The Most Dangerous Number in Business

Multi-channel marketing strategy


The most dangerous number in Business according to author and marketing coach, Dan Kennedy…

…is the Number ONE!

How is this so?

Most of us dream of being #1 in class, sports, and life in general.

He’s talking about how relying on only ONE marketing channel or ONE strategy

…is not ideal for business.

Here’s a short video to share my experience on eliminating the number ‘ONE’ from my business…

…and how it benefits my clients!

Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

In this video, I explain:

  • Why you shouldn’t rely on one single channel of marketing
  • How to exploit the synergies between several channels of marketing
  • Some of the ‘other’ channels you should start tapping into

Hope this video inspires you to kick start your marketing plans in 2020 with a bang!

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Chat with a marketing consultantVideo Transcript

Hey guys. Terrence Tam here from Radical Marketing.

Today I want to let you know a very important thing and that thing is that “You should not rely on the number one.”

Now, Dan Kennedy, the great marketer and direct response writer, always says that the most dangerous number in business is the number one. Now when it comes to marketing, that is the same thing, which is why today we don’t rely on a single channel to market for our clients anymore.

Back 12 months ago it was fine. We were using Facebook only, but now we realize that there are so many benefits to be had when you use multiple channels to market a business.

So say, for example, why you shouldn’t rely on one marketing channel, which is what a lot of businesses do, like say, for example, rely on Facebook is that if you have been doing Facebook ads recently, you would have noticed a lot of ads getting banned, a lot of ad accounts getting banned.

Now, if you are in my space where we do a lot of marketing for events like seminars and if something breaks down, if your ad account gets banned, how are you going to fill your events? You’re in big trouble.

So that’s why we started branching off about close to a year ago to expand into other different channels. So today we do a lot of other stuff like using Google display ads, well, Facebook, Instagram. We also use YouTube and also LinkedIn as well sometimes.

So these are the various channels that we often now use to diversify our risk. And in certain instances, we also use direct mail to actually help to get results for our clients. So you’ve got to think more broadly and not rely on one single channel for your marketing.

And the other benefit of having multiple channels apart from “de-risk-fying” your marketing, so to say, is that there are various synergies to be had within across multiple channels.

And imagine this, right? You can have multiple touchpoints. for example, they may see your Facebook ad initially and then they see your ad on Google. And then when they go into YouTube, they also see your ad.

That creates a very powerful branding strategy for your business, which you know, once they see your ad more and more, they would tend to trust you more and more.

The other thing is also you can also retarget people that come in through different channels. So say, for example, your initial contact might be from Facebook, but then you can retarget them on say, Google, right? So there are so many different channels for you to play with.

And all this kind of retargeting and branding helps you to be always in front of the customer and always the front of their minds as well, which often leads to a better result for you and for your marketing.

So I encourage you to explore other channels, diversify your risks, and start enjoying the synergies of multi-channel marketing.

Interested to know more about Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy?

Let Radical Marketing work with you to create a multi-channel marketing strategy that will help you achieve the business results you’ve been looking for.

Chat with a marketing consultant

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