The No 1 Attitude Needed for Marketing Success ❤


People often say that attitude is everything. 

Robert Kiyosaki once said that: “Your attitude is like a price tag, it shows how valuable you are.” 
As a business owner, I’ve realised something important: your mindset and attitude can truly make or break your business.

This is the secret ingredient that has helped us generate outstanding results with our marketing. 

But here’s the thing, I also realised that, it’s not just any mindset that gives us success as a marketing agency . It’s the NUMBER ONE mindset that truly sets us apart from other marketing agencies . 

I reveal what this mindset is in our latest video.

Whether you’re new to the industry or have years of experience in your industry, it is important to realise that what you already know, might not always get you to the next level. 

In this video, we’ll reveal the 7 areas you can immediately apply this attitude to your business. What it’s done for us is that it has elevated our marketing success and taken our business to heights that I didn’t think possible just a few years ago. 

Being in marketing for nearly 30 years, I have personally adopted this attitude and it has significantly contributed to my personal and business growth. 

 Expert tip: In addition to adopting the right mindset, practicing self-awareness is also one of the keys to successful growth.   

Watch this video and you will understand why.

Video Transcript


If I read a book and it makes my marketing 1% better, I can compound that 1% every single month,
and in no time, I can double, triple, and quadruple my marketing results.

Hi. This is Terence here from Radical Marketing.

Today I want to talk about what I believe is the most important attitude when it comes to marketing that will determine your success or otherwise. Before I start, let me give you some context. I want to talk about Warren Buffett. And Warren Buffett, did you know that he actually spends 80% of his day reading? Think about that. And in earlier days, he actually spent every day reading 600-1000 pages. Right. That is an incredible amount of consumption of information, which I don’t exactly know how he does, but maybe that’s why he’s so rich.

Then again, you look at Bill Gates. Bill Gates is well known to go away for a complete week
into his isolated lock cabin with nothing else but a stack of books, and he consumes them all. All
these rich people have this one thing that I believe is also absolutely critical to your marketing
success. And I’m sure you guessed it by now, that thing is curiosity. And I believe if you have an
attitude of curiosity, that’s where you can really create awesome marketing for yourself and maybe
if you’re an agency for your clients, right? And that is, I believe, one of the key cornerstones for our
success is that we have tremendous curiosity.

I’m going to highlight seven areas where I believe it is critical for you to have curiosity in to make your marketing reach the next level or to the highest levels. So let’s hop into it, because number one is about studying. All right? That’s a no brainer. Bill Gates studies, Warren Buffett studies. I think we should all study too, whether it’s books, courses, anything of that sort that can help expand our knowledge. Marketing, I believe that is absolutely

And even at this stage, I’m still constantly studying business books, marketing books, and I
spend about at least maybe about 10 hours week studying, which I think it’s pretty okay. But I think I
can improve that because I just feel there’s so much more to learn and it’s so fun to learn, for me
anyway. So a second thing is about testing, okay? So what you learn is not powerful unless you apply
it. And in marketing, it is absolutely critical to take what we learn from these books, seminars,
webinars courses, whatever, and apply it. And once we apply it, we can see for ourselves the effects
that it has on our marketing.

And so in our agency, we are constantly learning new stuff. Every single
team member in my agency is learning new stuff. And we’re always testing new stuff every single
week. And that is what I encourage them to do. And whatever I learn, I am also practicing and
testing out to see whether the theory works for me and helping me to refine it. So I’m really curious
as to maybe like a new form of ad, a new form of video editing or whatever it is. I’m really, really
curious to see if it works. And if it works, it’s awesome.

Right? So that’s number two. Number three is about having that curiosity about your customer avatar. So think about your ideal customer doing research about your ideal customer, reading the books that your ideal customers are reading, right? that will actually help you to get a better understanding of who they are, what they do and what are they thinking about right now, what is on the top of their minds right now, what is keeping them
awake at night.

One thing to know about it, it’s dynamic because as the environment changes, the
economy changes, situations changes in different countries, it is critical to stay on top of that
dynamic about who your customer avatar is and what they’re thinking, what are they eating, where
they hang out, all that stuff is critically important for your marketing. And the fourth thing is about
being curious about your product. In our case, we’re very curious about our clients products. And
most of our clients, as you know, are coaches, speakers. So many times we would go through and
attend their actual courses so that we can fully understand what they are doing different to
everybody else out there.

 And what are the strength in the marketing to cut through the noise in the
marketplace to get them attention? Right? So that is absolutely critical. Just be passionate about
your product as well and totally fully understand and know your product and service. Through that
you’ll be able to communicate in a more convincing way as well to prospects about your product or
service. All right. And the fifth one is be passionate and curious about your competitors. So who else
is offering stuff that’s similar to you? Go and research them, find out what they are doing, find out
how they’re getting clients, find out how their services compared to yours.

I find out from my new clients what was their previous agency like, what were they doing, what results were they achieving, what was good about them, what was bad about them. Check out the website. Right? And through
that, knowing about our competitors helps us not only to position ourselves differently, but also to
learn from the mistakes and improve from that too.

Right? So next thing I want to say to be really curious about, especially in this time and age, is about new technology, new technologies that are coming up like Chat, GPT, and all this other AIs. It’s incredible. It opens up enormous ways for you to cut costs, enormous ways for you to be more productive, enormous ways for you to actually improve your business.

Right? I think that is absolutely critical. And if you’re not staying ahead with technology, you could be losing out to your competitors and in the marketplace, because sooner or later, your competitors are going to adopt this technology, you’re going to miss out. And for you to catch up, it’s going to be really, really difficult. And that’s why now we’re looking at how are we going to use AI to actually help our clients get better results, right? And we are one of the key projects we’re doing right now is to look at AI and how we can incorporate it to help our coaching
clients to get actually better results and conversions on their landing pages, on their sales pages, and
so on, right?

So I think that is so important to look at as well. And the final thing to look at is news
and trends. Be curious about the news and trends that are happening for both you, your customers,
and also in our case, we’re looking at our clients customers, our clients prospects, what is happening
in their areas, right? So by understanding what trends and news is happening, we are then able to
create new hooks based on that. And in one recent campaign that we just ran, we managed to
reduce ad costs compared to the previous agency by up to 90%, in some cases, by tapping onto a
new trend and by actually incorporating that trend into our messaging.

That’s the 7 areas. And I really hope that you adopt this attitude of curiosity because I guarantee it will make your marketing really, really kick ass. All right? And one more thing. Sometimes I know that if you’re in a field for a
very long time, like, for example, for me, I’ve been in marketing for almost 30 years. Sometimes the
new books you read, the courses you do, don’t really tell you anything really new, but that’s okay
because sometimes you’re looking for reminders and sometimes it’s just that 1% better that you
need to be gradually.

If I read a book and it makes my marketing 1% better, I can compound that 1%
every single month and in no time, I can double, triple, quadruple my marketing results, right? So
that is something I really want to emphasize because a lot of people say, yeah, I know it already, I
know that already.

But that’s just really the ego talking. And I don’t know why people adopt this kind
of mindset, but it’s a very subtle and dangerous mindset to adopt. So make sure you get rid of that
and just continue to learn just like Warren Buffett does. And Warren Buffett is the best example,
right? He’s like almost 100 years old and he’s still spending 80% of his time reading if at 97.

I think you think he knows everything about investing, right? And he’s got track record, yet he is spending
so much time studying. So use him as an example and continue to adopt that curiosity mindset in
your marketing, and I’m sure you get results. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you like this video,
make. Check out the other videos on my blog or on our YouTube channel and make sure you
subscribe and like this.

Thanks very much for watching. 🥰

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