The Three Levels of Marketing Investment

Date: April 18, 2019
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In a challenging economy, most companies would rather cut off their marketing budget.

Allocating an amount of money for marketing is often misunderstood as wasting a company’s resources.

Contrary to most belief though, big brands such as Coca-Cola, Apple, KFC, and so forth spend a massive amount of money …

…as an investment on various forms of marketing despite the fact they are already highly relevant to the consumer.

In fact, studies have shown that their market share drops the moment they stop or reduce their advertising spend.  

Marketing is an important tool that not only serves to build a brand, but also as a strategy to win new markets and customers.

This video uncovers the 3 levels of marketing and show you how it can be an investment to your business.

Armed with this understanding you’re gonna discover how to get the best returns on your marketing dollars.

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Terence has been passionately practicing and teaching marketing for 20 years. Since 2014 when Radical Marketing was set up, Terence has been helping business owners, speakers and experts from all over the world to fill up their seminar and webinar rooms with attendees.


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