Seminar Promotion Special Training Series – Video 2: Where to promote your Seminar?

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In our Seminar Promotion video series, I discuss the best channels to use to promote your seminars.

I explain what is my favourite channel to promote seminars where I’ve been involved in promoting webinars for as few as 20 people and seminars where I’m promoting events that seat 1,500 people.

I also reveal channels which you may not yet have considered when it comes to promoting seminars and webinars.

So watch this video now and discover the myriad of possibilities to promote your upcoming event.

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Video Transcript:

Hey, welcome to Seminar Promotion Video Two.

Today I would like to help you to identify what is the best channel to promote your seminars or webinars.

Now personally 90% of the time I’m using the Facebook / Instagram platform to help my clients market their events.

Now there are several reasons why I love the facebook/Instagram platform now let me get to it and maybe you can identify with this.

First of all, it is a huge platform right we’re talking two billion people on the platform. So we can target a lot of people and especially if we want to fill an event pretty fast.  Facebook and Instagram is the best platform to do it.

Recently, for example, someone came to me because they could not fill up the event previously with another Marketer and had to come to me in the last two weeks and say, “Hey Terrence, we need to get several hundred people to this event because we were flying a speaker all the way from different country to come in and this huge expense.”

So I took to the Facebook Instagram platform and in a matter of 9 to 10 days we fill up the event and we have to stop the marketing. That’s the power of the Facebook Instagram platform because you get to hit so many people with your message at once.

Now the second thing is that because a lot of people spend time on Facebook and Instagram so where the eyeballs are, that’s where YOUR advertisement should be. It’s a very sticky channel Facebook and Instagram. People spend a lot of time there. So the more time we spend there and if your ad appears there, the chances of them looking at it is also increased. That’s the second reason why I like to use the Facebook and Instagram platform.

Now the third thing I love the platform is they have very advanced targeting features, basically, we can target a lot of interests on Facebook / Instagram. Now for some of you, you might not be able to target the interest directly, but there are ways that you can go about like for example:

  • Targeting thought leaders;
  • targeting software that your prospects may use;
  • or targeting companies their prospects may use or brands

There are all these ways that, indirectly you’re able to target people that you want in your particular seminar or webinar, so obviously that takes a bit of experience and I have other videos so check it out where we can actually go into this bit more.

Now the fourth thing I like about Instagram / Facebook platform is the fact that it has a very powerful artificial intelligence within the advertising system.

Now you may not know it but Facebook basically has hundreds of data points of each one of their users so with these hundreds of data points they are able to formulate what ads should be shown to who and based on these millions and millions of people, they are able to find the right people to target that will perform the action that you want them to do. Which is to sign up for your event. So the AI in Facebook is another reason why I love the platform.

And the final reason is that if you really want to fill large rooms quickly and you don’t mind spending the budget to do so Facebook / Instagram is the way to go. 

Compared to say something like Google, where you have to wait for people to search the right terms to find your event. That’s kind of a little bit harder, so I would suggest if you want to really scale your events Facebook/Instagram is the best way to go.

Now there’s obviously other channels like for example, today I talked to someone that is targeting a very very niche market and for his instance, I suggested “You shouldn’t be using Facebook/Instagram. You should be using direct mail and phone calls to actually do it. Because you just be wasting a lot of money on Facebook/Instagram.

Now there are the other platforms like LinkedIn which is great if you’re targeting a certain profession or certain level of executive or a certain industry.

That’s probably not bad bet but sometimes they are creative ways to do it on the Facebook/Instagram platform as well and of course, you can use Twitter, radio, direct mail and Facebook Messenger Bots. 

So all those you can try using them as well but the most powerful thing is that if you can combine several platforms together that will give you the best results. Don’t think of it as either/or. Think of it alright I’m using Facebook. Can I also use Google to retarget those people? Can I also use LinkedIn to target those people that are I’m hitting? And maybe for branding can I also use radio to go for that?

So there’s a lot of ways you can do it and the most powerful way is if you can integrate several channels together.

I hope this was educational you and then you found a few ways and a few more channels perhaps market events.

So in the next video, I will be talking about what I think it’s the most valuable video in this entire series. How to write powerful ads that fill up your seminar or webinar rooms.

Look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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