Interview with a Sales Coach Expert (Aaron Chong): Episode 6

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Feeling like there’s a lump in your throat and butterflies in your stomach…

… when you have to do a sales presentation?

Every salesperson faces this at one time or another.

And it’s not a good feeling! 

But the good news is that it can be easily be circumvented. 

Watch this video as expert sales coach Aaron Chong gives some very practical tips and strategies on how to overcome this.

You’ll really don’t want to miss how Aaron ‘turned the tables’ in one sales presentation – and had the customer trying to persuade him instead! 

Once you apply these strategies, you’ll start approaching your sales meetings  confidently – and see your sales skyrocket!


Speaker 2: And Aaron, there’s one thing I want to ask you about. I’ve been dying to ask you about this right before I step into the sales meeting for the first time with a prospect, I, I get nervous. And when I talk, even when I talk, right, I my voice goes very high instead of like being in a very grounded position, a very confident position. How do you overcome this sales nervousness?

Speaker 1: Great question, Terence. I think this could apply to a lot of people. You’re asking on behalf of a lot of people as well. Right. So. To me, the nervousness we need to first understand what is nervousness. It’s just a reaction from my body. Right. So if you find the signs of a body in biology, it’s a reaction that is almost very similar to excitement.

Speaker 2: Hmm.

Speaker 1: All right. The difference is that how you perceive it is the same reaction in the body, but how you interpret it after you feel that reaction will either cause you to feel that it’s nervous or excitement. Now, knowing this, you can switch your brain to interpret that signal that the body is giving like sweaty palms. You are your heart is racing your deep breathing. You can tell yourself it’s an excitement, excited to actually do this. So that’s one of the ways that science based way, which is a proven way to actually overcome that very quickly. The second way to to overcome the nervousness is actually write have enough practice in your in your presentation, have enough practice in your product knowledge, having a practice in knowing who you are and where you are right now and know that at every single one time you are up here. To your customers. Now, remember this. A lot of people will put themselves below where the customer is. This is where they are. This is where the customer is. And that right, will create a gap where you keep on looking up to the customer and you feel nervous because you’re trying to win the attention. You’re trying to win the approval of whatever is serving them or what you’re trying to sell them is good for them, right? And you need the approval to get the sales. Now, in order to avoid this, the first thing that I would do is whatever just told you this now. And second thing is to position myself as the peer.

Speaker 2: Thank you so much for watching our video. Just a quick interruption to remind you, if you are watching this on YouTube to like and subscribe and check out all our other videos on the channel. And if you’re checking out this video on our blog post, make sure you check out all the other blog posts on our website. So thank you so much. And back to the rest of the video.

Speaker 1: To my customers. They would get the results out of it without you. Can they do it? But actually not. Maybe they go to other people, they get different kind of results, but you know what results you can bring. So if I know that for sure that I can do that for them, why would I be nervous? They should be nervous, right? I don’t have the money. It doesn’t mean that you have the money today. You would show me the money and I want your deal. So if the position is as a peer where winning deals is what I need to see, whether we are compatible to work together. So you have to step away from the sales situation where you’re going to go into that meeting feeling like, you know what, I’m as much as you are qualifying me, I’m also qualifying you as well. Whether or not you’re going to be a good customer For me right now, I’m going to tell you a story that there was once I was invited to pitch a digital marketing service to a very big company, it was owned by a public list of more than 400 company in Japan. Wow. So they’re very big company. They just took over this company. Right. And they asked me to pitch on digital marketing services for them. So I went there and we had a meeting. I brought two of my experts because I was digital marketing. I was good in the presentation, everything. So I went there. It came to a point that I even throw this question to them that nobody does they ever met, right. Was throwing because everybody is trying to get approval, trying to brush up, trying to look up to them as a peer. So after we pitch about our services and how we can help them and what the situation is, after understanding that, then the whole bot is there, you know, the CEO, the COO, the CTO, the general manager, there’s about 67 people there. And after I got the feeling and the response from then, they, they like whatever we presenting and they’re interested. And after I finished I threw this one question them. Now, Mr. Customer, I was talking to the CEO, I was telling him Mr. CEO, So you help me be doing here. So everything is good and you liked it and you want to get results from this, right? Yep. So based on our experience, the people and the customers that work with us, that gets the best result with our help are the customers. So are very easy and fun. All right. Very easy and fun. So, Mr.CEO, can you tell me how easy and fun are you and your team? You know what he did? I think that was the first time you heard this question, because nobody that was pitching was asking question because everybody was in the mood of, you know what, I go and pitch, right? I talk everything, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, everything to the customer and hoping that I would show I’m trying to impress them, but I’m not there to impress them. Who tells you you cannot ask a question in a pitch? Who tells you in a meeting? You can ask a question.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 1: Right. Nobody tells you that. It’s just that from our own thinking and our own societal, I would say that the peer pressure and everything that people have put onto us the culture. So. The CEO was looking at me. He was not uttering a word. He seems baffled. He was looking for an answer. So where does the CEO normally looks to anyone to get answer? So the team. Right? So it’s like team, right? The team. And then what the team did was amazing. Everyone turned their head to the CEO and looking at a CEO and a CEO knows nobody has the answer. And they say, Oh, look at me. But she did a very good comeback. Excuse me, Aaron, can you repeat that question? I repeat the same question. Then CEO went to explaining mode. I know what the CEO did. Oh, you know, Erin, we are very I was asking about autonomy as well. Right. Because we need to be autonomous and doing things, not getting interrupted all the time. Look, Erin, you have very easy, very fine look. I’m coming to the meeting, Right. Look at my whole team. All wearing normal shirt. We come here, we are very relaxed. We are very chill. Right. And we’ll definitely give you autonomy because the previous supplier that we work with, right. They have all the rights to say every single thing so you can get your chance to do all these things. You know what he was doing that he was telling himself and telling me all the reasons why I should be working with him.

Speaker 2: Right. So he’s trying to sell you now, not you.

Speaker 1: So him working with him, but he did not know.

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Speaker 1: So I flipped that button where I ask this one simple question, and he has to sell me right now. But it was very innocent.

Speaker 2: Right?

Speaker 1: The power of asking questions and getting.

Speaker 2: That’s a powerful shit.

Speaker 1: So you see, if you know you can do something like that, that a lot of people feel nervous because they don’t know they can do something like that. So now if you know you have the power to do something like that and you can break away from not from whatever the people has instilled into you and say you cannot do, maybe by teach you by your mom. No, because as kids, you know why we feel nervous? Because people keep, oh, you cannot do this. You cannot do that. You know, keep instilling all these kind of ideas to us. So when that happens, it brings unfortunately, it will it will stay in our mindset, you know, until we are adult. And when we try to recollect those memories back and we, you know, we react to certain things because of all the traumatic things that happened in the past. Right. And we get nervous because of it. So for.

Speaker 2: Me.

Speaker 1: The second thing to get over your nervousness is to know that you have this power and know exactly the strategy that want to go into the meeting and what you need to do. Practice it. Know what you can do. Be up here and you won’t feel nervous. Do you feel nervous when you’re around your friends?

Speaker 2: Now you have fun.

Speaker 1: Yeah. Familiar? Familiar, If you’re not familiar with them. Right. But if you know that look today, if you have more money or more value than certain people that you are talking to, do you feel nervous or they feel nervous to you now?

Speaker 2: They should feel nervous because I can maybe help them double the business, whereas.

Speaker 1: Exactly.

Speaker 2: Why should I do it for you kind of attitude, right?

Speaker 1: Exactly. So but you can’t show it, like in a cocky way. Right. But you can do it in such a way that they feel so. So when you do that, because you see, if I have more value than certain people, if I can provide more value and you need my help and you need my value, and you know what I can do for you, I shouldn’t be feeling nervous about that, isn’t it? Right. Today, imagine yourself you have 1 million inside your bank, right? You can go into any BMW outlet, you can buy any car with cash, compare it to the person that has loan. They don’t have any money. Right. So when you are talking to other people, do you feel like you will when they’re talking about the finances and everything, do you feel like you are inferior or anything like that? No, Exactly. No. So you in the brain, you must put you must install that mindset and the thinking that you bring that today, you have more value to offer to the other people. And because of you. Right, their life will get better. And because of you or your solutions, they’ll be able to double their business. They’ll be able to do some things that they were not able to do before. Just imagine they doubled the business. They can scale and they can hire more people. They can pay more salary to the people, they can get more bonuses. But it’s all because of you. But most salespeople or most people in sales, they don’t even think about that. They think about transactions. So when you keep on focusing on the transaction, you will be nervous because you feel like today life or death situation is depending on how I can close whether or not this deal is closed. But if I focus on providing value to other people and settling all the problems that the other people that I know, I can do that I’m not focusing on that closing the deal. So I’m focusing on getting the people to say to me, Hey, you know what? I should be working with you. I should know we should be working together. You are great, right? I focus on building that rather than trying to close the deal. And that’s why it all goes away.

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