Client Testimonials

We are proud and excited to share some of the positive results and happy stories that we’ve received from our clients.

Aaron Sim“Terence helped me reduce my average client registration cost from $150 to $52.65 within 30 days. This could potentially save my business over a million each year. I would highly recommend him for your social media marketing efforts.” – Aaron Sim, CEO of Wealth Mentors. Singapore.

“Terence Tam captures the essence of marketing and makes it easy to follow. He provides vital practical knowledge for people who want to create their own future, not be driven to it by others.”
– John C Lyons, Company Director and Co-Author with Dr Edward de Bono. Brisbane, Australia

“Terence is a marketing genius. He helped with my marketing and copy-writing. Thanks to his input, my business is now Australia’s #1 Radiation Consultancy”
-William Tan, Founder, Sieverts Radiation Protection. Brisbane, Australia

“Terence is an exceptional copywriter. He created engaging and professional copy for our website. He went above and beyond the call of duty, and made our website copy world-class”
-Karven Tan, Director of Malaysia

Whether you are planning to start or wanting to grow a business… it is essential that one knows the nuts & bolts of branding & marketing. My wholehearted recommendation for Terence Tam and his teachings’
– Dr. Ed Forrest, Professor of Marketing, The University of Alaska–Anchorage. USA

“Terence Tam’s twenty years of experience in marketing as an academic and practitioner, and running his own businesses have given him insight into what small business owners need.” – Mario Llige, Managing Director, Ultraprint Australia. Hunter Valley, Australia

Terence helped re-brand my business and positioned us to stand out against successfully against industry giants. His work for us gave us more clarity about what our business stands for and it has helped us gain new business already.
– Desmond Chong, Director, NIS Solutions. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Radical Marketing has helped my business connect to many new, highly qualified prospects on social media. Moreover, this has opened doors of opportunity for us to work on projects with numerous new clients that we otherwise would have never had the chance to work with.” – Jehan Miskin, Executive Producer, Mastermind Group Sdn Bhd

“You will NEVER believe the magical things Radical Marketing can do…our online Campaign CPL reduced by 62% and Profit increased by 220% in the last 7 months..”
– Andy Lee, Fbaulous Pte Ltd

“For my last webinar, Radical Marketing’s efforts gave us 420 sign ups in 3 days. The amazing part is they only spent $100 in ads to achieve that result for us.”
– Dr William DeJean, Founder, Unleash Learning

“After working with Radical Marketing for 40 days, we achieved a new record number of attendees….a massive 3x increase over our previous best!”
– Terence Teoh, CEO, Beyond Insights

“Terence knows his stuff when it comes to Facebook advertising and promoting webinars. Plain and simple.”
– Danny Ruben, Communication Expert, Virginia – USA

“Terence helped me reduce my lead cost by at least 40-50% within a week…he is a total ninja when it comes to Facebook Ads.”
– Steve Martile, Business Coach, Canada


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