The Easiest Way to Slash Webinar Ad Cost?

Reduce Ad Cost

Want the fastest way to cut your ad cost when it comes to marketing webinars, challenges, seminars and other events?

There’s a Marketing Axiom that says : “A bad offer can’t be saved by good marketing… but a good offer will sell even with bad marketing”

That is why sometimes the best thing is to re-engineer your offer.

Your offer, in this case, is what your webinar or event is about.

(And it’s not just about slapping a new name on your event)

In this video we give an overview of a process that you can use to re-engineer your event, to make it stand out and attract more of the right audience.

The end result?

Cheaper sign ups, more sales and a bigger bank balance!

Check out the video now.

Video Transcript

All right, so in this video, I want to give you some guidelines for creating stronger webinar offers. If you’re a coach or if you’re running a webinar challenge or anything of that sort and you want to get more people to sign up to your event, this is a great guide for you.

And I want to emphasize as well the fact that if you have a good offer, you can have poor marketing and still get great results. But if you have a poor offer, even with good marketing, it’s really hard to get results because the offer, I believe, is like 60, 70% of the battle won. if you have a great offer, yeah, the marketing will work so much easier, right? So keep that in mind.

Let’s go into this quick guide to show you how to create stronger webinar offers. Now, one of the key things I’ve noticed as we’re marketing like dozens of webinars every single month, right? Literally on average, at least one webinar per day we’re marketing, if not two. 

Okay, so I see a huge problem is that this generalism problem for many, many coaches out there. They often give a very general topic they want to speak about.

OK, so I’ll dwell more into this and I’ll explain more as to why this is a problem. 

Second thing is they don't have a clearly defined avatar. There is no clearly defined target audience.

 They basically target anyone who has a pulse, who has money and can walk or whatever, right? So that is a huge problem as well, because you can’t be everything to everyone.

And that is a major issue that I see many, even some of my clients are facing, which they want to target too broad an audience, so we’ll address how we can work on this as well.

And the third thing and the most important factor is, yeah, once upon a time, your marketing may have worked. Your offer may have worked. Your general offer may have worked because there was lack of competition.

I’ve noticed, for example, when we first started marketing webinars in onset of COVID, any general offer would work like, for example, how to make money online, how to invest in the stock market. Yeah, that kind of general stuff was working really well at the onset of COVID. But as time went on, there was more and more competition that emerged in the marketplace, all offering similar things.

Right? And that has created a problem as well, because now it’s very hard for the consumer to say, Well, you know, is this webinar better or is that webinar better? You know, they seem to basically be offering the same thing. Which one should I go for? So in this video, I’d like to address a strategy as to how to address that issue as well.

OK, so what is the solution?


All right, get specific in terms of what problem are you solving for your target audience, right? Instead of saying we’re helping you to solve your income problem, get specific as to what specific aspect of that income problem that you’re solving.

Whether it is the confidence, for example, to start a new business? Whether it is the capital problem to start a business? Whether it’s the mindset problem? Whether there is a, you know, lack of know how as to what are the first steps to start a business? Right. Get very specific, right? And find out what by knowing your target audience’s problems, you can come up with a very, very specific solution to solve that one specific problem.


Secondly, it’s all about niching down, and this is all about, you know, instead of going like broad targeting to say everyone who wants to invest, let’s focus on a specific audience. And we have that – have a specific need, a specific problem, a specific desire. And that could be like, for example, real estate investing with no money down.


And the third thing to overcome the competition issue is about creating a mechanism.

Mechanism is a specific process, a specific step by step process that helps to differentiate you from your competitors out there. And I learned this from a very smart marketer, a legendary marketer called Eugene Schwartz. Some of you may know or have heard of him, and he created this process where, you know, when in times of high competition and you sound like everybody else, the solution is to come up with a mechanism.

Let me give you a quick example. Like KFC, for example, right? They have their, I don’t know, whether it’s 11 different herbs and spices. That is the mechanism, right, that differentiates themselves – them from like a hundred thousand other fried chicken outlets out there, and that enables them to gain that strategic advantage from the competition.

OK. So I’m sure you can think of many others, right? So when it comes to coaches, it’s usually a specific formula, a specific blueprint, a step by step, draw by number system, all that kind of stuff can be your mechanism. All right. Let’s give some examples just to help you to clarify things a little bit. OK, so for example, let’s get into first of all, the webinar topics.

Traditionally, very broad stuff is what you see all the time. It’s like, All right, how to start a business? So what if we address the specific problem of no money? Sorry, this slide is a little bit hard to adjust, but let’s look again at investing in shares. Very broad topic again, investing in the stock market.

But what if we can address a very specific problem when it comes to investing in shares like the problem of no experience or picking the right shares, right?

That could be a very specific problem. Another one is like a Get Fit program, right? You know, join my masterclass and then how to get fit – very, very broad once again.

What if we could address for your target market a very specific problem in your webinar, which is the problem of no time.

So I’ve come up with some examples of how we can look at addressing this by modifying the webinar topic to actually address these particular issues.

So, for example, start a coaching business by becoming an expert, which is the low cost, low risk way to start a business because you’re selling your expertise, right? So how to become an expert and start a coaching business. That could be a very specific webinar topic. So you’re actually talking to people who are experts or have the desire to help other people by starting a coaching business, right? So instead of start a business in general, you’re talking about start a coaching business.

Another example is like, Yeah, invest in shares. What if you talk specifically about how to find undervalued tech shares to invest in for people without any financial background? Now you’re getting very specific, right?

First of all, you’re talking about investing in tech shares, which then again, it’s like, OK, you have a certain segment of people who are interested to invest in tech because they believe that’s the future. So maybe IT experts, IT people, people working in IT, people who know that tech is the future right? And for people without a financial background, right?

Because that could be so that you don’t get accountants to come to your event, for example, you get IT people who don’t have that financial background, but they understand IT and tech and how to invest in it. Get Fit program – it could be a 15 minute workout program for stay at home moms who want to feel sexy again.

Right? So that’s a very specific target market, a very specific solution to address the ‘no time’ issue for people and also a very specific outcome, which is like to feel sexy again. So these are just some examples, obviously, you know, for your particular topic, for your particular niche, you could come up with something more specific. OK. The mechanism.

So let's get to the mechanism a little bit here, right?

Most webinars you see, it’s like, OK, they say, Oh yeah, invest and make money by capitalizing on market opportunities. Very broad. We don’t know what’s the specific vehicle. We don’t know who it’s for. So it’s like targeting a broad market, which the problem is once again is the competition. Everyone is like saying the same thing. So what’s to differentiate you from everybody else out there, right?

So why not say, for example, we could come up with the 5 Wealth Explosion Catalysts, right? Yeah. How do you explode your wealth? We have this 5 Wealth Explosion. These five catalysts to help you explode your wealth in this year. Right? So, for example, the first one could be, you know, I’m just making this up once again, Safe Leveraging.

Everybody who’s investing knows that, OK, you need to leverage but the problem is they’re scared about whether they’re leveraging the right way, right? They could end up losing more money. Right. So it’s all about safe leveraging. You could talk about, OK, how do you instantly create equity, right? Because the first thing is you need the capital, right? So why not start by creating more capital, by creating equity, right?

How do you create instant equity and how, for example, you could have like, OK, where are the opportunities? Where are the opportunities right now? So you have an Insider Opportunity Scanner, only for people who maybe attend the webinar and I’ll show you how our insider opportunity scanner works, right? So identify the best, safest high youth opportunities out there and then we can have something fancy like a multiple compounding effect.

That’s how you grow your wealth. It’s true compounding, but the problem of compounding, for example, is that, you know, it takes a long time. But what if we could multiple compound your wealth by your capital by compounding it four times a year instead of compounding at one time of year? That means you grow your wealth four times faster.

Right? So of course, once again, I’m just making this up. It’s another once again all of this on mechanisms that you could make you different to everybody else out there, and you’re getting really, really specific as to what the benefits are of each of these catalysts or mechanisms. All right. I mean, this is the five wealth explosion catalyst.

That’s the mechanism. But underneath you can have multiple mechanisms. I’m just putting fancy names to it so that people one, it stimulates curiosity and it helps differentiate you from everybody else out there. And if you can trademark these even better, right, then it sounds really, really legit, right?

OK. And then finally, what if people were investing right? They might be worried about risks. So you have to, you know, our unique risk expulsion system, right? Sounds fancy, but you know, the whole thing is to minimize risk. Maybe the whole system is about diversification or whatever or, you know, joining a group by things so that everybody shares the risks and everybody shows the benefit.

Yeah, so those are just some examples of how I would change a standard make money through investing seminar or webinar into like a very, very specific, attractive events by showing them some of your proprietary techniques that you have branded in some mechanism that makes people excited to want to attend, right? Because they’ll be like going, OK, what’s a safe leveraging thing?

This sounds really good, and no one else is talking about it, but everybody else is talking about making money investing, right? So this is the way to differentiate from the competition. 

So yeah, guys. So I hope you enjoy that short presentation. And as you know and radical marketing, we specialize in helping coaches, experts and speakers to market the events. So if you’ve got value from this and perhaps you won someone an agency to help you to market your event, maybe we can talk and see whether we have a good fit working together.

If you like that, feel free to click on the button somewhere on this page and reach out to us. We’ll be more than happy to talk to you about, you know, whether we have a good fit working together. So thank you for watching this presentation, and I hope you’ve gained value from it.

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