Seminar Marketing Blueprint Series (Video 5)

Seminar Marketing Blueprint Series - The Long-term Marketing Strategy


Congratulations, you’ve made it to the fifth and final video of the Seminar Marketing Blueprint video series. 

Most people who market seminars play what I call the ‘short term game’…they only spend money on trying to fill up the next seminar.

But having a long term strategy is equally important…

…given that ad costs are going up by 10-20% every single year… 

…it’s important to build your assets for the long haul.  

In this final video, we’ll share with you how you can build these marketing assets and outmaneuver your competition in the long term. 

We hope that this video series has been helpful for your business and marketing your seminars. 

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Hey, congratulations. You made it to the final video of the Seminar Marketing Blueprint series. In this final video, I want to basically talk about what you need to be doing to play the game for the long haul.

Remember, what you’re doing here is that you need to think just beyond the transaction. You need to stop thinking like a big business where you’re actually starting to build your brand, build your credibility, and invest money to build that brand.

So what ultimately will happen here is that you won’t see it immediately, but you will see that your ad cost actually decrease over time as people get more familiar with you and you give them lots of value.

The other thing you will find is that you’ll be basically getting more and more sales over time because people have that trust in you by seeing you on Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms frequently. So it’s important to think of this as a long term investment in your brand. Let’s get into it.

What are the three types of ads that I suggest you run for the long term?

Now before we get into it, I’m saying you don’t need to spend your entire budget on these ads. I would suggest spending somewhere between 5–20% of your total ad budget on these types of ads where you’re actually building your brand for the long haul. So let’s get into it.

The first type of ad I would suggest you run is ads to a video.

You might be talking in the video like this, delivering great value for say about between four to eight minutes long or could be possibly longer right up to even 20 minutes if you want. The whole thing here is you want people to consume your videos and you want to dish out great quality content that they can use straight away.

What I like to emphasize here is you don’t want to actually have a call to action in your video. Basically, you’re dishing out quality content and when you run your ad, don’t have like a sign up now thing or anything like that. Basically, you just want to give the video out for free and you will know if the video works because you will see people sharing your video around the place. If a lot of people share and comment, it means that your video is of great value. So continue doing that if you see there’s a lot of shares because that’s pretty much a hot topic.

Now the second type of ads you should be running is ads that will build your database.

So stuff like you might have an e-book or report or checklist that you get people to download for free through your Facebook ads or Instagram ads. Once they download it, you might deliver it via Facebook messenger or via email. Now you have the ability to contact them in the future as well. By building this list and you invest the time and effort to nurture this list, it will give you tremendous results in the long term.

The third thing is you need to basically do Facebook lives.

If you are up for it, do a live, in-person, a real live in person. Otherwise, you can prerecord your videos and then basically use a software to stream it live on Facebook. Then once you’re done, what do you need to do is you want to promote this Facebook live so that it gets more reach.

Some ideas as to what you can do in your Facebook lives might be interviews, might be case studies, it might be new ideas or market news.

All that kind of stuff can actually be put into Facebook live and if it’s of great value to your target audience, they will love it and they will share it.

Why Facebook lives?

Because it gets more engagement and you can do Facebook lives up to let’s say 45 minutes at a time, which will dramatically help with your engagement as well for your page.

These are the three types of ads I suggest you run. If you run a fourth type, I would suggest that you do some page likes campaigns as well just to build your social media following online.

All these things will help you generate social proof, generate trust, and build your brand for the long term.

The benefit of doing all this which I haven’t mentioned yet is that you can now, by building your video audiences, your Facebook live audiences, and your database, you can use ads to retarget them the next time you have an event. These people now are warm audiences. They’re not cold audience saying more, which means they are more likely to sign up for your events and purchase your product.

So that’s the blueprint I know that’s going to work and if you are willing to invest in them for the long haul, you will see the results. That’s it for this Seminar Marketing Blueprint.

I hope you enjoyed these videos as much as I have. Please, do comment below because I love to hear from you.

The other thing is if you missed out on any of the previous videos in the series, I believe I will have to link up the top somewhere here that you can click on them and watch them as well.

If you’d like us to manage your campaigns for you, feel free to get in touch with us. We should have the link up the top where you can open a chat on Messenger and we can see whether we have a good fit working together.

Otherwise, thank you so much for watching this series and I look forward to seeing you in my other video series. Thanks.

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