The ‘MAO’ Principle of Facebook Marketing Success

MAO Facebook Marketing


Ever wondered what are the key things in making your Facebook ads a success?

With billions of Facebook users all over the world, advertising your business through social media could be the most efficient and affordable way to reach out to new clients and customers. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook revealed that in the 2016 statistics report, an average user spends almost 50 minutes each day using Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. This only further proves that advertising in social media is the most effective way to help you improve brand recognition over time.

In ‘MAO’ Principle of Facebook Marketing Success, there are 3 easy ways to achieve successful advertising in one of the most impactful social media.

M – A – O, an acronym for the word ‘Message‘, ‘Audience‘, and ‘Offer‘. Understanding these 3 simple ways and applying them would make a difference in your business in the world of social media.

This video highlights the 3 things you need to get right…once you understand these 3 principles, be prepared to take your Facebook marketing to new heights.




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