Webinar Marketing Case Study: 120 registrations with $100?

120 Webinar Registrations with $100

We just promoted a live webinar last week and we achieved a good amount of registrations within 48 hours… and we only spent $100 on ads!

But there was a secret little thing that we have been building in the background that made this possible.

If you want to bring down your ad costs for advertising your webinars, seminars or workshops, you gotta watch this video cos it’s a game-changer (sounds cliche, but it is).

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Video Transcription:

Hey guys today, I’m excited to tell you about a new event that got promoted and we got phenomenal response. In fact, we got over 120 people registered for a webinar in less than 48 hours. We spent less than $100 Australian dollars to advertise the event.

So how did we achieve this?

To be honest, it didn’t all come from ads. That’s why we only spent like a hundred dollars. Out of that $100, we only got 18 registrations through Facebook ads. The rest of it, the other 100 plus registrations actually came from their database. In the past five months of working with this client, we have put in a strategy to generate lots of leads in terms of signups for their newsletter. In the past four or five months, I think we generated about 3000 new leads in their marketplace.

With these 3000 new leads, they’re now in their database. What we had to do is to make sure we nurture these leads. We nurture these 3000 leads on monthly basis. Well, previously they were doing it monthly, but with my advice, they now do it on a fortnightly basis.

What they do is they produce high-quality video every two weeks to make sure that their target market, their database is nurtured through this video. And that’s how we manage for the rest of it. The other hundred people that signed up for the event was basically through email marketing.

We had planned to send out three emails. The first one was sent out on Monday afternoon at 3:30 PM. The second one was sent out on Tuesday at 3:30 PM. And actually, on Wednesday, we were going to have the events in the afternoon, and we were going to send out the third email promotional email in the morning.

But by the time we reached Wednesday morning, the client said, look, we have over 120 people signed up for this event. I think that’s enough. Let’s not send out the third email. If we had sent out the third email, maybe we’ll get another 40, 50 people register for the event.

It was a pretty good success.

Here’s the takeaway I want you to have. The takeaway is that you need to start looking at building and nurturing a database. I know that sounds really basic, but most people out there do not do this. If you’ve started building your database and nurturing them, this will bring down your costs per lead for your event, whether it’s a seminar or webinar dramatically over the long term.

My advice has always been this, is to, while you are promoting your event directly, you should also be building and nurturing your database.

I hope this case study has shown you the importance of building a database to promote your events. I hope you take this tip and start implementing it in your business.

Hope you enjoyed this video. And if you do or  if you did, please like, share or comment and feel free to reach out to us if you got any questions.


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