Unleash Your Hidden Wealth and Luck in 2014


Unleash Your Hidden Wealth and Luck in 2014

This seminar is aimed for business owners, professionals, managers and investors who are seeking to improve their wealth. Though really, it’s for anyone who seeks to make 2014 their best year with more wealth and greater flow.

What Thuy-Ai talks about is the basis for how some of her clients have grown their businesses by $3 Million in less than 8 months, or doubled their income in 2 weeks. It’s even been used to move difficult tenants out of investment properties and find good opportunities for wealth when everyone else has walked past.

And it’s a lot more than just mindset to achieve these kind of unexpected results. It’s the science of Alchemy.

No one outside of her personal clients has ever heard this information before. That’s why when people look at her or her clients, they wonder… How did they get so lucky?

Part of her vision is to work with people to become the Leaders and Influencers in their personal lives, organisations and businesses. Wealth is a key aspect of that, not just money but with relationships, families, careers, businesses, health and fulfillment.

Thuy-Ai believes that everyone can access greater wealth and luck, it’s just a matter of knowing how.


Here are some of the things people have said about working with her:
I got a RM 3.84 Million deal within weeks of doing Thuy-Ai’s course, after trying to negotiate for more than 1 year!

Desmond Chong, Malaysia

Thanks to what I learnt with Thuy-Ai, I was speaking on stage with 2 of my industry idols from USA and Australia. Only one month after studying a new growth area in my industry, I had become one of the top experts in the field.

Yang Xu, Business Development Manager in Web Design and Analytics, Australia

Even though my Feng Shui chart said this year would be bad for my career, I had recruiters calling me and got a new job with 20% pay rise! That was within weeks of Thuy-Ai’s course, I couldn’t have done it without her.

Caren Tan, Executive Assistant, Singapore

I went from being a multi-millionaire to almost bankrupt and about to lose everything. After a 2 hour coffee conversation with Thuy-Ai, I walked away with a 5 step process that saved my marriage, my family home and my sanity.

It seemed too simple and I didn’t even understand some of it, but the results speak for themselves. Making money again was then just a bonus.

Rod Eriksen, Real Estate Developer, Australia

Investment: Only USD$11 or RM38 



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2. Pay RM 38 to:

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After payment, on either option,please email receipt to terence@radicalmarketingconsultant.com