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Part  2: Uncovering your prospects’ hot buttons


I’m sure you’re all sick of seeing those advertisements and brochures that go on and on saying, “We have been around for X years, and we have the best products, our research team is the smartest and we have won the most awards etc”

Ok if you are doing it, don’t be ashamed…celebrate!

Because it means that there’s an AWESOME opportunity to reduce your marketing cost!

That opportunity lies in the form of finding your prospects’ HOT BUTTON.

It may sound easy, but in reality, finding the hot button of your prospect can be deceptive.

In fact, most of your prospects don’t even really know what their hot buttons are even if you asked them.

For example, why do people buy the sounds systems for $50K or more?

If you ask them, they would say the following:

  • For relaxing
  • For my enjoyment

But really, you gotta dig down deeper, I mean really deep!

Down to their core emotions

And to be honest, most customers will find it intrusive if you dug that deep.

So what’s the solution?

I would place myself in the shoes of my customers and ask a few additional questions, and intuitively answer them myself.

-Why would I want to buy a sound system for enjoyment? Because I deserve it

-Why do you want to feel you deserve it? Because I work so hard and I want to reward myself          

-Why do you want to reward yourself? Because I want to feel that I am special

By digging deeper, we are getting to a level of emotion where you know the prospect buys the sounds system because they want to feel special.

This is one of the 4 basic human emotional needs as identified by Tony Robbins: The need to feel significant.

Naturally, I would try this hot button called ‘significance’.

Remember, you still got to be subtle wording it.

Saying “Buy this and you will feel significant” is going to make your prospects laugh you off.

Something like “Join the exclusive club of 100 people who will own this limited edition release of X sound system” will probably speak to them better both on a conscious and subconscious level  (yes master copywriters will appeal prospects on both a conscious and subconscious levels, but that is a topic for another other time).

OK, that’s the long way to do it, but here’s the short-cut way that I often use.

My Shortcut Way


Remember the client I saved 64.9% per client in advertising costs? When I got the job I had under 3 weeks to fill two seminar rooms.

Things had to be done quickly. I didn’t exactly have time to test and sit on a chair and emphasise with his prospects.

If I didn’t get the hot button right first up, I would screw up the campaign up badly and waste my client’s money.

So I cheated.

Here’s how:

I looked at his competitors’ ad copy.

Chances are, big competitors of yours have hired some pretty smart guys and have spent serious money doing their research.

I looked at their approaches, their keywords and who they were advertising to.

By looking at this information I discovered that people attended investment seminars because they were sick of their financial position and wanted better for their families.

While none of the competitors took my exact approach, I deduced from their ad copy and appeal that the ‘take care of your family’s financial well-being’ would be a good hot button to try out.

I put myself in their shoes, and I felt the emotion around this approach. And I knew it would work.

The end result confirmed it worked like charm.

Of course, experience does matter, otherwise, why would anyone hire a consultant like me right? :)

Now that you’ve determined your target market and their hot buttons, the next step is to determine the best channel to use to reach your prospects.

Pick the wrong marketing channel and you are going to burn money fast with very little results to show for it.

In this case, we used Facebook Ads. I will explain exactly why and what we did in my next article.

Click here to check out the final article.

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