Facebook Ad Evaluation for A Seminar Marketing Client

Facebook Ad Evaluation for Seminar Promotions


So here’s a prospect who uses Facebook for his seminar marketing and webinar marketing.

He does regular seminars and webinars, and had been using Facebook ads for a while.

Watch as we did a brief audit on his current ad campaigns.

We ended up giving him several tips to optimize and improve his Facebook ad campaigns significantly.

In this video, you will discover:

  • What objectives to set up your ads for
  • How to set up a proper split test
  • What are some of the KPIs to look out for
  • Why are relevance scores important and how to improve them
  • Where you can find ‘long hanging fruit’ audiences on Facebook

Click the below to watch it now:

PS. This is a client of ours now.



Video Transcription:

Thanks so much for the opportunity to evaluate your ad account. Yeah. Firstly, I just wanna say that there’s good news and there’s bad news, right? Well, I wanna just put it out there upfront that, you know, I might be a little bit harsh in evaluating things, but that is for your benefit. So I don’t intend to step on any egos or anything. But you know, my intention is to help give you feedback that you can implement and really get some great results from start getting some great results from your ads. So please don’t take anything personally. First of all, I want to say that yeah, it’s great that you guys are running lots of ads and there’s quite a few good things in there that you can take from it. But just looking at the data, I just want to give you five points that maybe you can look into and can help you improve your ads a lot.

So let’s quickly dive into it. The first thing, being that your ads right now, I think your objective is set to link clicks from what I can see. Set to traffic. Now, if you wanna get conversions for your webinar or your event this is a major big mistake that you need to quickly rectify and change your campaign. Objective into website conversions right away. Now I’ve run dozens, hundreds and hundreds of campaigns on webinars and seminars, probably over a thousand campaigns. Now the issue here is that if you are using link clicks objective, if you can change that into website conversion objective, I can guarantee you, you will shave around, you know, your ads will perform at least three to four times better. You get three to four times more conversions as compared to using link clicks in most circumstances.

So that is massive, you know, just that doing that will save you. I think at least 50 to 75% of your ad costs right off the bat. So if you look at the campaigns here, it’s just basically you need to create a new campaign and just use the website conversions objective. Don’t use the link clicks objective unless you want to build an audience. Okay. Which is not what you want to do. Your objective right now is to get people to sign up for your webinar. So change that from link clicks to website objectives, and just this tip alone is gonna save you a lot of money. Okay. And get you the results that you want.

All right. So go ahead and do that. Now the second thing is the structure of your advertisements. Just quickly looking into it, right? This is probably not the best example of this one, but this one here, which is maybe a previous one, if we go into it just click into it and I’ll just bring up one of the ads that you guys have done. So this one here now the issue is apart from the naming thing. Where it’s kind of like you’re using the same name, so it’s hard to track which ads actually perform. What you guys should do is, the structure of it, it should be one ad set – one ad to one ad set. So instead of putting like six different ads into one ad set, I would put one ad in each ad set.

If you got six different copies and six different images, I would split that into six different a sets and with one advertisement in each ad set. Why do you want do that? Well, firstly if you can see if you put like six different or more different what you call that at, into this ad set. Facebook is only gonna assign traffic to the ones that are performing well. So if you can see some of these other ones, even those ones that have clicks, you know, your traffic is not divided evenly. So you don’t really know because it’s not statistically significant enough. You don’t know if you had like 7,000 on the first ad here and 7,000 on the third ad here, whether the performance will be the same. So, you know the best thing to do in this scenario is just to have different ad sets.

So you can really do a real split test of the various ad copies that you have there. Okay. So that is the second thing that I would do. So to structure is to structure your ads properly and gear it up for real split tests. Not the default split test that Facebook is doing for you. Now having said that, I think Facebook is probably rolling out some stuff soon to make the split tests more effective, where they distribute traffic evenly. I’m not sure when that’s being rolled out, but this is not a real split test, even though it seems like it is. So you don’t really know whether, you know, some of these ads, which I’m not sure whether you actually ran any traffic there, could actually perform better. Okay. So that, that’s the second thing. And the third thing I want to emphasize here that I observed is your one thing is to keep in mind when you’re evaluating your ads going further down the track, it is to look at your relevant scores. Right? Okay. So your relevant scores for most of your ads that I’ve observed is between one and two, which is, which essentially means you going to pay a lot more money to get your ads shown. Compared if I had a relevant score of seven or eight, I would pay much less money compared to, to you. I might pay like, say for example you know $10 to get 1000 impressions, whereas, for you, you might be paying much more than $10 to get that 1000 impressions.

So I would pay special attention to your relevant scores. The other downside of your relevant scores, I mean, the other lesson to get is really that there is either your message is not resonating with the audience that you’ve targeted. That’s probably one thing. So which will get into a bit more afterwards, but yeah, look into your messaging and see what’s wrong with the message there. So you ad copywriting, there could be something wrong there. You’re not speaking to the hot buttons. You’re not speaking to the pain points or the desires of your audience enough there. I can see that it’s more like focus on, “Hey, you know come to the seminar”, but there’s no value proposition up front, you know, it’s so it’s not really catching the audience’s attention, which means, you know, your ads are just being ignored.

Okay. So yeah, the other thing is maybe you’re not targeting the right audience. Maybe your message is relevant to a certain audience, but you’re targeting is not the best. So you’re targeting the right message to the wrong audience. But from my analysis, I think it’s more of a messaging issue, not so much a targeting issue from what I can see. Okay. I actually look through your ads a bit just now. So hopefully you know, you got to think about what kind of messaging actually resonates with your audience a bit more and, you know, get your copywriter to do something about it because your relevance scores of one and two, it is just not going cut it. Ideally, you should be at least five or even seven or eight, right? That’s where you really know that your message is targeting, and hitting the right people. I think if you do those two things, basically those three things to start off with you’re going to get a tremendous improvement in performance. Right. and I actually did something for a guy in Malaysia, before for some of his events in the NLP space as well. And we were getting registrations for around seven or eight, sorry, seven to 12 Ringgit that’s around the ballpark figure. We were getting for a live event. Okay. A non-paid live event. And actually, there was one that was paid was really low, low paid like 20 ringgit or 50 ringgit kind of thing.

Right. So, we were getting registrations actual registrations between seven to 12 ringing. All right. For Malaysia. So that, that gives you some kind of indication something to measure your performance by perhaps. So yeah, have a think about that. I’m not sure cuz I can’t tell how much it’s actually costing you to get a registration because your metrics here are based on link clicks. Just looking at your audiences, I would say that, you know, there’s no I don’t see much retargeting happening here actually. Obviously, there’s so many campaigns, I haven’t had a chance to look through all of them, but yeah. It’s even with the active campaign, I don’t see much retargeting happening of people that have perhaps like visited your website or your database or your page lights, which is, you know, actually the lowest hanging fruit.

So I would strongly suggest it because all these audiences that you’re targeting right now, are basically cold audiences. So they have, which means they haven’t had any previous contact with you in the past. So I would strongly suggest to yeah, get your retargeting audiences and ads into place because you will find that that is the lowest hanging fruit and you will get signups and conversions for the very cheapest on those audiences. So, you know, I mean your page likes, you got 21,000 page likes, which, you know, means, yeah, you got 21,000 people to reach out to. So just those ones alone will give you quite a good basis for, just targeting those people and people that have visited your website. For example, I don’t see any retargeting here, people that have viewed your videos, there’s no retargeting for them. Your email lists, I don’t see any audiences that are targeting your email list. So those few things is just gonna help you to get your conversions up, like, like crazy. So yeah, I’ve probably given you enough information and, you know, you’re probably like really excited to get something done there. So I, I hope this was of value to you and, you know, if you need any help with managing your account feel free to let me know that, that’s just five things I could see straight away within like 10 minutes of looking at your ads, cause one of my clients actually postpone our meeting.

So I decided just to hop in and take a quick look. So I mean, you know, obviously if we had more time and all that kind of stuff, I could dig up more stuff for you. But you know, just those five things you know, setting the right objectives, setting up the structure of your campaign, right, with the, ad set split testing looking into your messaging, so to improve your relevant score and fixing those pixel problems and also the retargeting. Those five things I guarantee you, that’s gonna save you at least like 50 to 75% of what you currently spend or actually increase your results by three to four times more. Okay. So yeah, look, you know, happy to help. I think you got a good product there, you got a great personal brand and it is just a matter of getting a few things, right? And, you know if you need any help please feel free to let’s get on the phone and have a chat and see whether we can work out a way to go forward together. Yeah. Thanks, Arthur. Thanks for listening. I know it’s a long video, but I hope this is going, I know this is going deliver tremendous value to you and your ad campaigns.

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