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Terence Tam

Hi, my name is Terence Tam and I’m the founder of Radical Marketing.
I’ve been a university lecturer in Internet marketing, a property developer, a digital printing business owner, a publishing house owner and now…I own a marketing agency: Radical Marketing.

So why did I set up this marketing agency?

…and what happened to the other businesses?

Eventually, in 2008 the property side came crashing down because of the global financial crisis…sadly I still had too many fingers in the pie and was burnt badly.

I lost everything I had made in years being in the property business.

Let’s rewind briefly back to 1997

I developed a passion for marketing and decided to enrol in the first masters degree in the world that was focused on Internet marketing.

After completing my degree…I was in demand for my knowledge and skills in Internet Marketing…

…so I taught at various Australian Universities and contributed to several textbooks on Internet Marketing.

You can find some of them here, along with some of my other publications.

But after a few years, I yearned for a new challenge…

…I always wanted to be an entrepreneur since I was a kid when I started selling stationery to classmates at age 9.

So I got into real estate investing in 2001.

Money was good and the timing was right…

…I made more money in a year than could make in 10 years staying in academia.

The problem was that cashflow was tight…I had plenty of equity…

…but I discovered equity doesn’t pay the bills.

So I decided to buy a business to ‘cashflow’ my activities.

I bought a digital printing shop in the suburbs of Brisbane, Australia.

I guess I thought the cashflow and assets made it a good buy.

It’s nuts but I wasn’t satisfied with it being a digital printing shop serving the local market…I kept evolving it.

It went from a B2C print shop to a B2B printing business and then finally into an international book publishing and distribution business.

So on one hand I had my property ventures happening…

…on the other hand my digital printing/book publishing business were chugging along.

The property side went from strength to strength and made me a lot of money.

The printing/publishing business on the other hand was always evolving and growing…

…but this meant it also was burning cash and couldn’t give me the cashflow I wanted.

I refocused myself on my publishing business and thankfully it grew rapidly over the next few years.

In hindsight I should have sold out at the peak around 2011.

But then a VC backed competitor with a US$100 valuation and lots of cash came into town.

I thought we could fight them…but I was wrong.

Profits kept dwindling until we had to close down in early 2015.

But by that time I was doing some marketing consulting work with some clients.

So when we closed down our publishing business I continued to build my marketing consulting business.

Today we are one of the leaders in the seminar marketing space and have a great track record of filling up rooms.

I love helping business owners and seminar speakers grow their businesses…

….and I enjoy devising digital marketing campaigns that get results for our clients.

You can find some case studies of the results we’ve gotten for our clients here:



Most days I wonder why I didn’t get into marketing consulting right away after lecturing at University.

But I guess that’s what life is about, a journey…

…if we knew everything that would happen on the journey, it would defeat the whole purpose and joy of life won’t it?

So instead…I choose to cherish every moment and everything in my life right now…

…I’ve got a lovely family, a business I’m passionate about and I’m enjoying my work just about every day.

Please don’t wake me up from this dream ok?

Instead, I’d like to invite you to dream with me…and let’s create the business of your dreams.

Just click the button below and reach out today…

…let’s talk about your dreams.

Warmest Regards,