Interview with a Sales Coach Expert (Aaron Chong): Episode 9

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you struggling to convince prospects about your products and to close deals?

 That’s because your prospects only see you as a “salesperson” that’s out to make money off them.

 This video teaches you how to ‘reposition yourself’ so you’re no longer seen as a salesperson. 

 Watch this video as expert sales coach Aaron Chong explains how to go from a lowly salesperson to someone that is trusted. 

 Look out especially for the example that he gives at 3:30 in the video – you don’t want to miss it.


When you create this ‘status shift’ as explained  in this video, you’ll start closing deals effortlessly.


He knows what he’s doing. And when you say something, you’re more likely to be influenced by it more likely to listen to him. Right. And it’s why every sales people should aim to do all the work and activity and processes to position themselves as an expert. Because a lot of people are doing things in such a way that are very shallow. They only understand the top part, the shallow part of whatever that they’re selling.

So Aaron, I hear a lot of people saying, right, you should transform yourself, don’t be a salesperson, become an expert. Then it will become easier to sell. What’s your thoughts on that? What’s your take on that? I’m just curious to find out. Well, that’s a good question and I think I absolutely agree with that, right. Where if you’re just a salesperson, you are expendable. If you’re just a salesperson, people would say, you know what, you just tell me something and that’s it. You’re just an order taker. Now, I would very much agree to for any salesperson at all, for any people at all to become a master at what they do, become a master, an expert, recognize an expert at what they sell due to the fact that people always perceive experts as the one that they should listen to. Now just imagine this having the perception of expert will even be much better than you becoming a normal salesperson. Look, if you walk down the street and two persons approach you at different timeline, one is wearing a white t shirt with jeans and sneakers, come up to you and say hey, you know what? You look like you’ve got health problems, you should be going having a check at the doctor, all right? You will say. Hey. What? You are crazy. Right. Then if compared to the other person that walks down the street, he’s in doctor’s robe,

that thing that covers the hair and everything at the mask and he walks down the street and say, hey, you know what, I think there might be something wrong with you, you should get a checkup. And he walks away. Which one would you have impact on? What action you’re going to take later on? Yeah, it’s obviously the second one. Exactly. So why? Because you perceive an expert, he knows what you’re doing and when you say something, you’re more likely to be influenced by it more likely to listen to him. Right. And that’s why every salespeople should aim and aim and do all the work and activity and processes to position themselves as an expert.

Because a lot of people are doing things in such a way that are very shallow. Shallow meaning they are doing in such a way that they only understand

the shallow part of whatever they’re selling. Thank you so much for watching our video. Just a quick interruption to remind you if you are watching this on YouTube to like and subscribe and check out all our other videos on the channel. And if you’re checking out this video on our blog post, make sure you check out all the other blog posts on our website. So thank you so much and back to the rest of the video. All right, the superficial part. But if you go deeper, if you go down to becoming an expert, you will be able then to be like a doctor and the doctor is expert in our eyes, right? So when you go to the doctor, do you ever like ask them to discount the price for you?

Not if you want to save your life. We’re not talking about even saving your life. You have a fever right now. Would you go and ask, give me a discount Who goes to the clinic and says, what’s the price first before you see the doctor? Look, the positioning of the doctor does that for him. And when he trying to close you, did he even ask you to buy? No, right. Did he tell you the price of the medicine before asking you to go to counter and pay? No, you just say what it is. Would you say that you will eat all the medicines and follow the doctor’s instructions 100%, right? Most of the time you’ll do that right. And they have a question what kind of medicine they give you. Or you go and check on the legitimacy of every single, whether it’s legit or not, if the medicine is the right medicine, whether the nurse is giving you the right medicine, that doctor is prescribing. Have you ever checked it out, take it, take a picture and go and search for it? No, I would say never. Most people never does it. Right. Why? Because we believe the expert, we trust the expert.

But the expert could make a mistake and give you a wrong medicine. The nurse could give you a wrong medicine and you could eat it and you could die from it. But yet you never question anything, isn’t it? Yeah. Why do you think that happens? Because you’re an expert. So when you are in an expert position that people recognize you as an expert, it doesn’t mean that you have to get a degree, you have to get this, come on, I’m a diploma holder, I’m a college dropout. I didn’t even have a degree. And that people are still listening to me. And your diploma is not even in sales. No, it’s in IT.

right now. It’s because the way that we present ourselves, the way that I perceive myself as an expert as well, that I know my stuff better than everybody else, that’s an expert. I know my things better than everybody else. When you ask me a question, I’m prepared to answer it immediately without betting an eyelid. That is an expert. Because all the knowledge is at the back of the head. You know what is going on, right? You have control of the situation. That’s an expert, right? Yeah. So when that happens, it will help the sales, for sure. And being an expert, you can position yourself in such a way that you are not needy of the business. You have the power to do that. But if you’re not an expert, you’re just a salesperson. They’re just trying to sell something, get the transaction done. That is where you it will get very tiring. That is where you get burned out. That is where sometimes you feel like quitting. You are being played by the customer because you’re not an expert. You are being used. And you’re not being treated as a peer because your self-image was not an expert, because your self-image is at a lower level than the customer. And that’s why being an expert is very, very important. Absolutely. And I just want to share a story and just to back up. What you’re saying is that a client I’m working with now, he actually interviewed 20 other marketing agencies. 

And when he had his meeting with me the second time, I told him the price, he goes, yeah, let’s go for it. And he said I said, Are you sure? Don’t you want to interview another 20? And he said, no, I trust you, because you know what you’re saying. And the rest of the people, half of them send this young looking, good looking girl, and they’re trying to seduce me to do business with them. Whereas I like real strategies because I know my stuff, because I’m an expert in what I do. Right, exactly. And that’s what you see, you kill the price problem by having the expertise, and that’s amazing. Yeah, yeah. And I was charging more than the rest as well. So he actually said that. That’s how I did my deal. You see, the 11 million deal that I actually closed, I wasn’t having a cheaper price than the rest of the market. They could have easily go to China and get the product at a cheaper price. But yet, because we are in Malaysia, I was an expert in what I do, because I solely go and understand the product and the industry inside out. I studied it day and night until whatever question they asked, whatever things they were having concern off, I can even settle it before they even exist. And that is the reason why people would sometimes, and most of the time would pay more to get an expert help. Because they know when shit happens, you got their back. Right. You know what you’re doing. And when the people is not an expert, you feel like,

are they going to help me know what they’re doing? Are they able to even help me get out of this shit hole? People will be worried of that if things happen, what happens after that? Right? And the funny thing is this, even an expert says it doesn’t work. Like what you did. I love there you see If an expert say it doesn’t work right, then the other person would likely say, what can you do to make it work right? Because they will then ask your opinion on certain things to help justify the decision and wanting to go down the route. And I love what you did. You know what? Are you sure you don’t want to go shop around and everything? Go and check other people first. So you see, the moment you do, they are pulling yourself away from the deal. Who are the people that are not afraid of losing deals? The people that are not having deals are the people who are expert experts always. Exactly. They are not afraid of losing deals. Because I know people come to me and that’s so powerful in the psychological makeup of the biased brain when they notice that you’re an expert. Right. Hey, you know what? I’m trying to win your help. I’m trying to win your attention right now. And that’s what happened with the expense. Yeah, good job done.

You got a higher price, higher deal. And you realize that when people recognize you that expert, you are no longer playing the game where you are serving the other person. Although, yes, we must be serving them, but we are up here, and more likely than not, right, they will be trying to keep you, I would say, feel contented, happy that you are there to help them.

They’re doing all they can to make sure you’re doing that.

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