The one Tip That Could Quickly Double Your Opt-in Rates


Marketing can sometimes be strange.

You work hard and listen to all the experts, and sometimes you just manage to improve your results by a measly 10%-20%.

Yet, sometimes you stumble upon one useful tip that could improve your conversion rates like crazy.

I recently stumbled across one of these things that actually helped me reduce my opt-in cost on my facebook ads by just over 50%.

I’d like to share this ‘secret’ with you.

This ‘secret’ is none other than making sure your landing page has a super-fast download speed.

Make sure your website loads within a few short seconds; it could make a massive difference to your opt-in and conversion rates.

It’s pretty crazy…I used virtually the same headline and the same offer but yet conversion rates doubled as a result of having a fast server.

Basically this means for the same amount of money, I am getting double the number of people signing up to my mailing list, and potentially becoming a client.

Of course, you need a good follow up email series to help convert your mailing list to become clients, but that is an article for some other time.

So who can you use?

The guys I use are called Lightning Base. You can find them on

They have servers in the US and Australia from what I gather, and their servers are optimised for WordPress sites to make sites built on WordPress download a ton faster.

By the way, I’m not getting any commissions for recommending them.

Lightning Base is also very affordable. They start from US$10 per website per month with discounts if you have more than one website.

In addition, they use SSHD hard drives. From my non-technical background I simply know they use SSHD hard drives on the latest laptops to make them load super fast.

I also know they cost a LOT more than your standard hard drive.

But speed is what you need…one extra customer a month from a faster loading website could be worth the investment many times over!


How fast is your website’s loading speed?

You can use this free tool:  to check how fast your website is.

It will even give your website a grade and recommendations on how to improve your loading speed.

Ultimately, do what works to get your website loading up faster.

Slow loading websites give people a bad impression of your business. Worse still, people could click away and visit your competitors.

All this could be minimised just by investing a few dollars to get a fast server that serves up content quick.

I know this is not the normal hard-hitting marketing article that you’d expect from me; but sometimes the simplest things are the ones that get the most results.

It’s a little trick that has worked wonders for me, I’m certain it will work for you too.

Was this tip helpful? Let me know your thoughts below.

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