How we get half-price leads on Tiktok

How we get half price leads on Tik Tok

Is your business struggling to get low-cost leads? 

Or do you just need more leads? 

If so, then you need to consider tapping into TikTok’s advertising platform. 


For starters, it’s the world’s fastest-growing advertising platform.

Secondly, from our experience, we are getting leads cheaper by as much as 50% compared to other advertising channels. 

But you need to understand some basics about advertising on TikTok – so you don’t waste money and actually get results. 

In this video, we want to show you some of the lessons we’ve gotten… from generating tens of thousands of leads on TikTok in 2022 alone: 

  • What creatives work for TikTok Ads (ones gave us the best results)
  • What type of targeting we used to get the best return on Ad spend
  • And our unique budgeting technique (that saved us tons of cash)

Check out the details in the video below: 

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Video Transcript 

Doing for quite a few months now and we are getting awesome results for coaches. And that’s why I want to present you my findings and our findings at Radical Marketing over the past few months and the results we have achieved on TikTok. Now, many of you may think that TikTok is just a platform for young people to dance and to sing and stuff like that, but here’s the truth.

The truth is that TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform in the world. And I think there is about 1.8 billion people on TikTok right now and that’s growing at a super fast pace. So I’m not sure if you’ve advertised in early days of Google where you could get like ten cents per click. And in the early days of Facebook, back in 2014, 2013, I remember when I first started advertising, they were super duper cheap. And I was just talking to a client yesterday about how we were getting $2 leads back then, right?

And now you easily be paying like five times more for a lead. Now the opportunity exists right now on TikTok. So I think if you’re not on TikTok yet, this is the time to do so. And in this video, I’m going to show you some of the things that we have learned so that you don’t have to repeat the same mistakes that we had and that we made so that you are able to get half-price leads on TikTok as soon as possible. So if you’re a coach, consultant or course creator or speaker, or any of those that want to generate leads on TikTok, you have come to the right place.

So keep on watching as I share our wisdom and our knowledge and our experience from spending tens of thousands of dollars over the past few months on TikTok. So here are some of the benefits, once again, just to help you to conceptualize how big this opportunity really is. So first of all, much lower CPMs. So the cost per thousand is around about 7% of what it costs to show on Facebook. So for instance, if it costs you around $20 to show to 1000 people on Facebook, you can expect to be charged around $3 on TikTok.

So that itself is a massive thing, especially if you want to build brand awareness.It is so much cheaper right now. And I don’t believe these CPMs, these low CPMs, are going to last forever. So I suggest you take advantage of them as soon as possible. Right? Second thing is, that there’s very low competition for coaches. Now, if you go to the TikTok ad library, you will see a whole bunch of e-commerce ads selling all these gadgets, lots of cosmetics, and stuff, but there are very few coaches advertising their webinars or their training. Not to say there are none, but the competition is so much lower.

For every 20 ads that I see, maybe there is one that is a coach advertising a webinar or a VSL funnel or whatever it is. So right now there is very low competition. So get in before other people do because you are going to miss the train if you don’t get in right now. The other thing is we have experienced lower CPAs, not always half price, but in general, the CPAs to get someone to, in our case, to sign up for an event is much lower around, say on average, I’ll say about 30%. Of course, we have experienced like 50, 60% as well.

But I would say in general, if you take 30% cost savings, that is a pretty safe bet. So I would say if you are not taking advantage of these low CPAs to start doing it right now. And this is one of the most awesome parts of TikTok, and that is you get so few account bands, yeah, sure, they sometimes will ban your ads, but account bands, that is so rare. We haven’t got a single ad account ban yet on TikTok, whereas on Facebook, you know, when the account is so frequent like people just get so sick of advertising on Facebook because you keep getting your ad account banned. And seriously, if your business is dependent on Facebook traffic, that is not a good way to run a business.

So it’s important, I believe, to diversify your traffic sources and not rely on one single traffic source. Even for Google, we’re getting account bands sometimes as well, not as frequent as Facebook, but occasionally we still do. And I believe that is the experience of the whole marketing community. It’s not that we’re doing bad stuff here, but in general, TikTok ad accounts are pretty solid at this stage, right? And you can even advertise stuff like crypto, which is generally not allowed on the other platforms. But you obviously need to talk to your accounts manager to make sure the crypto you’re advertising is legit before you’re allowed to advertise, all right?

So it’s much easier to get advertised certain things like that, and the policy restrictions are much more lenient compared to the other ad platforms at this stage. Okay, so let’s get into some of the stuff you need to do when you’re advertising on TikTok. So first of all, here are some tips.

First thing, make sure you have background music, especially those that are native to TikTok, right? So make sure you find background music native to TikTok. I’m not going to get into all the editing and all that stuff in this presentation because this is not the purpose. This is to give you a broad, high-level overview, all right? And some general strategies and tips. Secondly, your video length should be around 30 seconds to 60 seconds, all right? That is the sweet spot where we have found our ads to perform the best. Shorter ones generally don’t perform so well.

We’ve tried 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds, usually the 30 and to 45 seconds, to 60 seconds, they perform a lot better. And it’s good in your ads to feature multiple scenes, not just a single scene like a talking head scene in one background that’s continuous. It’s good to actually zoom out into different scenes, different backgrounds, and different outfits because that’s more native to TikTok. All right, so I’ll show you some examples afterward of what some of our clients have done to be more native to the platform. Once again, I just mentioned that is to look like an organic TikTok video.

Now, if you haven’t been on the platform long, my suggestion is to just spend some time, jump into the platform, and see what people are doing there, right? What kind of videos, go viral and get a lot of likes and stuff. Now, you may notice that all these pretty girls dancing that get a lot of likes, which is of course natural. But go behind that, search some keywords that are related to your field and see what people like and what is native and viral. Okay?

So that are few tips I can share with you. And the other thing is to make sure you utilize Tick Tox Ad Library and just look at what other ads there have been working. Right. Now, this is I guess the downside of TikTok, which is that advertising kicks in pretty quickly. Now, probably at a two-week level, you need to change your ads.

Okay? Even at the ten-day level, you need to start planning how you can change your ads. Now, I don’t mean a completely new ad necessarily all the time. It could just be tweaking, the music, the background, or the opening, getting a different bro video for example, or starting the video in a different way that will help you to refresh the ad and keep it performing. All right? So that ad fatigue. Make sure every two weeks you need to refresh it because ad set kicks in pretty quickly on TikTok.

Thank you so much for watching our video.  Just a quick interruption to remind you if you are watching this on YouTube to like and subscribe and check out all our other videos on the channel. And if you’re checking out this video on our blog post, make sure you check out all the other blog posts on our website. So thank you so much and back to the rest of the video.

Now targeting, who do you target? How do you target with TikTok? The whole premise is that you don’t want to target too granular, right? Unlike other platforms like say maybe Facebook, where you can go down to very granular targeting on TikTok, you want to keep it as more broader. I guess that is the key to success. So far we have found that just broad targeting, not targeting any interests, in particular, tends to work best for us. Okay, the other thing or the other feature is that we use is automatic targeting, which is essentially letting what you call TikTok AI to determine what they want to target or who they feel the ad would suit and let them do the targeting for you. Interest targeting. So far we haven’t got fantastic results from it.

Okay, it’s quite interesting that interest targeting doesn’t work so well, but hey, that’s the platform, right? Look like audiences, which is basically audiences that look like existing conversions. Yeah, we just started targeting that because you need about 1000 conversions before you start using look-like audiences. So, yeah, that’s the scenario. We haven’t tested that yet, so hopefully, in the future, we’ll have more information. I mean, we just started so there is not enough valid information to tell you whether it works or not. Okay, so when it comes to budgeting, let’s see what works.

You need to make sure you have enough budget to get 50 conversions per week. Much like Facebook right now, for example, if you estimate your cost to be $10 per lead, then you need to spend $500. That’s your $500 budget for the week. Right? So that works out to be rough, I don’t know, seven-tier day. But I suggest you go a bit higher just to make sure you get enough conversions per day. The faster you get that 50 conversions, the faster you get out of what is called the learning phase in TikTok. Now, the learning phase in TikTok is a phase where they are trying to get 50 conversions.

Now, if you don’t pass the learning phase, the chances basically you have to shut down your ad and you need to try new Ads. The learning phase is very important. Once you get through that learning phase, then you really start to be able to scale. So do not touch any of the budgeting, do not touch any of the ad accounts. Don’t add new Ads, subtract Ads, or anything during the learning phase. Okay? Now you can increase the budget only after the learning phase. And how much do you increase it by? I suggest you increase it by 20% to 30% every two or three days. Right? So that’s a quick overview of what kind of budgeting works on TikTok right now, coming to the objectives, just very simple, very straightforward here.

Just focus on conversions. We have tried traffic, we have tried reach and your ticktock rep will tell you, hey, you need to run traffic and reach. And much like all those other platforms like Facebook and Google, they’re basically just trying to sell you more ad space, okay? They don’t work. And we have found that when we run traffic, reach, and conversions together versus just running conversions, there is no difference.

Okay? So, yeah, that is the key. Just run conversions for you. So, yeah, if you go into the TikTok Ads manager, here is the conversions thing for you to choose. And then once you do that, you can continue and set up the rest of your ad don’t worry about the rest of this. I mean, feel free to split-test it, right? And maybe if you’re running retargeting ads, maybe you can use reach and traffic, but otherwise stick to conversions.

That tip alone will save you a whole ton of money and pain. All right, so let’s hop into some of the ads so that you can get an idea of what kind of ads work for coaches. So let’s jump into it. And here are just two ads of hours. Let me show you this one. All right, so here we go ahead. Tribute to their family square. Hi, my name is Michael Barr, and I’m not obviously good-looking enough to be a stay-at-home mom. I have helped many moms achieve great success.

In fact, many of these stay-at-home moms are now partnering with me and we’re doing investment deals together. These are not women with some special financial education. Many of them are just mums who sacrifice their careers to be with their children. And they are mums who want to contribute financially to their families and don’t know how to.

For example, okay, one of my students, she actually now is brand new as a person today. And she was once a very shy and not competent person. But now she even comes to share success stories with my other students. I would invite you to come to my comprehensive investment workshop for free. This workshop is perfect because investing can be done at your square time.

All I ask is that you invest one day with me and let me show you all my strategies. Click on this video and sign up on the next page. Okay, so that’s one example. And I just want to point out that if you noticed, what we did there was we varied the scenes, right? We switched over scenes from actual footage of the clients.

At events, we use brows that just basically stop videos to illustrate the points. So it’s not just the guy talking there, right? It keeps people engaged because on Tik Tok people’s, attention spans are not very focused, right? So you need to keep the attention by being really creative and having text overlays all that stuff happening just to keep their engagement. So let’s see another example.

Okay, let’s see if we can and if you can see here, right, as I just mentioned, like all this eCommerce stuff, which is like, selling all this junk and lotions and what have you, a whole ton of them. This is in Malaysia, right? So as you can see, there are very few coaches, right? so let me show you another ad. See, like cream again and I don’t know whatever else. Like all these accessories. Very few coaches is what I’m trying to point out. Right? So let me show you another one. This is from the same clients, right? Just not an ad for the same clients. I get a lot of my friends coming up to me and saying, hey, Michael, how do you manage to make millions of properties when my houses only go up a little bit in value?

And how do I know whether the property I buy is good? A lot of my friends are actually buying properties that I would never touch. They will ever buy properties that are overvalued and take years for the value to catch up in price. So that’s where I come in and show them how to put $0.70 into what we get. The idea is to find properties that are below market value and know how to negotiate them so that you can always go out there to buy them at a discount. I would like to show you how to identify and buy a great property at below-market prices in my upcoming webinar.

This is a 100% sweet webinar. So the time to take action is now before the market takes off and your laptop. Sign up now, and I’ll see you at the event. All right, so that’s an example there. And what I want to point out as well is that you can use existing footage of the client right. Which we did just now. And, yes, as you can see, we just use still images just to emphasize the points.

And it was once again, very rapidly changing. An important thing as well is to make sure you have the captions as well so that people can read the captions if they don’t turn on the sale. Right. So that’s it, guys. That is all I have to share today. And thank you for watching to the end of the presentation. I hope you got something for it, and I hope that you are inspired to start advertising on Tik Tok now if you think, well, I’d rather have someone to help me out. I really want to scale, and I don’t have time to focus on my ads or my funnels.

Well, the good news is that’s what we specialize in. The bad news is we don’t always have empty capacity or spare capacity to help more people. But in any case, if this is something that you’re interested in, if you want some professionals that have done it for years and years, then please click on the button at the bottom of this page, and we’ll get in touch, see if we have the right fit. And if we have spec capacity at the point of time when you’re watching this video, then, yeah, maybe that’s going to be a very profitable relationship that we can have together. So, yeah, click on the button if you think this is something that you like to do.

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