantly, the right message that speaks to the types of attendees you want.  

Once you have that, you can use your webinars to sell anything from coaching, software, information products and services.

There are 3 main webinar marketing strategies:

  1. Lead generation webinars This is where you want to further qualify the leads that you generate. Sure, there may be 100s of people who are interested in your topic, but maybe only 10% of them are willing to whip out their credit cards. Your Webinar is the ‘qualifying mechanism’ in this scenario.
  2. Product/service demonstration webinarsProvide product demos on how a product or service works more efficiently or effectively to improve a participant’s existing process or resolve their problem. A lot of software companies use Webinars to demo their products as often it is not easily understood through other channels.
  3. Education webinarsTo help people understand a particular topic better to help them make an informed buying decision. Or companies can use webinars to further educate their existing client base as part of their community building strategies and increase word of mouth referrals. This is an excellent client retention strategy.
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“Radical Marketing literally saved my business. The first event that Radical Marketing promoted gave me a 12X return on my ad spend.”

So why not just have a website?

Truth is Webinars are an excellent channel to build trust, rapport and buyer confidence. Additionally, the interactivity of a Webinar can create excitement, which is the nudge that your prospects might need to take the next step.

Bottom line?

A webinar funnel could just be the multiplier that your business needs. So that every time you invest a dollar in ads… you can see $3, $4 or more after each Webinar.

That is the cornerstone of a scalable business – when you can scale with paid ads.

Before we move on, we want to let you know that you can get a comprehensive article on the Ultimate Guide To Winning with Webinars that goes in-depth in developing a high converting webinar.

Top 3 Reasons Why Webinars Fail:

1. You’re not getting enough qualified signups

Webinars are a numbers game. The more people you get to register for your webinar - the more people will watch your presentation, and this means more buyers.

Of course, you need to get quality registrants as well. Otherwise they won’t show up… or show up for the wrong reasons. For example, I could give away a free iPhone at my Webinar and get tons of people signing up on the cheap - but will I attract the right people?

Probably not.

So how do you attract the right people?

Simple - get clear about who your buyers are. Then write ads specifically for those buyers. And have a Webinar topic that those buyers would be interested in. If you can promise to help solve a problem that they have, they will come.

2. Not keeping track of your numbers

Sadly, most businesses do not properly keep track of their numbers. They only know the basics: Cost per Webinar Lead, total sales and total ad spend.

But if you are able to get really granular… down to which ad brought the best ROI, what advertising channel brought the buyers. And what funnel was the most effective… that’s when you are able to truly optimize and get consistent results.

This is one of the key reasons why we are so successful in getting great results for our clients. It’s not that we are smarter, we just put in more effort in analyzing the data.
3. Poor Webinar Presentation or Offer

If people are not engaged or sticking right to the end, then you might have a poor Webinar presentation. But don’t expect to get it right on the first few tries… even the best presenters have done dozens, if not hundreds of presentations before they get it right.

Remember, it’s not about how long or short your webinar presentation is. It’s about the value you deliver to the audience and the shift in beliefs that you can create with your Webinar.

If people are sticking to the end but not taking up your offer, then the issue might be the offer itself. This is where your offer needs to have 1) great perceived value 2) actually helps solve a problem that the audience is willing to pay for and 3) is presented with clarity.
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Our Webinar Marketing Services

At Radical Marketing we have been helping our clients generate quality Webinar attendees since 2014. We have developed systems, processes that are tried and tested to help your webinar generate more sales.  

We review your whole Webinar funnel, presentation and offers and help you to tweak it so that you convert more prospects into customers.

After all, we’ve generated 1.5 million leads for our clients over the last 10 years… that’s why our systems and processes work better than most others.  

Here’s an example of a regular Webinar funnel which we dub the Long Tail Webinar Funnel. 

It’s designed so that each lead that comes through has the very best chance of becoming a customer – and not lost to the wayside. 

That’s why our clients often experience double-digit ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) when they work with us. 

Radical Marketing Long Tail Webinar Funnel

It’ll take a Webinar and a half to explain the whole funnel above, so we’ve condensed the main elements and explain it in this short video below: 

Our Webinar Marketing Process

Here is the step-by-step process we use to help our clients get amazing webinar marketing results.

First, we get super clear who our ideal customers are. Because if we are targeting anyone who has a pulse, between the ages of 30 and 50 who wants to make more money… our message will sound like everyone else’s. 

We want to identify their pains, the benefits, desires, and what’s their internal conversation. What they do in their spare time and what groups they are part of. All of this will help us craft better ads later. 

We also want to research the competition, and craft a USP so that we stand out from the rest. 

All that research in phase one will give us a lot of ideas and hypotheses. But nothing is proven yet. 

The only way to prove it is to build a funnel and run some ads. 

This is the litmus test to discover what messages work and for what audiences. For instance, we might test 20-30 big ideas or messages when we first work with clients… just to assess what works.

Once we know the message and creatives that work – that’s when we want to scale. This is when we increase our ad spend and optimize our funnels. 

We want to squeeze every opportunity to get more of the right audiences at a lower cost. This will involve testing with multiple creatives, ad copy, audiences, ad platforms and even different funnels. 

Bottom line – here’s where we help your business scale and multiply your sales and profits! 

After each event, we tally up your Webinar sales and attendees. To discover exactly which ads, platforms, messages and funnels give us the best Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). 

This deep dive will give us better direction on where to invest our money on ads. So that we are constantly improving your marketing in a way that brings you more customers, attendees and sales. 

“Terence helped me reduce my lead cost by at least 40-50% within a week…he is a total ninja when it comes to Facebook Ads.”
“For my last webinar, Radical Marketing’s efforts gave us 420 sign ups in 3 days. The amazing part is they only spent $100 in ads to achieve that result for us.”

Ready to work with Experienced Webinar Consultants?

Radical Marketing's Webinar Promotion Strategies Are Focused On Achieve Real Results

Pillar #1: Fractional CMO

As your Fractional CMO and Webinar Consultant we help you strategize, design offers and advise you on the best funnel and marketing strategies to grow your business.

We personally work with each client closely to ensure you are profitable with our marketing efforts.

As we structure our remuneration based on the results we get for you… we have a strong vested interest in your success.

Pillar #2: Brandvertising Copywriting

Our copy and video ads are specifically designed to attract the right audiences to your Webinars. Remember, we’ve promoted thousands of Webinars and Seminars so we know the type of copy and ads that work.

That’s why we fuse ‘brand’ and ‘direct response’ into every ad that we create. In order to get the lowest Cost Per Lead while maintaining your unique brand voice in every ad.

Pillar #3: Blitzvertising Ad System

We believe in the concept of scientific advertising and conduct it rigorously. This means testing many variations of ads, headlines, hooks, messages and videos.

Bottom line… we are constantly optimizing - and doing it rapidly. We’re never satisfied with just doing good. We are forever seeking that extra 1% improvement for our clients every day.

1% a day means 365% a year - and that’s how we help our clients prosper.

Pillar #4: Long Tail Webinar System

Over the years we’ve developed a Webinar funnel that generates sales before, during and after your Webinar. The funnel is outlined in the flowchart earlier on this page.

It just simply makes more sense, yet few people do it. We’ll work with you to create your own personalized Long Tail Webinar System that helps you get more sales. This alone will help you to multiply your Webinar profits from day 1.

Are you ready to get better webinar marketing results? ​

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If you’ve been running webinars but are not getting the results you want. Or you are planning to scale your business with Webinars but are not sure who you can trust. 

Then stop working with marketing agencies or freelancers who are generalists… and do not specialize in Webinars.

We’ve gained a ton of experience marketing events like Webinars and Seminars since 2014 (with over 1.5 million leads and tens of millions in ad spend).  

We’ve adopted what works and developed them into systems that we practice daily.

So why waste time and money with others who promise lots but don’t have the track record to back it up? 

Hit the button below and let’s see if we are a good fit working together. 

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Terry Tam

Director, Radical Marketing

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Are your Webinar conversion rates poor?
Is your Webinar funnel unprofitable?
Is your sales team bored without leads from your Webinars?
Do you want to convert more Webinar attendees into sales?
Is your Webinar cost per lead too high?

You can spend countless hours and money optimizing your campaign to generate more sign ups, more webinar leads and still achieve limited results.

Don’t waste any more time and money, have an experienced, professional webinar marketing agency to run things for you. 

If you are ready to potentially 2x-10x your business in the next year by using the power of webinars… then click the button below to get in touch with us for a FREE no-obligation meeting with a webinar consultant. 

“After working with Radical Marketing for 40 days, we achieved a new record number of attendees….a massive 3x increase over our previous best!”
“Terence helped me reduce my average client registration cost from $150 to $52.65 within 30 days. ”
“The idea is that these guys come up with are just amazing.
Really getting the true essence of the message out there to help the audience understand the value”

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