Seminar Promotion Special Training Series

Seminar Promotion - Special Training Series


A good seminar promotion system is essential if you want to fill your seminars with quality participants every single time.

In this video series, I’ll be detailing some seminar promotion strategies that I’ve seen work in the 4+ years we’ve been promoting seminars and webinars.

In this Seminar Promotion video series you’ll discover:

1)      How to create a seminar title that grabs attention and makes prospects want to sign up for your seminar.

2)      The best marketing and advertising channels to promote your events.

3)      The 4 step formula to writing engaging copy that’ll make people want to register for your seminar

4)      How to properly budget for your advertising to make sure your spending is optimised.

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Videos In This Series:


Video Transcript:

Hi my name is Terence Tam and I’m here today to give you the keys to successful seminar promotion.

[Intro Section]

My name is Terrence Tam and I’m from Radical Marketing. And what we’ve done for the past four years since 2014, we’ve been promoting seminars and webinars all across the world. In Asia, Australia, Europe and the USA.

We’ve tested a lot of things and we know what works after testing so many things and spending so many big budgets for a long time.

Today, in this video series, I’m going to reveal to you the 4 keys to making a seminar promotion a success.

So what are these 4 keys?

The first key I’ll go into how to craft a compelling seminar or webinar title that will instantly attract people to want to come to sign up without anything else. I will reveal to you how you can do this in the first video of the series.

In the second video, what we’re going to do is to identify the best channel for you to market your event. We’ve been doing a lot of Facebook, Instagram and also Google advertisement to help fill up rooms for our clients.

But for you, this may not work this may not be the best option.  I will outline other options apart from the ones that I’ve just mentioned and to see what channels align best with what you’re trying to achieve.

In the third video, what we’re going to get into is very exciting and extremely important… and that’s how to try an advertisement to promote your seminar or webinar.

We’ll get into the 4 elements of a highly successful ad and what your ad definitely needs to have. Without these 4 elements, you’re not going to basically get good results.  I’m going to reveal to you these 4 elements in video 3.

Finally, what I’m going do in my final video is to give you some concepts on how to budget for your ads.  How for example, is it you need to budget to make Facebook ads work well for you and also other considerations so that you can get the maximum returns for what you spend with your advertisements?

I’m excited I look forward to you joining me in the next video when we get into how to craft a compelling seminar or webinar title. So I look forward to seeing you there.  Click on the link below and I will see you in the next video.

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