Seminar Promotion Special Training Series – Video 1: Creating a Powerful Seminar Title

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Let’s be honest, when it comes to seminar promotion, most people spend a ton of time developing their seminar presentation and give very little time to consider the title of their seminar.

Many people simply go for names that sound good or sophisticated.

But there’s a science to creating a good seminar title.

And trust me, investing the time to create a powerful, catchy seminar title that speaks to your target market can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

In this video, I’ll dive into this often overlooked aspect of seminar promotion and help you come up with some ideas for a powerful seminar (or Webinar) title.

Hope this video sparks your creative juices and helps you to come up with a killer title.

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Video Transcript:

Welcome to seminar promotional video one. This is Terrence Tam again from
Radical Marketing. Glad you can join us for this next video.

[Introduction Scene]

So this video I want to talk about a very important topic which is the title of your seminar or your webinar. Now just to highlight the importance of this recently we did two different promotions for the same client.

We’re talking basically you were promoting to the same database and marketing it to the same kind of audience.

Now you would be surprised at the difference the title of, well, in this case, the webinar made.

In the first title, we had we actually got signups for around $1 each for this particular webinar, which is fantastic because normally we don’t really get $1 sign-ups for webinars right? That’s extremely cheap.

Now for the second webinar which was a different title marketed to the same audience, we were paying $6 dollars for each sign up. Now that’s there not bad result but still, you’re talking the six times more for the second event versus the same event. Just because the title was different.

So obviously we’re talking about two different titles and two different topics at the webinar. But this highlights the importance of doing your research to come up with a good title for your seminar or webinar.

Now, most people just think well I’m kind of an expert in this particle field and they don’t really think much about what they should name the title of their talk. They just pretty much pluck a nice sounding name and run with it.

That is a missed opportunity in my opinion.

So how should you do it?
First of all, I believe what you should do is to develop your customer avatar.

Develop a custom profile. Find out what he or she likes and basically the age, demographics, all that kind of stuff. Get as much information into the psyche of your prospects as [much] as possible as well. Find out their pains, their hurts, their wants, their desires and what is it that they ultimately want in life and the careers.

By doing this, you’ll be able to craft a more powerful title for your
next event.

Here are some of the areas that I suggest you do some research in.

The first one is to use Google. Use Google to find out what are the hot topics that people are talking about and find out more about the psyche of your audience.

By using Google and searching for certain keywords. Check out who’s advertising. Check out what products are being offered. Check out what’s being said in the reviews, in the comment section various websites, of various groups. That will help you get a good understanding of the psyche.

Now the second thing that I suggest you do especially if you have a database is to construct a survey. Send the survey out to your prospects, to your database.

Ask them what are the pain points. What is it that they truly want. This will give you a lot of information as to what is it that they truly want help with.

Many times we assume what they want and we actually do the survey and we proved completely wrong. So I suggest that you also try doing the survey to
your customer database.

The third thing I would suggest you do is to check out your competitors’ websites. Especially the successful ones because I’m betting that spent a lot of money advertising and doing marketing and test various angles to find out what works and what doesn’t. Find out in their marketing messaging, what is it then they are saying and take notes from there.

From this, you should be able to find out what is it that are the hot buttons for your clients and be able to try out different approaches through your ads to find out which topic is the best. For example, when you first run your ads, you could use three different topics right and find out which one people are responding the most to and continue along those lines.

That, in a nutshell, is how I would approach creating a seminar or webinar title that actually draws people without doing a lot of marketing.

I thought that was useful and in my next video, I will reveal to you what channels you can use to promote your seminar or webinar look forward to seeing you in video number two.


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