Level Up Your Webinar Funnel Game with These Magic Funnel Enhancers



If you have read our previous blog post, The Easy-to-Understand Guide to Webinar Funnels, then you probably got the gist of what a webinar funnel is and how to create one.

Now I’d like to show you a few powerful tools that we use to enhance the effectiveness of our funnels. 

Yes, now we’ll need to add some special ingredients to make your webinar funnel ‘leak proof’.  

These tools will help you stand out and be noticed…

…and better still, help increase your webinar show up rates and generate more sales.  

So what exactly is Magic Funnel Enhancers, you ask.

They are the tools we use in our agency that can enhance the performance of your funnel – and they work like magic. 

I’m going to be honest; you’re going to deal with some coding for these. 

But don’t worry, you won’t need to do any extreme coding, just basic understanding would suffice. So if you’ve built a WordPress website before, this should not be too much of a challenge.

Why do you need funnel enhancers?

Well the 3 main reasons why you need them is to keep in touch, build credibility and to remind. 

These are just a few extra steps that you could and probably should do to increase the chances of your prospects taking action from your webinar promotional activities by attending your webinar and taking up your offer. 

How to Use the ‘Magic Funnel Enhancers’

Here are several of the funnel enhancers that we personally use on our landing pages:


Provely is a social proof widget that displays your page’s real-time data that your visitors can see. They’ll be able to see how many visitors are currently on the page and how many have signed up for your webinar. 

It’ll even display your past data – leads acquired or sales that you made previously. 

You have to remember that not everyone is assertive and able to make confident decisions on a whim – like filling up a form and clicking submit.

People need validation and assurance. This widget helps to assure them by simply showing that there are other people out there that have made the same decision to sign up for your webinar. 

No one wants to sign up for a live event where they are the only one person attending. 

Here’s how the widget will look like on your page once it’s embedded.

Facebook Messenger + ManyChat

Facebook Messenger + Manychat – According to Statista, Facebook Messenger has an estimated 1.3 billion monthly active users worldwide. So if you’re not utilising Facebook Messenger in your marketing funnel, you are missing out on a lot. 

To use Messenger effectively, you need Manychat. ManyChat is a Facebook Messenger marketing tool that lets you create ‘bots’ for marketing, sales and support. 

If your page visitor is already logged in on Facebook, they can interact with the Messenger widget on your page easily. We normally utilize it as a means to chat with visitors or to give them the option to get reminders. 

For example, by clicking ‘Get reminders’ on Messenger – they are then subscribed to a sequence on Messenger that is set to send them reminders up until the webinar.

Reminders are important and if people are already on Facebook for a large chunk of their day, then there’s less chance of them missing out on your messages. Messenger has an open rate of 90% whereas email’s average is 15%. 

Landing page visitors can also interact with the Manychat live chat widget to chat with you without having to go on Facebook, search for your page and click ‘send message.’ Convenience is key.

Get a support person to reply to those live chats. Or simply build a bot that can answer most of the common queries.

Twilio + Highlevel

Twilio + Highlevel – Twilio is a cloud communication platform that allows you to make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and perform other communication functions. 

If you have a developer on your team, just Twilio would suffice without the help of Highlevel. However, if you’re a noobie, non-programmer then it’s advisable to use Highlevel.  

Highlevel is an automation and text messaging platform for marketing agencies. It eliminates the need for coding knowledge to send messages and make calls on Twilio. 

All you need is an account and phone number from Twilio of which you will integrate with Highlevel and you’re basically good to go. 

All the messages and calls can be made via Highlevel. It makes it easier for non-programmers to get those follow up SMS and voice drops going. 

Here’s how we use it. 

When a prospect signs up for our webinar, it then triggers Twilio via Highlevel to automatically send an SMS to the prospect – ‘Congratulations, you have signed up for our webinar! Here are the details again -.’

And then a series of SMS reminders will be sent out to the prospect up until the event. This helps you to keep in touch so they don’t forget about you. 

You can also send automated ‘voice drops’ to remind people of the event. Chances are they won’t pick up but you will hit their voicemail which they can retrieve later.

Tools Can Greatly Enhance Your Webinar Marketing

With the help of these funnel tools, you can bring your marketing game to the next level. 

You’re not just reaching out to your customers via emails anymore. You’re reaching out to them online and offline – messages and calls. 

Send reminders via SMS or even voicemails. 

Any good salesperson will tell you that you need multiple touchpoints in order to close a sale. 

These tools can give you those extra touchpoints so that your prospects are more likely to attend your webinar, watch your replay and make a purchase. 

Create the ‘Human Touch’ via Phone Calls

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that 80% of the interaction between you and the audience is through automated systems and your website. 

You want the audience to know that there’s an actual human behind all these. 

You want them to know that they’re not just interacting with bots and systems…and there isn’t some Terminator behind a computer plotting to end all humankind :)  

We have found through our experience that real humans to make follow-up phone calls to webinar attendees can boost sales dramatically. 

Use phone calls to give reminders or even use it as a means to get feedback. Get their opinion on what you can improve on. 

Most importantly, use telemarketers to close the sale for those people who are sitting on the fence. 

It’s important to have some conversation scripts so that they are not ‘shooting from the hip’. 

For example: ‘How was the webinar for you? Is there anything we can improve on? Do you have any other questions about the webinar? Is there anything stopping you from going ahead with the purchase?’

This allows your prospect to address whatever they have in mind about your services and in turn – you get to improve whatever that needs improving. 

And it gets the cash register making some noise! 

These are some of the secret funnel tools we use in our agency to help our clients get outstanding results. 

Now go out there and start using these Magic Funnel Enhancers to bring your funnel game to the next level. 

If you would like to talk to us about getting professional help marketing your events… just click the button below to chat with us.

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