Surviving A Facebook BAN

Surviving a Facebook ban

As a digital marketer, I write ads all day…

 …churning up new marketing ideas 24/7.

 The last thing we need is an ad…

 …or an account BANNED.

 Panic mode…on.

 If you got your ad account banned. 

 You’re not alone.

 To save you from agony. 

 I’m revealing all I know about dealing with Ad Account Bans. 

In this video, find out:

? WHY are ads getting banned?
? HOW to avoid getting banned?
? WHAT strategies to apply?

Thankfully with these strategies, we have gotten back most of our ad accounts. 

Yes, we have lost some but we’ve learned from it. 

With the ever-changing rules and policies from Facebook.

This is important to know. 

It’ll save you from:

❌ Disaster and panic
❌ Wasting time not knowing how to resolve it
❌ Losing client’s $$$ and yours

Enjoy and please leave a comment on the page. 

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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Terence Tam from Radical Marketing.

Today I’m going to address a very important topic, which if you’re advertising on Facebook, you may have already experienced and that is Facebook banning your ad account or even worse, your business manager.

So I want to explain what’s happening right now, why so many ad accounts are getting banned.

Well, the good news is there’s a lot of people experiencing right now. Even those of us who have been living essentially in the Facebook ads manager for like years, we are still getting our ad accounts banned.

So if you just started off and you’re getting your ad account banned, don’t worry because it’s happening to everyone. So that’s one thing to take note of. Don’t go crazy, okay? It’s happening quite commonly.

Even I’ve heard of people who have been spending like half a million US dollars a month on Facebook, their ad accounts are also getting banned, all right?

So it’s like kind of Facebook doesn’t want the money kind of thing. And that’s probably true because they got 7 million advertisers and they have limited amounts of inventory to sell to advertisers.

The problem is that, you know, for many of us marketers is that the policies are quite vague. If you read their ad policies, which I encourage you to do, they are quite broad and quite vague.

And what’s happening right now is that because of the whole Cambridge Analytica situation and you know, Mark Zuckerberg appearing on the Senate and all that, they are now trying to comply with FTC requirements, which is the I think Federal Trade Commission requirements in the US and that’s kind of made it even more stringent.

And the thing is right now they’re still trying to make it up as they go. So if you talk to different Facebook reps, they have different interpretations of what’s okay and what is not okay. So it’s kind of a bit chaotic right now. I’m sure they will sort it out in time but for right now, it’s a bit chaotic so I’m going to give you some strategies on how you can deal with it.

Okay well, one of the things to do is that you can read the Facebook ad policies, right? Just refresh your mind about what’s going on there. So they do update it sometimes so that will give you more clarity.

The second thing I encourage you to do is to tone down your language so that, you know, you don’t make exaggerated claims like even if it’s real, even if you’ve made a million dollars in like 30 days, don’t say that because Facebook will instantly think this is some kind of scam or some kind of multilevel marketing thing and they will instantly ban not just your ad but your ad account.

So eliminate all exaggerated claims. Don’t make a lot of, you know, basically big claims and basically exaggerated to make it sound hypey. Tone it down a lot with your language.

And the other thing to do is refrain as much as possible from using the word “You” because Facebook doesn’t like you pointing out attributes of the reader. So instead of using “You”, try using the word “I” or “We” so that it is not like directed at them sort of thing.

And the fourth thing to do is to make your ad look less like an ad and more like a regular post that one of your friends would post up.

So those are the four things that you can do. Okay and then what happens if you are banned?

If you are banned, make sure you go through the appeal channels and make sure you appeal in a nice way saying that you’re trying your best to actually adhere to the policies and you’re not really, you know, promoting anything that is against their policies and say it in a nice way.

I know you would be very frustrated, but try and be as nice as possible because you want a human on the other side, who is inundated with probably hundreds of these requests every day to look fondly upon yours.

And finally, my final piece of advice here is to make sure you have multiple ad accounts within your business manager, multiple accounts so that you have backups in case one ad account gets banned, you still can run your ads using other ad accounts.

And have multiple business managers set up using different Facebook profiles so that if your business manager gets banned, you at least have another one that you can run ads from and to continue your marketing without disrupting your business.

I know this has been a lot of information and it’s a very tricky area but I hope this has given you some form of understanding of how to circumvent your Facebook account from being banned.

And I hope you can use it and hopefully you won’t ever get banned by Facebook in any way, shape, or form.

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