Your Radical Money Machine

Radical Marketing Machine

Here’s one of the main challenges for a business owner:

To predict with confidence what their business will make in the next 3 months.

One month it’s great, and the next month it’s a slow month.

It’s like a cash-flow roller coaster.

It’s what keeps many business owners awake at night!

But imagine for a minute that you could predict how much money you will make in the next year.

Imagine that you could develop a system that is consistent like a MacDonald’s operation, with your marketing.

And what if you could, for every dollar you invested, know precisely how much you will get back even before you spent it?

Not only could you eliminate the cash-flow roller coasters.

You could also comfortably grow your business with certainty.

That is what a Radical Marketing Machine could do for your business.

It sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s the next best thing to having a money printing machine.

So what’s included in the Radical Marketing Machine?

  1. A lead generation system – we create a system to generate you more leads that delivers a consistent fresh flow of new prospects to your business.
  1. A lead nurturing system – we create a system of automated messages to help you nurture your leads, to further the trust and relationship you have with your prospects.
  1. A lead conversion system – we create strategies and tactics to help you convert your leads into customers, all on autopilot!
  1. A repeat purchasing system– After your customers buy, we develop a system to get them to come back to buy more stuff from you.

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“Terence helped me reduce my average client registration cost from $150 to $52.65 within 30 days. This could save my business over a million each year. I highly recommend him for your marketing.”

– Aaron Sim, CEO of Wealth Mentors. Singapore.