By Terence Tam

Here's a list of books that our Founder Terence Tam has authored.

Lead Surge

Discover 8 effective marketing funnels for high ticket offers. Stop your coaching business from being a slave to one funnel and multiply your income streams to create a bulletproof 7-figure coaching business.

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Terence Tam Book - Branding

The Branding Difference

The Branding Difference is a regular Amazon best-selling book on the topic of business branding. The Branding Difference explains the step by step process by which you can create a brand and how you can then take the next step to amplify that brand to gain market share and customers. A practical must-have guide book for anyone in business.

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Your Book Your Profits

Amazon #1 best-selling book. Learn how you can use the power of a book as a marketing tool to improve your business image, brand and sales. A must read of any business owners that wants a powerful competitive edge and more profits! Click to purchase it at one these stores today:

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5 Steps to Self Publishing

5 Easy Steps To Self-Publishing

Authoring a book is one of the sure-fire ways to boost your business brand. 5 easy steps to self publishing is geared towards anyone who is considering writing and publishing a book.

Publishing In Australia

The Branding Difference

Publishing in Australia is an extension of 5 easy steps to self publishing. Updated with the latest including how to publish to ebooks and the latest news and trends in self publishing. It reached bestseller status in early 2013. This is available only on the Amazon Kindle. You can purchase this from

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