Seminar Marketing Company Lessons: Things We Learnt Promoting 24 Seminars in a Month

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Seminar Marketing Company Lessons: Things we learnt promoting 24 seminars in a month.


As a seminar marketing company we promote many events, but in the month of November 2018 it was one of our biggest months so far… with 24 live events getting promoted in a single month across 6 countries.
In this video, we share the lessons we learnt from marketing a seminar every working day.
In some cases, we were given very little notice about the event, which caused stress levels to skyrocket!
However, it was a good month for improving our skills and learning to work under immense pressure.
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Video Transcription:

Hi, this is Terrance Tam from radical marketing today. I like to talk about the lessons that we learned from marketing 24 events in 30 days.

So this happened in the month of November 2018. We actually marketed 24 events over a space of 30 days. So on average, it’s about an event every single day we were promoting. So I would say that 90% of the events were, we actually reached our targets that the client set for us. And there were a few events like about three events where we didn’t quite reach the target. But you know, we came close as possible, as close as possible. So I want to share today, what are some of the lessons that we learned from such a high pressure environment and needing to get the numbers into these seminars.

So the first thing we learned is that we need to use multiple channels to market. We cannot just rely on just one channel. So in this instance, we utilised every single channel possible. We utilize Facebook, we utilise Instagram, we used Google, we used Facebook and Instant Messenger. We used email, we used SMS where possible as well, we use every single channel to reach customers so that we could reach the maximum number of customers in order to get these events filled. So that’s one thing, don’t be too, I guess, rigid and just focus on one thing, try and use as many channels as possible, especially because sometimes you need to fill that event. And one channel sometimes is not gonna be enough for you to fill the event.

Now, the second thing is that one of the things we also discovered, or we knew all along and this high pressure environment just confirmed is the importance of building lists. So building an email list, building a following, building a tribe that is so important because in this instance where we will be pressed and we needed to get numbers quick, the lowest hanging fruit were often those people that were on our email list on our messenger list or have liked our pages. So these people were warm audiences. And when we market to them, they were generally more receptive than core audiences and we got better results at a much cheaper cost and got them actually faster as well. So number two is don’t neglect building your assets, your lists.

And number three, is that one of the key things that we do anyway, and it’s we realised how important it is, is to monitor the numbers on a daily basis. Use those numbers, get what those numbers are telling us, and actually use those numbers to actually improve and optimise our campaigns further and also to use it to scale faster as well. So by understanding what ads work, where were the flaws in our ads, we could actually tweak things and improve things quite rapidly. And you know, the good thing about it is sometimes when you figure things out, you can actually use it, use it across different campaigns, across different countries as well. So that’s pretty cool.

And the fourth thing is that you, we really needed to have a lot of backup ads ready. So in this instance, we probably didn’t prepare well enough. And we had to do new ads on the spot, which is not a bad thing. But it would, would’ve been good to at least prepare like multiple images at the start and rather than, you know, trying to get them done on the day, which would have lessened the stress a little bit and also new headlines, new copy to test and all that kind of stuff. If time permitted, we would have done it earlier in the piece and had it ready. So when campaigns don’t work or ads don’t work. We can quite easily substitute them with new ones.

The final thing that we learn is to manage expectations. So to manage expectations mainly with the client, because, sometimes the client doesn’t understand what it actually takes to fill up the room of even like 50 or 100 people. Right? So in certain instances, we were given a very short timeframe. So we needed to manage the client’s expectations and tell them that, you know, either we cannot fill the room or the cost will be sky high because you know, as if we have to spend like, you know, a lot of money in a short period of time, we’re going to, our ad costs are gonna blow through the roof. Our cost leads gonna blow, blow through the roof. So we needed to manage that properly. And in some cases, it was unavoidable that we only had like one week to promote an event. But after communicating well with the client, we managed to actually have a more better mutual understanding with every client so that they know that they needed to give us a certain timeframe and have, have realistic expectations. So those are the five things we learned. And I hope that you’ve got something out of this video that you can apply in your own business and to your own events as well. So if you like this video, please do like share or comment. And if you like to have a chat for whatever reason, feel free to reach out to us. Thanks for watching.

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