Seminar Promotion Special Training Series – Video 3: Writing Kick-Ass Copy to Promote Your Seminar

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When I’m doing seminar promotions, the #1 thing I would place in terms of importance for the success of your promotion efforts, is the copy.

I’ve experienced it too many times clients who have been running ads on their own, or who even hire other marketers, who have enjoyed having their ad cost slashed by as much as 70% when Radical Marketing took over.

The only variable?  Changing the copy.

In this video, I reveal the 4 step ad formula that I use to write awesome copy to help my clients slash costs and fill up their events.

Once you’ve tried this formula and experience the results I’m certain you’d never look back.


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Video Transcript:

I’m so excited today because I will show you how you can create a powerful ad that works across different channels and make your seminar promotion or webinar promotion a smashing success.

So let’s get to these four elements but the first thing you need to have is to have an engaging headline so when we’re talking about Facebook Ads and I’m talking about headlines. I’m not talking about bold text below the image of the video. I am talking about the text right above the image or the video.

In that part, you really really need to engage your audience. If you don’t engage your audience with an attention grabbing headline you are going to lose them and by attention grabbing headline I don’t mean to the use by emojis or all that kind of stuff.

While that’s that might work a little bit what’s more important is that you are able to grab their attention by communicating the pains desires and what they ultimately want. Make that big promise in your headline.

Now once you do that the second part is where I want you to walk with them so what I mean by that I want you to be able to empathize with the second part of your Ads. Side note this applies to video ads as well not just text ads.

All right coming back to it, what we want to do here is we want to show your prospects that you understand their pains, their needs and their challenges. You understand what keeps them awake at night. So the more you can demonstrate that you understand them but more likely they are to basically take that next step with you which is to sign up for the event.

The third thing you need to do is to offer them your solution and also, tell them why is your solution different and unique so that they understand it’s not something that they can find folks on a seminar or webinar out there. Only you have the solution to their problems.

Also in this section, you might be able to address some of the objections that pop up.

Then in the final section, the fourth part is, where you basically want to have a powerful, compelling, call to action. This is where you want them to click and sign up for your seminar or your webinar.

Now you can use time scarcity, you can use quantity scarcity for example, “Well the seminars closing down next three days” or “this webinar we’re limiting 200 participants.”

Those scarcity things make sure it’s true. Don’t make fake ones. Those scarcity things, compel people to act now.

The other thing they can do in this section is to tell them what is a possible compelling future if they actually sign up for your event. What will they learn and how their life might look like versus if they don’t. So a bit of future pacing there which will help them to create that desire to want to sign up for your event.

That’s it, folks, we’ve covered the four elements I hope you excited and I hope you excited implemented. In our final, video we’re gonna talk about proper budgeting, how you should be budgeting for your events whether it’s a seminar or webinar and how you’re gonna make a good ROI from it

So I look forward to seeing you in the fifth and final video in this series.


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