Seminar Marketing Blueprint Series (Video 2)

Seminar Marketing Blueprint Series - 5 Types of Ads You Should Use


People often ask me what types of ads they should run to market their seminar or webinar. 

In this video, I’m revealing the five different types of Facebook/Instagram ads you ought to use, that so far have worked for us!

Most people get the ads wrong and it ends up costing them thousands of dollars. So make sure you don’t miss this important video. 

After watching this, make sure to check out the next video on the types of ads you need to run AFTER people registered for your event. 

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Hey, welcome back to video two on the Seminar Marketing Blueprint. I’m glad you made it to video two because this is a very exciting video where I will be revealing to you the five different ads that you must run when you’re promoting a seminar.

Now, when I’m talking about these ads, I’m predominantly referring to Facebook ads because that’s what I have found to be the most effective way to get masses of people to register for seminars. We’re talking about the Facebook/Instagram platform here.

Okay, so getting into it, what types of ads do you need to run?

Now, the first type of ads that you need to run is the image ad.

That’s your basic Image Ad that you see very often in Facebook but, with the difference here, is that I would suggest you use long copy ads.

Now, what most people do is very simple ads like, “Hey, we are having this wealth seminar, click here to sign up.” That is what most people run but I prefer to use long-form ads which I have found to be more effective.

The fact that if someone reads 500 to 1,000 words of ad copy, the chances of them being a qualified attendee is much higher. So I have found using long copy ads to be much more effective than short copy ads.

Well, I’m not going to cover how to write these long copy ads but I think I have other videos in my YouTube channel that you can check out that will address some of these elements of writing long copy ads, we simply don’t have time to do it today. That’s the first type of ad you need to write.

The second type of ad you need to create are video ads.

Video ads ranging from that five to eight minutes is what you need to do.

Basically, these video ads are very much like educational type ads. So what you’re doing in the video is you’re providing them with a small win, you’re providing and demonstrating that you know what you’re doing and your seminar will actually give them much more than that little win that they just experienced in that five to eight minutes.

It doesn’t need to be very fancy, it can be just created on your phone or using a whiteboard or simply a talking-head video like this.

What’s critical is that you give very good information that makes them go, “Wow! That was such good information that I can apply and I want to share this information now and I need to know more from this person.” That’s the second type of ad you need to be running. Of course, these ads will go to your landing page as well.

The third type of ad that I suggest you run, are very short ads, one-minute ads.

In this one minute ad what you need to do is basically highlight why they should be attending your seminar, the benefits of attending your seminar, and basically a very strong call to action right in the end.

They’re very simple ads but that’s the Instagram platform and you probably want to use a fair, few emojis in your text describing the video. What you need to do is to encourage people to watch that video in your text and, once they’ve watched that video, basically they’re directed once again to your landing page or registration page. That’s the third type of ad we’ve covered.

Now, the fourth type of ad that I suggest you do are basically image ads to blog post.

What do I mean by that?

Imagine your regular image ad but you’re not promoting a seminar, what you’re promoting is your blog post.

Your blog post could be five ways to achieve a certain benefit or outcome. Basically, your ad, your image ad is advertising that blog post and that blog post basically is then, in essence, an information/sales letter for your seminar.

Now, this adds an additional step, but the people that actually read through your blog post and click on and register for your seminar. Chances are they are much better qualified audiences for your seminar.

The final type of ad, the fifth type of ad that you need to run, is your retargeting ads.

So, people who have watched certain percentages of your video, you should be retargeting. You should also be retargeting people who came to your landing page and your blog posts but did not register for the event. Basically, give them a second chance to register for your event and you will find that these retargeting ads actually, will give you a good bang for your dollar.

Those are the five types of ads that I suggest you run. Of course, there are many other types of ads that I won’t cover but these are the five basic types of ads you ought to be running to your registration page for your seminar.

In the next video, what I’ll reveal to you is what type of ads you need to run once people have registered for your event. So I’ll see you in the next video.

In the meantime, if you have any comments or questions feel free to type in below and we’ll try and get back you as soon as possible. Look forward to seeing you in video three in the Seminar Marketing Blueprint Series.

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