Short or Long Copy Ads?

Date: June 18, 2018
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Ever wonder what kind of advertisement to attract quality participants to your event?

Online media advertisement could reach out to hundreds or maybe thousands of audiences that could benefit your event needs. But most of the times, you won’t get the specified attendees that are interested in your event’s agenda.

According to, over 70% of marketers failed to get target consumers and respondents that are important to your event. Some of the participants might not turn up or serious about the event itself.

By learning on how to use the media advertising properly, we could increase the probability of getting quality participants that could help to generate profit in your event.

With this video, learn how to use the advantages of short and long copy ads to get the most out of your event needs.


Terence has been passionately practicing and teaching marketing for 20 years. Since 2014 when Radical Marketing was set up, Terence has been helping business owners, speakers and experts from all over the world to fill up their seminar and webinar rooms with attendees.


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