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Social media marketing is the buzzword of the business world at the moment.

It’s no surprise that businesses are leaping into this social media revolution to try and get ahead…or at least not lose out to their competitors!

But here’s the problem…most business owners are spending lots of time on social media, but end up getting no business from it.

In fact, according to a study by Mantra, 62% of business owners who engage in social media have not generated a single sale from their social media efforts! This is due to poor and inconsistent usage of the media.

Yet, statistics show social media is a enormous opportunity to grow your business:

– 84% of B2B decision makers use social media to support their purchase decisions according to an IDC study

– A Nielson study reveals that 54% of consumers use social media to help their buying decisions.

Bottom line is, those who understand the new rules of social media marketing are reaping the rewards and adding to their profits.


Now here’s the problem: most business owners are confused by the so called ‘social media experts’.

They’ve been told it’s about the number of likes and comments people make on their social media pages.

That’s why they are NOT getting the results they crave for.

Reality is, the key to getting success on social media is consistency and to educate and value add to your followers. Quality content, building a social brand and ultimately, sales from social media is the key for success in social media.

But realistically, who has the time to do this while running a business?

Fret not, because the Radical Marketing team has been helping businesses with their social media since 2010. We will help you generate fresh daily content and build your brand on social media with our unique and proven approach.

What exactly can we do for you?

1. Content Marketing 

People are searching and checking out your social media pages everyday.

Is your last update 2 months ago? If that’s the case, you could well be losing customers without even knowing it!

Get your pages updated daily and have an integrated social media content strategy to convert more prospects into customers.

Simply let the team at Radical Marketing do it for you.

You’ll be assured of best practices and good content that will attract prospective customers like bees to honey.


2.  Social Ad Management

Want to put your social media marketing on turbo?

Get our team to manage your social ads with the latest and best practices in social ad management.

We have experts that will copywrite, design and strategise your ads and get you enormous results.

Our client Wealth Mentors had an registration acquisition cost of RM150 per registration in Malaysia.

After 3 months, we had reduced his cost per registration to their seminars down to RM17 using social media ads.

That’s almost a 90% in cost per registration!


3. Community Building 


Why would you want to build a community for your business?

Simply because you can attain more customers, more loyalty and more sales.

You’d also create a strong barrier to entry for your competition.

Bodybuilding.com created a thriving community with over 100 million bodybuilders globally.

Their annual sales? US$500 million.

Many businesses are growing with social media today, don’t miss out on this opportunity. Click the button below to chat to a consultant so you can find out what’s possible for you.

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“Terence helped me reduce my average client registration cost from $150 to $52.65 within 30 days. This could save my business over a million each year. I highly recommend him for your marketing.”

– Aaron Sim, CEO of Wealth Mentors. Sing