My Daily Supplement Routine for Optimal Health: What I Take Every Day!


Today, I’m going to be sharing the secret sauce that keeps me going – the various vitamins and supplements I consume daily to boost my energy, enhance my focus, and ultimately help me live a healthier, happier life at 49 years old (and hopefully beyond for many more years to come).

Now, I’m sure you’re all aware of the incredible impact that vitamins and supplements can have on our overall well-being. But did you know that some of these supplements can have benefits that go beyond what you might typically expect from vitamins? For instance, there’s a supplement that I take which has been known to help reduce stress and anxiety – a game-changer for those days when everything seems to be piling up on you. Curious to know what it is?


Another supplement in my daily regimen is a powerful libido booster, known for its ability to enhance physical performance and vigor. It’s been used for centuries in various traditional medicinal practices and is still a popular choice today for those looking to bring out their inner warrior. 


But, that’s not all – there’s another supplement that works wonders for boosting testosterone levels and promoting overall hormonal balance. 


Now, let’s talk about the sunshine vitamin. We all know how crucial it is for maintaining strong bones and a healthy immune system. But did you know that many of us are deficient in this essential vitamin? That’s why I make sure to include it in my daily routine, along with another essential vitamin that works hand in hand to promote bone health and support proper blood clotting. Intrigued? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out what these two amazing vitamins are!


We’ve all heard about the importance of omega-3 fatty acids for our heart and brain health, right? Well, I have found an incredible source of these essential nutrients that’s not only more potent but also more sustainable than traditional fish oil. 


Plus, there’s a supplement I take that’s packed with live microorganisms that promote gut health and help maintain a balanced digestive system. You’ll learn all about these as we dive deeper into the video.


Now, let’s talk about the secrets to staying youthful and maintaining optimal cellular health. I take a supplement that’s been scientifically proven to support cellular repair and promote healthy aging. 


Another supplement in my arsenal is a potent antioxidant that’s been hailed for its potential to support cardiovascular health and even slow down aging. And if you think that’s all, I’ve also got a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that’s known for its ability to alleviate joint pain and promote overall wellness. 


When it comes to maintaining proper nerve and muscle function, there’s a dynamic duo that I simply cannot do without. These two minerals work together in perfect harmony, ensuring that my body stays in tip-top shape while also promoting relaxation and better sleep quality. 


Now, let’s not forget about the importance of a strong immune system. There’s a popular vitamin that’s well-known for its incredible immune-boosting properties, and it’s a staple in my daily routine.  


In addition to all these incredible vitamins and supplements, I also take a brain nootropic that’s designed to improve cognitive function, enhance memory, and increase overall mental performance. 


It’s like having a secret weapon for those days when you need an extra boost to stay sharp and focused. You definitely don’t want to miss learning about this one!


Last but not least, there’s an often-overlooked trace mineral that I include in my daily supplement stack. This powerful little mineral plays a crucial role in maintaining hormonal balance, supporting bone health, and even enhancing cognitive function. 


So, there you have it, folks! We’ve covered a wide range of incredible vitamins and supplements that I consume daily to keep me at the top of my game. But the real fun begins when you find out exactly what these supplements are and how they can potentially transform your life too. 


Be sure to watch the entire video, as each revelation will bring you one step closer to optimizing your own health and well-being.


Before we wrap up this introduction, I want to remind you that it’s always important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen. Our bodies are unique, and what works for me might not be the perfect fit for you. 


So, make sure to do your research and seek professional advice tailored to your individual needs. 


Video Transcript 

Hey, guys, in this episode I want to share with you some of the supplements that I take on a daily
basis just to maintain performance and maintain good health.

Because a lot of people have been asking me, you know, what supplements you take. So here it is. Just want to make a short video that explain all the supplements and show you some of the supplements that I take on a daily basis.

So, first of all, I take anti-aging supplements.

So this is from David Sinclair’s book called Lifespan, and this is about longevity and all that stuff. And these are proven by studies, so it’s not some airy fairy hopeful thing. So there are two supplements that I take. There one is called Resveratrol, right? So Resveratrol is extracted from red wine and some other types of it says here Japanese Knotweed, whatever that is, and some Fenugreek Seed. Yeah. So ultimately it’s high in antioxidants and it’s proven to also reverse aging or prevent aging. 

So I hope he’s right about it, but I’m kind of taking it, and so far it’s more preventative long term thing.
So I don’t feel immediate effects, so to say. But some older people have felt good results from it. They feel more energetic from that. And also the other one I take is NMN.So this one I buy directly from the supplier or the manufacturer. And NMN is supposed to be also an anti-aging supplement as well. So I take this two every morning, and that’s both from Dave Sinclair’s book. So, yeah, I’ll tell you in ten years. If I look the same in ten years, then that means it works, right? Okay, so that’s one type

of supplement I take.  The second group of supplements I take, and this is because I’m getting a a bit older, so I understand my testosterone, my hormones are not as strong as I used to be, like 20 years ago.

So here are some of the supplements I take predominantly for male health, to boost testosterone, and of course that increases general health and muscle building and all that kind of stuff, right? Or prevent muscle loss. So the first one in this category that I take is Ashwagandha, right? So Ashwagandha is a root extract, all-natural, right? So that’s one thing I take. 

And another route that I take is actually from Southeast Asia. It’s called Tongkat Ali. So, this is in powdered form,in capsule form that I take every day. And they all basically have the same effect, promote more
testosterone, higher levels of testosterone. And the third one I take is Tribulus. And this is also, I
think, another route, if I’m not wrong.And the fourth one I take four. Yeah, you guys probably think I’m a sex maniac or something, but yeah, it’s Boron. But yeah, these are all for general health and energy for males, especially aging males like myself.

This elements, this is a mineral that also helps in that regard and hopefully, it’ll keep me younger for
longer and probably side benefits as well. So yeah, that’s what I take to maintain a strong hormonal balance and energy for myself, those are the supplements and to maintain that high testosterone level so that as I age I
still keep a relatively high testosterone level, right? So for daily energy and clarity of thought, there
are two supplements I take and one is just pure caffeine, right? 100% caffeine. 

 Now, I don’t take this if I take coffee, which I started on bulletproof coffee, so that has caffeine by itself. So if I take that, I don’t take this, right, but sometimes I decide to go off the coffee and take like cocoa, for example, pure cocoa powder, then I will take this to boost my energy levels for the day and to help maintain strong focus during work. The other thing I take is this supplement called Think Support. Most of my supplements here,
like this one, I actually get them from iHERB. 

So Think Support here helps me with clarity of thought and I find that it actually helps me focus a bit better. It’s a mixture of different roots and leaves, so it’s all 100% natural. Nothing natural here. So it’s pretty safe to take, I assume. So, so far I’ve been taking it for about two months and yeah, it does help me increase my focus. Drink work maybe by 10% or so, but sometimes that extra 10% is that edge you need. So yeah, I take that.
That’s one of the supplements I take. So those both are for clarity, focus and performance, right. On
a day to day basis. 

Then the final category of supplements that I take are just general health, so I take Antarctic Krill and that’s for Omega 3 So instead of taking fish oil, I take Antarctic Krill because first of all, it’s more sustainable for the environment. Secondly, I think it’s a high-quality Omega 3. So yeah, I guess people all know the benefits of omega 3, which is anti-inflammatory, promotes heart health and all that kind of stuff. So I take this on a daily basis. So that’s 1. The second thing I take is Turmeric and sometimes I substitute this with Curcumin.

So this is like anti-inflammatory kind of stuff. So as you know, most diseases are caused by inflammation, so if you can prevent inflammation, that’s where you have less diseases and all that kind of stuff. So I take one day of
either turmeric or curcumin. The other thing I take to maintain gut health is probiotics. So, 25 billion
of awesome bacteria that helps with gut health. And your gut is one of the most important organs in
your body and a lot of diseases, if you don’t maintain that balance in your gut, it creates diseases.
Right? I think this is essential.

 Having this probiotics is essential to general health and gut health and yeah, that also helps to prevent diseases. Right? So the next thing I take is vitamin D-2 and K-2 right? So vitamin D is you can get it from sunlight, but I also take this supplement as well to top it off, and that also helps to boost immune system. Right. D-2 and K-2 just helps maintain your bone health. So I think these two combined together in one, I think that’s pretty good formula for general health. 

And the other thing I take is Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc. So zinc, as you know, is once again good for the immunity system. Magnesium helps your muscles relax and it’s pretty essential to your body functions, right, especially your muscle function. And calcium, obviously that’s bone health. So that’s what I take. And the other thing I take, which I don’t have right now, is vitamin C. So as you can see, there are a whole bunch of supplements I take every morning. 

Let me count, so 14 supplements I take every morning, and that’s not taking into account BCAAs as well, which I take, which are branched-chain amino acids, which help with recovery. So, yeah, there’s a lot of money I
spend on supplements every morning, but I feel this is an investment in myself, right? If I invest in my own body, I have a healthy body, means I can perform better, which means I can make more money, I can do more stuff, I can have more quality of life. 

So, yeah, I don’t scrunch on supplements, as you can see, and you might think that’s a lot, but actually some of the top biohackers, like, I know that they’ve asked me to take something out of over 100 different supplements a day, which is pretty crazy. I think I got my basis pretty well covered. So, yeah, that’s it.

 So I hope you kind of enjoyed this episode, which is kind of like not ready to do directly, but I think it’s quite important to know what kind of supplements to take to enhance your performance and your general health, because without health, what does business matter? Nothing else really matters if you don’t have health, right?

Because you can’t do anything else. So, yeah, I hope that was enjoyable and something just
different. And if you think you have other supplements that you find are useful, please just drop it
into the comments. If you’re on YouTube or whether you’re on blog on YouTube, that’d be great.
We’d love to hear from you as well.

Thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next video. Our channel.

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