Seminar Marketing Case Study- how we slashed cost per registration for a client from $38 to $15

Slashed Seminar Marketing Costs from $38 to $15 per registration

…and we filled up the event in 5 days.

Today I will be revealing a powerful technique from my marketing arsenal of getting people to sign up for events.

It’s how I write my ads differently that gets incredible results like what we achieved for this client.

Watch this video to discover my ‘secret technique’.

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Video Transcription:

Hi, this is Terrence Tam. Today. I’d like to share with you how we managed to slash a seminar registration cost from $38 down to $15.

Alright. So this client basically came to us and told me, Terrence, look, we got two weeks to fill up this room. We need 70 registrations for this room. They came to us and we said, yeah, we’ll give a try. The other thing they said, if you can reduce the cost from $38 downwards, that will be fantastic.

We obviously managed to achieve this by slashing it down, not to $30, but actually down to $15 in terms of percentage, I dunno how much that is. Probably what we’re down to like 35% of the original cost somewhere thereabouts, so that was a fantastic win. And we filled the room in less than five days.

So needless to say, they were quite delighted. More importantly, for you today is how we did it and what can you take from it?

When they had their in-house marketer running the ads, one of the key things, and this is a thing that many people do most marketers actually do. This is that they tell people about the event and tell people basically what they can get logically from the event. So what I do with my ads is instead of telling people what they get logically, I employ a story ad. I still tell people what they’re getting and I tell people also what kind of pains that they could be enduring right now. By telling a story of the seminar or presenter, the people that read the story, they’re able to identify with the presenter and walk along with him or her on that journey.

They will say, yeah, that is me on a subconscious level and subsequently take action. So here is my rationale around that, right?

When you are talking about what you can get out of the event, basically you are trying to sell them. And when you’re trying to sell something to people, even when you are getting sold to, you automatically put up barriers. Whereas when I’m using a story ad or when you use the story ad, they are basically just reading the story. The guard is down, you’re speaking to them on a conscious and subconscious level. It goes straight through without any barriers. So that’s why I feel story ads are much more effective in promoting with a seminar and webinar than your regular, what you can get from this type of ad.

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