Seminar Marketing Blueprint Series (Video 3)

Seminar Marketing Blueprint Series - How to Keep Them Interested



In video 3 of the seminar marketing blueprint we explain why after people register for your event…the battle is not over yet.  

It’s still important to keep them interested in your event with your ads. 

Running ads to registrants makes them look forward to attending your event. Apart from that, it also reinforces why this event is important for them…which in turn will give you a higher show-up rate at your event. 

So what ads should you be running and what message should you be putting out there? 

We ‘tell-all’ in this video.

Don’t forget to leave a comment/ questions if you have any down below. 

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Okay, so welcome to Seminar Marketing Blueprint video 3. And today, what we’re going to do is, we’re going to show you what kind of ads to run once people are registered for your event, and the event hasn’t started yet.

So, why do you need to run ads when people have already registered?

Well, the thing is most people don’t really know you that well yet. They may have registered for your event and that can be an impulse. So, right now you want to eliminate any of that post-purchase dissonance.

And the other thing is, if you don’t, they may not show up for your event. It’s important to run these ads so that you have a higher show-up rate at your event.

Now, the other thing is by running certain ads, you can actually make them warm up to you prior to the event, so it makes your job at your seminar easier to sell to them when they actually show up for your seminar.

Those are the two key reasons why you need to run certain ads to these people who have registered and haven’t attended the event yet.

So, what kind of ads do you need to run?

You need to run ads to remind them why they registered in the first place.

For example, a video ad, and just telling them once again why they made the decision, and how, by attending this seminar, it’s going to change lives. So, that’s a very important ad to run. I think the best way to do this is in the format of video, by the speaker himself or herself, so that basically the prospect starts to get familiar with the speaker as well.

Now, the second type of ad I would suggest you might want to consider running is some testimonial ads, of people who have previously attended the seminar and what they have achieved as a result.

So, certain case studies, testimonials, that kind of video will help a lot to build that confidence to the prospect that they have made the right choice to attend your seminar.

Now, the third type of ad you might want to run is snippets of your previous seminars, where people are getting excited, people are maybe showing certain emotions like they’re tearing or they’re clapping.

That kind of video will actually help people to get more excited leading up to your event.

Here I suggest you don’t just run retargeting ads. Of course, that’s one way to do it. I would also suggest that if you have their emails, send out these videos via email as well. You might want to use Facebook Messenger blast to send out those videos so that they can watch it prior to the event.

Of course, once again, retargeting ads also work very well, so don’t neglect that. I mean, ultimately, you may not be able to do all three types of videos, but if you do one or two, I think that would be more than sufficient to make your prospects feel comfortable about you, and more likely to show up, and more likely to purchase from you at your seminar. And of course, it doesn’t hurt to give them a call or SMS them as well.

The more channels you can reach them, the more comfortable they will be about your seminar and the more likely they are to show up and to purchase something.

So, if you have any questions, please do leave them in the comments below and we’ll get back to you. And if you’d like us to maybe look at running your events, feel free to get in touch with us as well. I think there’s a Messenger link right up the top, feel free to click that and we can have a chat.

And in the next video that’s coming up, which is the fourth video this series, I will be showing you what kind of ads you should be running after the event.

So, why do you want to run ads after the event?

Well, in our experience, we find that a lot of people are still sitting on the fence after the event. So, these ads actually help to push them across the fence and help you to actually take more sales.

So, what kind of ads will be running? We’ll reveal that to you in the next video. So, I’ll see you in the next video soon.

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