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We have been successfully filling rooms with our Seminar Marketing Blueprint, and in this series of videos, we’re going to unveil some of the inner workings of how we fill seminar rooms throughout the world almost every day. 

In this first video, we’ll be talking about setting up your funnel. You’ll also learn the three important components in a funnel that would help you get sign-ups, and ensure a good attendance rate at your events. 

Once your funnel is all set, you’re ready for video #2 where you’ll learn the type of ads you should be running — so make sure you check that out!

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Hi, guys. Welcome to the Seminar Marketing Blueprint video series. In this series, I want to show you basically how to create ads to market your seminar.

Now, what we’ve done for the past four or five years is that we’ve kind of exclusively marketed various seminars all around the world. And we’ve brought in thousands upon thousands of people to seminars.

What I wanted to do is to give you a blueprint so if you start wanting to do your own seminars, maybe this can be a blueprint that you ought to follow.

So the first thing you do before you run any traffic is to set up your funnel. So that’s the first thing we’ll cover in today’s video.

Now in the second video of this series, what I’m going to show you is basically what types of ads you need to be running to your registration page. So that’s the second video coming up soon.

And then in the third video in this series, what I’m going to reveal to you is, what kind of ads you should be running after people register for your events.

The job doesn’t just finish when people register, there’s more work to do after that. And then once they have attended your seminar or once the seminar is over, there are certain ads you need to run as well. And we’ll cover that in Video Four.

And, finally, you want to build a brand for the long-term. So I would cover in Video Five what you need to do to continue building that authority and building that brand of yours so that in the long-term you can actually lower your ad cost.

But in today’s video, let’s get back to building your funnel.

So there are three components to your basic funnel.

First of all, you have your landing page or your registration page. Or, in some cases, you might call it your sales page. Basically, this is the page where you are giving people enough information.

For example:

  • why should they register for your events?
  • What kind of information do you need to capture in order for them to register?
  • Is there a payment required to attend your seminar?

And also, you should also include some credibility statements about your seminar, what it has done for past participants, maybe some testimonials, and to just show why and prove why your seminar is going to be worth their time to attend. And perhaps you might want to include some contact details. So if people are having problems registering, you might offer them, say a phone number, for example, to contact you.

Now, the second part of it is your thank you page.

Now, what many people do is just say, “Thank you for registering” and that’s it. But what I believe here is what you need to do is you want to conquer any post-purchase dissonance, which is, people have that feeling of regret after registering for your seminar. So you might want to have your speaker make a congratulatory video for people on this page, just telling them, “Hey, well done. You have made a fantastic choice to sign up for this event” and what they’re going to get from the events.

And the second thing you want them to do is to get them to pencil the time and the date into the calendar so that they don’t forget about your event. And also you might want to tell them to watch out for your reminder emails or any special emails that you’ll be sending out to them. So this is important for your thank you page.

And finally, the third part of your funnel is where you add your email or messenger follow-ups.

So basically you need to have at least three emails. The first one just confirming that “Hey, you’re registered for the event.” The second one would be basically building credibility, so sending them something like a testimonial video or sending them a video just to get them excited about the events, just to get that emotion back up, get that excitement back up. That’s important.

And finally, you want to send out a reminder email as well, just a day or two before the event so they don’t forget and maybe on the morning of the event itself. So that’s a basic funnel.

So I hope this was useful. Once you have your basic funnel set up, then we’re ready to run some ads to your registration or your landing page. And we’ll cover that in the next video.

If you have any comments in the meantime, any questions, feel free to make them down below and I’ll try and respond to them.

Or if you want to contact us for whatever reason, there should be a link here. They can click on and we can talk on Messenger. So I’ll see you in the next video where we’ll be talking about the five types of ads that you need to run to the registration page. I’ll see you then.

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