Webinar Marketing Case Study for a Sales Coach: Improved landing page by 244% in 2 weeks.


In this post, I’ll be showing you a case where we tripled conversions on a landing page by 244% in 2 weeks.

This was a huge win, and I’m excited to show you exactly how we did it – so you can take away some important marketing lessons 

Any seasoned Internet Marketer will tell you that the landing page is one of those ‘small hinges that open big doors

A small improvement in the landing page can result in a massive difference to the bottom line

Especially when you have clients that spend tens of thousands each month on ads. 

Now – just because a landing page worked well in the past, it doesn’t mean it’s going to keep working forever.

Which is why it’s important to seek new ideas  to optimise your landing pages  

And that’s exactly what we’ll be showing you in today’s video.

You’ll be surprised to see how dramatically our results improved with just a few simple tweaks.

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Video Transcript 

All right, guys, we have another case study for you today.

And today we’d like to show you something really awesome again about a case study of how we increase the conversion rate of our landing page. And once again, here we have our conversion rate optimization specialist, Tasha. Tasha and let’s show people what we’ve managed to achieve with this new landing page that we created.

-Okay, sure.

So I’ll just share my screen again.


So we’re looking at from around 9%, we increase that one week to 13% and up tob22%. So that is like a pretty good increase in terms of conversion rate. And I’m sure that has dropped the ad spend or cost per lead dramatically as well. So, Tasha, let’s show them what we did by first starting by showing them the old landing page and some of the stuff there.

-Okay, sure. So going to the old landing page. So this is the old landing page.

Basically, the headline is still the same. Basically, we did a big change to the design, the background image, the color, the CTA (call to action). I guess we can just share the elements first. So we have the headline if you scroll down, we just have the benefits here. And then we have some testimonials and then a whole backstory of the speaker.

And if we keep scrolling down, there’s a whole bunch of video testimonials. And then the continuation of the story and who it’s for, who it’s not for. and keep scrolling, if you don’t mind. And yeah, addressing the objection here. And then the bonuses, sign-up bonuses, testimonials again.

So, as you can see, keep scrolling. There’s quite a lot of information here, right. And then giving them do this or this kind of thing at the end, like a Polarity comparison thing, right, a future pacing thing. I would say so, yeah, it’s a very long one. And actually, initially, it worked pretty well, right, Tasha?

-Yeah, right.

But then we kind of experienced a.. it kept dropping in terms of performance.


So, yeah, 16 and kept dropping to 9% and so on right until we made these changes. So I think the big thing to just be aware of, that many people are not aware of, is that just because you had a performing landing page in the past -doesn’t mean it will keep performing. Because people get, I guess, fatigued with the same thing.

If you keep showing the same thing over and over again, people will just see it and say, oh, well, I’ve seen that before, kind of thing, and they get bored of it. So every now and then, it’s like we need to basically redo the whole page.


Which is what we did here. So, Tasha, if you don’t mind sharing the new page and what we did with the new page, that’ll be awesome. Thank you so much for watching our video. Just a quick interruption to remind you if you are watching this on YouTube, to like, subscribe and check out all our other videos on the channel.

And if you’re checking out this video on our blog post, make sure you check out all the other blog posts on our website. So thank you so much and back to the rest of the video. All right, so going to the new page. So this is now the new page. What we did was change the background of the top bolt. So the headline is basically still the same. We did a big change to the color, the CTA, and scrolling down here we have the tree secrets, which is not something that we have on the old page. We re-wrote the backstory, tidy the ad copy a lot more, and added sections that are more benefit focus.


So I think that three secrets kind of like, okay, people know, okay, these are three benefits I’m going to get straight away, but there’s more. And then that kind of like in a lot of the infomercials you see on TV, but there’s more. And then it showed a new knife and a new bonus kind of thing. And that’s the same thing that we’re trying to do here, right? Which obviously has worked.

So it sounds corny, but that whole process kind of works and so people are going, well, I get these benefits plus this more. Wow, that really the entire system, right? So, what else did we do here? So we shortened the copy so we still keep some of the testimonials, but we kind of just didn’t put all of the testimonials. And then basically we just also keep the bonuses. Basically.

-Yeah, that’s it.

Okay, so I think a lot of backstories and stuff like that, we kind of removed it because first of all, I think because we’ve been marketing this client for a while and the market has known this client pretty well already because we’ve been spending a lot of money just marketing this client and so they don’t really need to know the backstory. Plus its kind of like there’s probably too much to read and it’s kind of like over selling in this case because we’re just selling a free webinar, right?

We’re not even asking for money here. So the page doesn’t need to be so long. The US is not that big, so we don’t have to put in that much content for them to make a decision. But once again, at a start that was necessary because nobody knew about the client. But now after one year, plus just about everyone I talked to in this space, most people know about him already. So the backstory, in this case, is less effective already. Once again, you just need to test, right? We just don’t know sometimes. So yeah, I think the whole thing is that the whole fatigue thing is very real and sometimes we just need to just re-change the whole landing page.

And Tasha, as you mentioned, it’s kind of risky sometimes, right? Yeah, that’s true, because normally, if we do smaller tests, they will give a much smaller win. But if we do a big test, it can either give us a big win or we’ll never know. And we don’t know which element actually made a big difference. So instead of testing, changing, say, the headline or the color and testing to see if it gives us an increment of push-up, it’s kind of like rolling the dice and hoping that we get red or black on the roulette wheel, and hopefully, something works.

Right? In this case, it works. And we have tested something like this previously, which flopped as well. Right. That’s the key thing. So, moving forward, Tasha, what do you think we can do to further optimize this page?

-Okay, so there’s a lot that we can do. So we’re planning to maybe test the headlines, and then for the pop-up buttons, we can emphasize more on the bonuses more. So maybe include an image of the bonuses in a pop-up and maybe just the look and feel of the page. Maybe we can test different colors next, and then CTA, text, and background images. There are still a lot of tests

Yeah, it’s endless, right? Once again, there’s so much more room for improvement. It’s a never-ending process. So I think most people make the mistake of just having one landing page split, testing it once or twice, and then we got a really good conversion rate and then never looking at it again. So I think for us, it’s like every week we’re testing something new, right?


All right, so, guys, I hope you enjoyed this video, and I hope you got something out of it that you can take away and apply in your business on your landing pages. And I really hope you enjoyed this and look forward to seeing you in the next video. Thank you for watching.

-Thank you.

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