Interview with a Sales Coach Expert (Aaron Chong): Episode 8

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The Truth About Making Good First Impressions when Selling

Sales trainers keep harping about how salespeople need to make a good impression…

… but is it really that important in order to close more deals?

And is ‘making a good impression’…

… simply about suiting up and looking stunning?

Watch this video to discover the eye-opening revelation by expert sales coach Aaron Chong…

… and how a 6-figure deal dropped into his lap with his unique way of making a ‘good impression.’

We’ve never heard this strategy elsewhere before – but it’s quite radical :) 

Check out the video below cos it could help you land your next big client. 


Video Transcript


Speaker 1: First impression is important, but last impression is a lasting impression. Both are important, so it doesn’t mean that your first impression is all about dressing nice, because I think that’s common sense. All this are not the only first impression that you should make. The first impression that people should make is that your posture, your cadence, your tone on when we’re speaking and your capabilities. So you should put every single thing into one package of first impression that you should focus on demonstrating your capability and expertise so that people would be able to trust you and they feel comfortable with you. So then people have that impression. And then whenever in the conversation, whenever you want to end a conversation or a meeting with someone, even though they’re not buying or even though they may throw you a lot of objections, a lot of people will go into defensive mode and that will kill the last impression.

So always go into think about building the last impression as well. Right. Certain things you say. What kind of last image of yourself that you want to send to other people. For example, I could go to a restaurant. Mm hmm. Right. And I go with a friend. So the first impression that I can I can create for other people or the customers that I’m bringing there, is that how I treat the sale, how I treat the waiter? Isn’t it? Right. So if I treat the waiter good, because I remember that there’s this there’s this way that I create a first impression, right? That won the business that I wasn’t expecting, I didn’t even go there to.

Talk any business. I want a business immediately. During that night. And what happened was this. Now, I was I was a bit selfish back then because I was invited to this event, a launch event of a restaurant that was open by a wealthy person, a well known person in Malaysia, the chairman of an association. So he opened the restaurant, He invited me and a lot of other Dato, you know, all this kind of royalty and all these kind of lords and people that are having certain status in the market, Right? So we all go there and it was a buffet. It was a Thai restaurant. So what happened was. I went there, I was like super packed, and I knew it already, right? Because he invited a lot of people.

Then I went to set on a table and I was like, Shit. Everyone is queuing up because the the way they put the buffet right is very in a very small corner place. So you have to wait for actually people queuing up to go through and I don’t want to go through that shit. So what happened was I was like thinking about myself, okay, now how do I solve this? Because being me, I would find a problem and solve a problem right after being a sales person right the right way. Now solve that problem. So instead of me doing it, I say, Who has access to the food? The people that’s working there, right? Obviously. So I was like calling the manager and one of the waiters to come to me and say, Can you help me? Yes, we can. How can we help you? Now, before I say anything, I pull up about 90 ringgit, 50 for the manager, 20 each for this waiter. Right. And I give it to them two waiters and one manager. They got a tip before they even serve me because it was.

We haven’t. Sokay, I say take it first. I want you to take care of me. Right. Help me get some food. Help me get some beers. Because it’s like free floor on the house, right? Just help me do these two things. Just make sure my table myself. You’re treating me. I just want to go down one round to run. Mm hmm. And they were like, Wow. Right, they were that was like, you know, because people want to get I do not know why I come up with that. It’s just that for me, you if you pay the tips later, because we don’t have a tipping culture in Malaysia, if you pay the tip later, you have to be judged. They have to be feel pressured of treating you nicely in order to get the tip. And they don’t yet know what the tips are going to be. Right. So might as well, right. I’m going to give the tip anyway. So when I give it upfront and let them know, the first impression I’m getting to them is that, oh, a person is willing to give me first add value to me first without me showing anything yet. So they actually treat me better than the rest of the people inside, regardless of where they get a tip. Because I give the tip first. Nobody was quite right. Nobody know that I was like doing this. But they went and get me for everything. And I was sitting at the table with one Dato, a couple of Dato and a couple of known well known people. So they were having their food and everything. I say, why not getting food? Oh, there’s too many queue. We’re waiting for queue. And I was like, Oh, okay. Then I asked my waiter. My waiter came with the food for me, right? And the Dato was looking for what the hell is this person doing? Why the waiter come with the food for him? And I said, Do you guys.

Speaker 2: Yeah. I was like, And I ask them, you know, the table, have you got food? Have you got beer, everything? No. Right now, please get the beer and food for him. 5 minutes later. They don’t even need to queue. Everything is here. Mm hmm. 3% was bringing to my table. Nobody got this kind of service. Right. So what. What is the first impression I’m creating towards. Towards this group of people? That is the most important. The emotional impression. Not just the logical impression of you dressing up nicely, you know, looking good and sharp. That doesn’t mean people know your character. So the first impression I created is on my character, on my attitude. Right. And then the doctor was like.

Speaker 2: Thank you so much for watching our video. Just a quick interruption to remind you, if you are watching this on YouTube to like and subscribe and check out all our other videos on the channel. And if you’re checking out this video on our blog post, make sure you check out all the other blog posts on our website. So thank you so much. And back to the rest of the video.

Speaker 1: Wow, you are. He was asking me why? Why is he bringing food? I said, I don’t know. I tip him first right? I say, Wow, you know your way around. You know what? Tomorrow, can you come to my office? I want to give you a deal and I want to deal just like that. Well, I wasn’t even vying for any deals. Right? That was the deal that you gave to me. Nice. Just because of the first impression I created. And it’s a different level of first impression. A lot of people think it’s just a physical partner, everything right? But it’s more right. I’m not there to even serve and impress people. I was just trying to solve my problem. But as a byproduct of that process, people are impressed. Yeah, and it looks very genuine. And in fact, it’s very genuine because they all got their fair share of food, fair share of drink without them having to move away from the table and be like everybody else. Just think about this. Your royalty, your your royalty. You are a a Dato. You are someone of status, Right? And yet you have to go and queue, and yet you have to do all these stupid things that that, that you don’t want to be doing. Right. Queuing out of a food queue out for drinks. But as a normal person that I’m not even anywhere near your status, I was being served. What does that tells you?

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Isn’t that a powerful first impression? And it was all a lasting impression for people, right? But of course, after that it has. It depends on how you carry yourself, what you talk, how you talk, the tone you use and how you treat other people. Of course, I always treat other people the respect they deserve. Right? So that will create a lasting impression. Do not be considered condescending to other people as well. Yeah. So it’s super important when it comes to that. But when when it comes to the point where you have you have all that you have ready, you are both probably you are wealthier than other people. You have a lot better health than other people. Then what I think is most important when your first impression is not that important, then if you want to be in deals more of your capability and how people know you. So I still believe that is a respect that you have for yourself and other people, that you are in your best self and you present your best self whenever possible. So I don’t believe the fact that you go out in slippers and t shirt where you have the power, you people will will don’t care about that. But I still think that that respect that you have for yourself and other people that you want to feel good and look good in terms of creating a good first impression for other people is still relevant and important.

Speaker 2: Awesome. That was much, much deeper than I expected.

Speaker 1: Yeah. Just don’t think about like. Or it’s on your clothes. In. In, in. You see things to impress other people for that short period of time. No, it’s not.

Speaker 2: And that’s why everybody thinks about only. Right?

Speaker 1: Yeah, exactly. It’s because they think about what they need to do. But what I think about is what other people will see. It’s not that I am putting what other people will will see as a standard because I don’t care. But what I care about is whether or not I respect myself. Right. So I respect myself. I create a first impression that I’m respected for myself. Right. And people love people who respect themselves. Right. Do you like to deal with a person that is like sucking up to you and do every single thing that you can without any self respect at all? Or some people that can actually stand on their own and and I can talk to you in such a way that that you feel like they appear to have power. Right. Respect comes with power.

Speaker 2: And it gives you confidence to deal with someone like that rather than someone who is putting themselves down.

Speaker 1: Because, you know, when shit happens, this guy can actually help you to solve the shit. Yeah, he got. He got his shit together. Yeah. Comparing to the person that’s going to be like, you know, a bit soft and everything and they don’t have self respect. They do everything for you. And you know, when things happen, they’re going to blame other people. Oh, you know what? The company. The company is doing this. You know what? I know our policies, this and that. That’s even a worst lasting impression.

Speaker 2: Yeah. Yeah. Agree.

Speaker 1: Yep.

Speaker 2: Okay. Thanks, Aaron.

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