Personal Branding Malaysia

Personal Branding Malaysia

Nowadays on the Internet, there’s a bit of a personal branding land grab of sorts happening – that is to say, people are staking their claim and developing their reputations in social media and a variety of other digital media industries in a professional way to become influencers. In fact, many countries and peoples are already getting into this, most notably in places like western Europe, the United States, Japan, China, and Australia.

Interestingly enough, one area and country in which people haven’t yet taken advantage of this personal branding land grab is Malaysia. Even though Malaysia is a place for big business and increasingly a force to be reckoned with around the world when it comes to financial and other business sectors, Malaysian business people and entrepreneurs are currently generally lacking the wherewithal to brand themselves in a way that will be impressive to clients, customers, and people seeking their influence worldwide.

First, there are Exceptions
It should be noted that not all Malaysians are avoiding or ignorant to this land grab. Both Siti Nurhaliza and Tony Fernandes have worked hard to increase their public profiles and spheres of social, digital, and real-world influence by being very approachable and thoughtful on the Internet, including through websites, social media sites, and more. Fernandes especially has worked hard to interact with people from across the globe who come to him with business and entrepreneurial questions and concerns, and it has helped his own business in the long run as he has become an even more sought after public speaker and influencer on a worldwide scale.

What are Nurhaliza and Fernandes doing?
It’s quite simple, really – they are putting themselves out there as public figures in traditional, digital and social media. From websites and apps, to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus, this personal branding land grab undertaken by Fernandes and Nurhaliza has made them unique and noteworthy influencers online. People want to follow them on Twitter and hear what they have to say in the digital sphere – and in turn, people want to follow them in the real world, as well, and get advice from them as public speakers and consultants, among other things for their own businesses, either large or small.

So where do you come in to play here?
You may not be a business owner in Malaysia who is, say, on the level of a Tony Fernandes or a Siti Nurhaliza – but if you own a small business or run some sort of entrepreneurial venture, you likely have some kind of influence among those around you. Have you transferred it online yet? Do you have a brand that people can see and connect with when they Google your name? The time is now to take your off-line persona and charisma online, and do the same things on the web that you do in real life – connect with people, answer questions and help their business needs, and influence those around you to see you as a well-respected and highly sought after expert, speaker, and mentor. It’s more possible now than ever before, but it’s important to do it – the land grab is going on as we speak and time is running out!

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