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Remember when sales letters used to come in through the mail and advertised a product?

It might not have been a flesh-and-blood salesman, but it did a tremendous job at pulling in customers in its day.

Today we have its young grandchild: the Video Sales Letter.

It’s great for: 

  • Generating appointments for high ticket offers 
  • Selling physical products, information products and services online 
  • Selling people to events 

 In this video we’ll be explaining what a VSL funnel looks like.

Additionally, we will be breaking down 3 proven success secrets for turning your VSL Funnels into an automatic client generator.

Check out this video now… unless you don’t want more business

Video Transcript

Hey, guys, in this video, I want to show you what is a video sales letter funnel,
or a VSL funnel, as it's more commonly known, alright?

And more importantly, I want to give you the success secrets to make an awesome VSL funnel for your business so that you can get clients every single week, every single day, and to help you to grow your business.

So let’s hop into it, because I’m sure you’re super excited to find out more about this VSL funnel, alright. So I just want to give you a visual here as to one of the clients that we were working with, and this is how his funnel was constructed. 

  1. So, first of all, this is an opt in page where we provide a big promise that business owners can actually overcome business stagnation, make greater impact, and a lot more money, right?
  2. So if you come to this page and you’re a business owner, maybe, maybe you want more business growth. Maybe you want to overcome your business stagnation problem. 
  3. Now, you want to get access to this video, you click on the Get Instant access button right at the bottom. Once you click on that, you enter your email address. It leads you then to the next page. 
  4. The next page is where you actually get a value driven video of about 15 to 20 minutes, giving you tools, ideas on how to overcome business stagnation and stimulate business growth. 
  5. And finally, as you’ve noticed, at the bottom of the page is basically where you have a call to action, where people can take the next step with you. And in this case, for my client, it was about signing up for a two-day program. 
Okay. So I just want to recap all this very quickly in the flow chart so you get an understanding of how it actually looks like.

All right, step one drive traffic. If you can see at the top left, that’s where you drive traffic from Facebook, YouTube, Google, TikTok, or whatever source of traffic you want to and bring them to an opt-in page. And on the opt in page, you make a big promise and say, hey, sign up now, and I will give you this video that will help you solve this problem, okay? 

And once they sign up, they go to the VSL page, where you have a content video that helps them to solve the problem that you promise you to help them to solve in the previous page. And now, once you have that VSL, once they have built that VSL, they have two choices. 

  • One is they say, hey, this guy is awesome. I’m really excited. I need to get in touch with this guy. That’s where you may lead them to a survey page where you want to prequalify them before you speak to them. 

Okay? So this quiz page is a pre-qualification process, and it’s totally optional. I mean, if you want to get lots of people, talking to lots of people, whether they’re qualified or not, then you might want to remove that survey. 

But if you just want to talk to qualified people, then maybe the survey is a qualification process before they move on to the next step, which is to book a time with you on your calendar. All right? So once you book a time, they book a time with calendar. 

All you have to do is to check your calendar every day and to see what appointments you have and get on those calls and close that sale. Okay That’s what you need to do right now.

But what if they don't opt-in on the VSL page?

Well, if they don’t opt-in, remember we’ve got their email, right? So we have this email automated drip sequence that follows up with them so that there is a second chance to get them coming back to book an appointment with you, all right? 

And if they don’t end up booking an appointment, hey, they’re still in your long-term database where you can send them regular newsletters and hopefully eventually win them over at the right time to make an appointment with you. 

Okay So in a nutshell, that is a simplified version and a simple explanation of a VSL or video sales letter funnel. I hope that was great for you. 

And now I want to bestow upon you the three secrets to make your VSL funnel a bigger success. Alright. 

Thank you so much for watching our video.

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So thank you so much and back to the rest of the video.

To recap main points that we talked about;

Secret #1: Solve one 'HOT' problem

Identify the hottest problem that your prospects have right now that you have the solution for. Okay, so in my case, we deal with coaches that host webinars. So their number one problem right now is that the cost of leads, the cost of sign ups is high. It’s getting higher and higher in the past year or so. 

If I can provide some tips and tricks as to how they can lower that cost in my VSL, the chances of them wanting to take the next step is much higher because now they like me. Now they trust me. The chances of them wanting to work with me is much higher. 

Okay, so remember, you want to solve the one hot problem that is keeping them awake at night right now. So that is secret number one. 

Secret #2: Provide real value in your VSL

And this leads to my secret number two, which is providing real value in your VSL. Now, I’ve worked with people before that insist that no, we just want our VSL to be a sales pitch video, like ten-minute sales pitch video. 

Look, yes, and there’s no doubt they do still get appointments, but the show-up rate is poor because you haven’t built that trust and likability yet. You haven’t demonstrated that you can help them solve their problem. Right? 

So that is a real issue for me, for my business personally, I want to speak to quality clients that like and trust me, and when I get on a call with them, they’re ready to buy from me half the battle is won through the VSL. 

I don’t want to be getting on calls with people that, you know, they’re still skeptical about me. So I just want to make sure that my VSL provides real value. 

And that’s my advice to most of my clients as well, where I tell well, that’s my advice to all my clients that we provide real value in the VSL itself so that when they come and talk to you, they are almost ready to buy. 

It’s like they just want to know the details of the deal and how you can help them. 

Okay, so that is my secret number two, is that you provide real value on your VSL, on your video sales letter. 

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Secret #3: Give them good reason to take action

And finally, when it comes to secret number three, which is the final secret, and that is to give them a good reason to take action in your video. 

Okay So one of the key things is to make sure that the last part of your video is to give them a good reason to take action with you, to take the next step with you. And in my client’s example that I showed you just now, the good reason to take action was that he will give you two days of full training to give you the right strategies, the right tactics, to actually help you to overcome your business stagnation problem and to stimulate business growth. 

Okay So that is the good reason to take action right now, okay, and you don’t want to waste time, especially if you got business stagnation. Right? And I want to give you another example from our own business, is that we were giving people a good reason to take action in the form of giving them a webinar funnel audit because we work with a lot of coaching clients who run webinars. 

So we were giving them a webinar funnel audit where we actually look through their funnel in 30 to 60 minutes and give them ideas and suggestions as to how they can improve their current webinar funnel. So that was a good reason to take action right now, and in many cases, it is also good to give them some scarcity real scarcity in that. 

Hey, say for example, in ours, we were saying we only have time to give like five of these audits every month so that You know people want to take action and want to get one of those five spots so that is a good reason and gives them some urgency to take action. All right? 

So that is secret number three, which is make sure you give them a good reason to take action now, okay? 


Now, I really hope you enjoyed this video and that you got lots of tips and strategies on how to create your own VSL funnel. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you did, make sure you hit like and subscribe if you’re watching on YouTube. 

And if you do require any help where we can help you to script your whole VSL and build out your whole VSL funnel, then please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to get on the call, have a chat to see if we have a good fit working together. So thanks again for watching this video.

Have a great day.

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