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In fact, we’ve developed a Seminar Marketing Online System that’s helping presenters all over the world fill up their events and seminar rooms with thousands of qualified prospects.

The fact is, promoting live, in-person seminars is not an easy undertaking.  Not only do you have to persuade prospects to give you their time, but you have to convince them that you are different and better than anyone else out there.

In fact, it’s said that “It’s harder to convince someone to give you their time than their money”.

You also have to convince them that coming to your seminar is going to be more worthwhile than spending that time with their family, watching Netflix, or just relaxing at home.

Not an easy task for sure!  To top it off, there’s a time limit to each event.

At Radical Marketing, we don’t just create ads for your seminar.

  1. We create a seminar marketing online system that helps identify and find the best prospects for your event and
  2. Reach out to them to persuade them to come to the event.

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We achieved this by using our 5 Step Approach outlined below:


While this sounds boring, by truly stepping in the shoes of prospects, we craft messages and offers that resonate powerfully with audiences.

We identify 7 elements within each ideal target audience that forms the basis for all our marketing and communication.

These 7 elements are:

  • Challenges
  • Pains
  • Benefits
  • Ultimate desire
  • Common bond
  • Emotions
  • Mechanism


This is where we stand out from many marketers out there.

Whereas most marketers will focus on technology and targeting the right audience.  Our main focus is to create an attention-grabbing and persuasive ad.

But it doesn’t end there, because the ‘perfect ad’ is a journey and not a destination. That’s why we constantly tweak and improve even great ads in seek of ‘perfection’.

We create ads that attract your ideal audience to your events.


The problem with most marketing is that there is just one ad leading to one offer.

But in our experience, the businesses with the best ads are those who have an ecosystem of ads.

That’s why we create a multitude of ads from image ads to video ads across all the main ad platforms for maximum exposure.

And we conduct retargeting across all the major ad platforms so that your relevant offer reaches the right prospects at the lowest possible cost.

Our Seminar Marketing Strategies are effective at promoting seminars by targeting the most responsive audience for maximum results.


Ultimately, we help our clients design automated seminar marketing online systems that generate more Seminar attendees for our clients 24/7.

See the thing is, sometimes some of our clients come to us with a broken funnel or product offerings that simply don’t work.

With our consulting program, we help them design the right type of offering or improve their seminar or webinar message and even develop more products so that their business model works.

The best part of this is, much of it can be automated with landing pages, on-demand webinars, chatbots and email marketing.

Yes, we do much more than just run ads.


With Social Media Ads, the one big mistake that most amateurs make is that they are too salesy and there’s too much hype with their marketing messages.

Not only this doesn’t get good results it also damages your brand and erodes trust in the long run or you simply get low quality, unqualified attendees to your events.

At Radical Marketing, we believe it is not only important to get conversions but that it’s also important what type of impression or feeling you are imprinting about your prospects’ mind after the experience your ad.

After all, you want to be in business for the long-term right?

Seminar Marketing Case Studies

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Seminar Promotion Video Series

Seminar Promotion - Special Training Series

Watch our seminar promotion video series where you’ll discover strategies that I’ve seen work in the 4+ years we’ve been promoting seminars and webinars.

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I have gained a wealth of knowledge over the years in the marketing field and trusted by many businesses owners to help them achieve the success they have been looking for. 

I have an incredible track record of increasing leads, decreasing marketing costs and boosting profits for businesses. But most importantly… I help you get results!

If you are serious about growing your business and don’t want to waste any more time and money, then it’s time to engage me and my team as your expert digital marketing consultants. 

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