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Dear Business Owner,

Is your business struggling to stand out in an era of hyper-competition? 

Do you feel you could be getting better results from your marketing?

The good news is, you are not alone, majority of business out there struggle and never achieve their full potential. Not because they don’t have a good product or service.

It’s simply because their marketing message is not effective. Or the media they use to reach out to customers is out of date (eg, using Yellowpages instead of social media).

The bad news is, to grow your business, you could spend years learning how to do marketing effectively.

And the scariest part is, the Internet and Social Media is constantly evolving and changing.

What works last month, may no longer work this month. Which explains why some companies are dying with the changes, while others are thriving.

So how does one keep up and keep ahead of the competition?

Rest easy, because here’s where the Radical Marketing team comes in.

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With combined experience of over 40 years in various aspects of Internet and social media marketing, we can consult with you and help you to:

– Create a powerful USP and brand

– Craft out radical marketing strategies that achieve great results

– Refine and improve your marketing process

– Open your eyes to the latest and most effective marketing tactics

– Help you come up with new ideas for reaching more customers

– Develop an effective marketing system that generates revenue with certainty for each dollar you invest.

Depending on your needs, we can work on a continuous basis or on a once-off basis.

We can also help you to implement the strategies we come up with together, if you so choose.

The ultimate objective is to help your business get the results you want FASTER!

Why not contact us for a free 1:1 consultation valued at $500? We guarantee you will gain tremendous ideas and insights from this one hour.

We will review your marketing and branding strategy and come up with some really powerful ideas you can put to use right away…and you have absolutely no obligation to continue using our services after that.

Simply click on the button below so we can schedule a time to talk. Who knows? This could be the one action that makes all the difference to your business. Go ahead now, you got nothing to lose:

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“Terence helped me reduce my average client registration cost from $150 to $52.65 within 30 days. This could save my business over a million each year. I highly recommend him for your marketing.”

– Aaron Sim, CEO of Wealth Mentors. Singapore.