The No 1 Common Digital Marketing Mistakes


So, you want to grow your business by advertising but have been struggling to get good results? 🤔

Seeing poor returns on your ad dollars can be frustrating. 

So , let’s address the big question:

Where should you spend your ad dollars to get the best returns? 

In this article, we would like to share the experience of some dentist friends I recently met at a business retreat. 

They were spending money on ads to promote her business. 

But unfortunately, it was not giving the results they were looking for.  

 “But that’s what my marketing agency recommended I do” 

Sadly, that’s the downside of trusting your marketing entirely to someone else – without understanding marketing yourself.   

I believe most businesses can learn from this mistake. 

Not only does my latest video reveal this commonly repeated marketing mistake…

… we also reveal the solution that business owners should adopt when considering where to spend their ad dollars effectively. 

PRO TIP: Before you go ahead and spend your valuable dollars on ads, make sure you devise a strategy that’s likely to work for your offer.  

This short video will show you exactly how to do that.👇

Video Transcript

Here are some of the common mistakes people make when they’re doing marketing.

 I was just talking to a dentist just now, and one of the things that she was doing was that she was using Google
Ads to advertise her business
, and she was using Facebook Ads to advertise her business. And she told me that basically they didn’t work. And here’s the thing, right? Most people think digital marketing is just digital marketing.

But sorry, there is Digital Marketing and there is ‘Digital Marketing’. So the key to really get home, I want to hit home here, is that you need to choose the right type of Digital Marketing for your particular business. Okay? So in this instance, Facebook Ads by itself probably is not the best way or Google ads by itself is probably not the best way for a dentist to market to their local community.

And I don’t know what offer they were making, but obviously it wasn’t really working. So here’s the thing, right? So you really need to choose the right type of marketing for your particular audience. In this case, what could have potentially worked better for her would be to use (SEO) Search Engine Optimization.

So that when people in the local area basically look for dentists and they type in dentists near me or dentists in this suburb, they would then appear high on the search rankings. And that’s how you can get new customers. And the cool thing about search engine optimization in this case is that once you get high up in the rankings, chances of losing it is not that much. I mean, you can lose your rankings if you stop doing it. But once you get up there, you just need to keep on maintaining, and that’s going to be much easier. So the point is, I’m not trying to say that SEO is the solution for every business. You must look at your business and look at your audience. How are they looking for you?

Get into the heads and think, okay, if I am someone with toothache or with bad
teeth, I need to get it clean. Where am I going to look? Chances are I’m going to look on Google. My
first port of call is probably Google. I’m not going to look on Facebook to see, is there a dentist near
me? Maybe there is, but I’m not going to see a Facebook ad and go, yeah, I need a dentist. My teeth
are really bad, right?

Maybe in some cases. But chances are most people are going to search online, search on Google for a dentist. So, yeah, that’s the lesson I want to share today. Make sure the type of digital marketing use suits your audience. And so many cases, I’m just at this conference here, and so many people need digital marketing, and they have tried digital marketing. The thing is, they’re all using the wrong methods, the wrong offer, the wrong channels to do digital marketing because they think digital marketing is all the same. But gosh, there are so many different channels on digital marketing.

But what you need to do is find a channel that suits you and you will get exponential results. And the way to do it, as I said, is to get into the minds of the consumer. How are they going to look for you? And when you have that, that is going to be your best channel to do your digital marketing. So hope this tip help you. And if you like this video, make sure you comment, share and follow me if you’re on YouTube or watch more of our videos on our blog.

Thank you so much for watching🥰

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