TikTok Ads for Coaches

TikTok Ads for Coaches

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All right. Today, I'd like to address one question that I am getting more and more often from coaches, and that is

Do TikTok ads actually work for coaches?

So I’m going to show you a case study today of one of our coaches, actually two campaigns and how we use TikTok ads to get some results for our clients in this particular case. And also argue some of the myths around TikTok ads that’s preventing a lot of coaches from seizing this opportunity. So let’s get into it right now.

So first of all, I want to get into the myth busting stuff.

Wow, when I bring up TikTok ads to coaches, many times I get this kind of response from them, which is like, “Oh, does that mean I have to dance?

Well, if you want to dance, that’s totally fine. But the truth is you don’t need to dance, okay. That’s a common misconception. 

Second thing is that, hey, TikTok ads are just for young people, that is for kids.

No, it is not just for kids. In fact, old people do dance on TikTok as well, but yeah NO. The demographics are changing.

Previously, yes, it was mostly young people and kids on TikTok, but now that has evolved, things are changing demographically.

And, you know, if you look at the stats for TikTok globally, you will see that more and more mature audiences actually jumping into TikTok and utilizing the channel heavily for content and for entertainment.

And there’s the third common misconception is that hey, TikTok ads you know, they produce low quality leads.

Now, in this case study, I want to prove to you that, that is not true at all. If you use the right type of ads and the right type of funnel. Okay.

And there is also not a thing where you know that you don’t see many coaches advertising on TikTok, so they think it doesn’t work. Well, yeah. All you see are ads for TikTok is mainly on e-commerce and selling products.

So does it really work for coaches?

Well, I want to show you some stats that will bust that myth as well, because TikTok ads do work for coaches as well.

Now, the truth is this over 1 billion TikTok users around the world. So it’s one of the largest emerging social media channels. And look, it’s going to, by the growth rate,

It’s going to become one of the top three channels out there. So if you’re missing out right now, it’s like the early days of the gold rush of the land grab.

If you miss out, well, you know, you’re coming too late to the party. So, yeah, if you’re a coach or trainer and you want to use TikTok and you’re still not sure.

Well, I think now’s the time.

To me, it’s kind of like Facebook back in 2014, when I first got into Facebook and there was very, very little competition and ad costs were low, it was easy to reach people. There was not much competition. It was awesome. Right. Or if you look back in Google, when I first started advertising on Google in 2003 or 2004, you know, I was getting seven cents clicks back then, ten cents clicks.

Now, I mean, for those key was this no way I could get ten cent clicks. It’s more like five, six, seven, $8 per click, right. Right. So as you can see that age, there are a lot of 30+ people, there are a lot of 40+ people and even older people on TikTok. Right. And previously when I showed you 1 billion people on TikTok, that does not include the Tik Tok social media in China which is called (chinese word), I believe.

So that’s just TikTok worldwide without including China. So if you include the China one, there’s probably not a billion there, you know, who knows?

So let's get into the case study of the actual results.

So we actually ran Tik Tok ads in 2021 for an event. This was for a pretty big event. It was a webinar. We had huge budgets for it, and we were testing across all different channels, and Tik Tok was one of the channels. Pardon me there.

So we got a 1181 signups for this particular event.
Attendees, there was 195, which is around 16.5%.

Now, when you compare that across all channels, that we use in that campaign, other channels on average, (you did this) 24% show up rates.


So in that sense, the attendees show up rate wasn’t that great compared to the overall across multimedia channels in this particular instance.

We had 20%, close to 20% of them actually buy the product versus the overall market, which was 30%. Okay. So much lower than the general population, general other channels, including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and so on.

Right. But overall, the cost was around 15% lower per registrant. For Tik Tok versus across the board.

Right. So it kind of balanced out a little bit. But in that instance we found that Tik Tok wasn’t as good as other channels like say compared to Facebook, Google, YouTube. Yeah. It wasn’t as quite as good in this particular instance.

And I think the mistake we made. But anyway, let’s talk about the mistake later. But we did not actually specifically have a strategy for Tik Tok back then. And I believe we could have performed better because our creative was actually just a YouTube creative that was adapted for Tik Tok, which wasn’t really good. It wasn’t a specific Tik Tok made native type ad.

Right. So that I believe costs a lot of these to underperform. Right.

So we decided to try it out again on in one of our client in 2022 with their permission, of course, in January, over a three week, a three week period
with small budgets, we got 188 signups.

We have 73 attendees which was 39%, close to 39% show up rate for this webinar versus the general across channels of 48.5%.


So it is lower, there’s no doubt about it. But actually if I look at break it down on the micro level, the previous two weeks were actually a bit better in terms of attendees, show up rate like 41% 42% versus the general, which was 48%.

And that’s because we introduced a new ad in the past week which was more I guess a more viral type ad, right?

So probably we actually reduced the quality of attendees in the past week as a result of this viral ad. But I guess in a sense it did pay off because then that ad also was like super cheap in terms of cost per registration.

But we kind of, you know, that kind of negates a little bit with the attendee show up.

Right, right. So overall we had full bias, which was, you know, not too far off from the general population. I mean 5.5% overall versus 6% overall, 5.5% for Tik Tok and 6.1% overall for all channels.

Okay. So not a huge difference. Plus, you know, if we had one more buyer, it could just swayed across the other way.

So in general, the quality was much better in January 2022 when we actually created a, make creatives specifically for Tik Tok and our cost per registration was 20% lower on average in January 2022.

In fact in the last week, as I said, when we use this viral more viral type ad, we actually reduce the cost by around 50%.

So there is room for improvement and we’re still kind of like making changes and testing things to see what really works on this channel. Okay. Yeah. I mean we do have some experience but yeah, we are trying to improve and test different things right now, okay.

So that’s our results. I hope this was useful to you and if you like this video, please like share comments and if you got any questions, feel free to reach out.

So what are some of the lessons from this?

1. TikTok demographic is maturing.

First of all, I think the Tik Tok demographic is maturing, as we can see in the previous slide, right from even the show up rates right, 6% last year versus 38% this year.

Right. Granted, there is a better follow up system with this webinar, which is why does the overall hire show up rate.

But it shows me that, hey, people who sign up on Tik Tok are actual good quality sign ups as well, provided we have the right follow through system, right? Yeah. So that’s the first lesson.

And I think, you know, just the types of people that are showing up are also a bit different to just a year ago. So that demographic is definitely maturing.

2. Use videos native to TikTok.

Secondly, I think it’s important to use videos native to Tik Tok, not, not like what we did in 2021, which is to adapt an existing YouTube video for Tik Tok.

So how do you do this? What’s native? I think the quickest way is to if you spend 1 to 2 hours in the platform, you will know what kind of videos are native to Tik Tok, right.

It’s very, very different from what you see on YouTube. And from what I read and what I’ve studied so far, my understanding is from other people is that whatever goes viral on YouTube does not necessarily translate to Tik Tok.

So I mean, YouTube and Facebook does not necessarily translate to success on Tik Tok, right? But what goes viral on Tik Tok actually translates to pretty good success as well on YouTube and Facebook.

So if you make a video, in other words, that is going to work on Tik Tok. Chances of it working on YouTube and Facebook are very, very high. Right. And the third thing is the trend is your friend.

So with Tik Tok, unlike YouTube and Facebook. It’s a very trending, trendy type, kind of what you call that platform, right?

So if you do stuff that is relevant to what’s happening in the world on Tik Tok, then you know you will get a lot more views and better success. Like, for example, I was doing my own organic Tik Tok videos just as an experiment.

And the stuff that I talked about in general were only getting me like 50, 60 views on average.

Right? But then during the New Year, what I did was I did a video on New Year’s resolutions and that gave me around close to 500 views, which is ten times my normal amount of views.

So that just proves to me that, you know, if you do stuff that’s trending on TikTok and you have that ability to see what’s trending on TikTok, and if your coaching business or your webinar or events can tap onto some of that trending stuff and related back, that’s really going to work.

3. Ad fatigue faster on TikTok

And the other thing is ad fatigue kicks in rather quickly on TikTok.

So make sure you have like, you know, several creative done. As many creatives as possible. And, you know, it may last for two or three weeks and then you’ve got to change your ads, change your videos.

So one of the things we do is that you can look at creating one video but have like multiple openings and also like multiple types of music, multiple headlines, which is not that great.

But, you know, just just tweaking, editing one video into many versions. Just to keep it fresh. I think that’s important because, yeah, it kind of takes effort, so it kind of kicks in rather quickly on TikTok. So that is one challenge that you need to be aware of. 

So as I mentioned before, TikTok 2022 reminds me of advertising on Facebook in 2014. You know, very, very low CPM, you know, like cost a thousand impressions, you know, you’re looking at $2, $3, I think $3, $4 per thousand impressions which you know, if you go, go to Facebook right now, it’s at least, you know, eight to ten times, if not more, you know, kind of CPMs. 

So I think, you know, this is a prime opportunity for you as a coach to actually get into Tik Tok right now because once again, once the market discovers that this is a hot place to be, you know, this will not last. Okay.

And one thing I like about Tik Tok, it has more advertiser friendly policies, like those of you who have advertised on Facebook know that they are really, really strict.

And you have bots that actually over zealous and banning people and seriously, if you know, if your business relies on Facebook, for example, it is highly risky. Right. I’m sure you all if you advertise on Facebook, before you know how bad it is. Right. They ban you for no reason. Disable your account for no reason and even your profile, right, for the stupidest of things sometimes.

So, yeah, I think Tik Tok, they are more friendly. We did have one ad that was banned. But, you know, they just told us, hey, your ad is banned. Can you fix it up? So it’s not like ban your accounts.

So far I haven’t experienced all accounts getting banned yet. So fingers crossed that’s not going to happen, right?

 So, yeah, I think so far that they’re more relaxed because there’s more advertising space than there are advertisers at this stage. Although this will change, as with everything or platform out there, right?

They always start off very friendly, very accommodating. And then later on, you know, they kind of gets a bit crazy. But that could be two, three, four years down track.


Right. So maximize the opportunity while you can. All right. So, yeah, that’s pretty much it. And I hope you’re ready to start advertising getting into Tik Tok. My suggestion is to, you know, spend some time on the platform, create some of your organic videos to actually discover more about what works and what doesn’t. So at Radical Marketing, we specialize in marketing, webinars and other events for coaches around the world.

 And if you would like to talk to us to see whether we have a good fit working together to build your funnel out to help you run your ads so that you can focus on content. And while with your customers, I’ll be happy to hear from you. Just click on the button below and let’s organize the time to have a chat. Thanks for watching this video and I hope you got value out of it.

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