How We 4X This Client’s Business by Changing One Thing

How We 4X This Client's Business by Changing One Thing

If you’re a coach who’s running webinars, seminars or any other events…

… chances are you have a ‘broken funnel’ that’s limiting your income.

By how much?

Watch the video where I helped a coach increase his revenue by 4X with ONE simple tweak.

Could you be missing out on this simple way to increase your revenue by 4x… without increasing ad spend?

Watch the video now to find out.

Video Transcript 

 Hey, guys. Terrence from Radical Marketing here today, I want to show you how we help the client basically 4x his business in just one meeting. All right, So basically, first of all, I just want to give you some context. This is a client that is a coach and he is currently already already has a funnel. Right. So just want to show you his funnel, which is very, very standard for most coaches, but perhaps he can also get something from it. Just to give you some context as to how we helped him to forex his business pretty much by just one little tweak. And I just want to show you this because I want you to understand how just one new thing can impact the business by 4x. So I’m excited to show you. And first of all, all right, just so first of all, this is how the funnel looks.

 They basically run ads to a webinar, which then they upsell Bootcamp one, and after bootcamp the one, they will upsell bootcamp number two, which after bootcamp number three, then it’s really personal coaching, high end coaching that they sell at bootcamp number two, which is pretty standard for a lot of coaches, right? Especially those that do seminars and webinars. This is a very good ascension type funnel. But what I want to show you is how we help Tim to transform his business in just one session to 4x his business. All right. Sounds pretty amazing, right? But and this is just super, super simple yet super powerful. All right. So let’s look at his existing business. Right. Based on his existing business, if we get 1000 registrations to join his webinar and we have 15 people, 15% actually complete the webinar, show up and complete the webinar. And this is in pounds, right? We will get roughly 15 people purchasing his product at even that 10% conversion rate, which is what he has been historically doing roughly right. And so the revenue basically it’s 15,000 and based on the ad cost per registration of £15, we’re basically breaking even in the front end right now after. Boot camp one. That’s where he starts seeing a return on investment. 

So by combining the sales that the webinar and boot camp won, that’s where we kind of get a return on that spin off to percent. I won’t bore you with all this details as to how we came up with this figures, but it’s based on historical data that he is achieving in terms of percentages and average dollar sales. Right. So that’s what he’s getting. So yeah, I mean, it’s like 1 to 2 return after his boot camp based on ad spend. Right. Which is kind of OC but yeah, not that fantastic, right? I mean once you go through this whole funnel with boot camp number two and he’s upsells to the high level coaching we are getting a return that’s been off six times. Right. So 6.3 times which is, which means basically for every dollar that he invests in ads, he will get $6.30. True. That whole funnel, you know, that’s kind of okay. At least, you know, you’re getting a good return on your investment and you can scale the business. And so, you know, I mean, seriously, if you put $1 in for every $1 getting six bucks back, $6.30, I mean, the logical thing is to throw in the million, 10 million into it, right. And just scale it. But what we have done is just a little tweak and we play with some different numbers to see how we can improve this return on ad spend. Right. 

All right. So I just want to quickly show you that the only one variable we change here is that now we are basically dropping the offer price at the webinar from $1,000 or £1000 to £297. Right. By dropping the price and taking a loss at the webinar. Now, here’s where love coaches get stuck. They see that, Oh, I’m not breaking even in my front end. So yeah, this is not worth doing right. But I want to get you guys to stop thinking how you can actually make loose in the front end. And that’s totally okay. But in the end, you might end up actually making more money. So in this case, because if he drops his price, I’m predicting that he can increase his sales conversions by two and one half times in the front end, right? So you get less money in total, but you get more numbers through the funnel, Right. So instead of converting only 15 sells, now he’s converting 37.5 sells in the front end, Right? Yeah, I know you’re making an actual dollar loss, but after they show up from bootcamp and assuming the figures are still going to be the same in terms of number of conversions. Right. And after the first bootcamp, thank you so much for watching our video. Just a quick interruption to remind you, if you are watching this on YouTube to like and subscribe and check out all our other videos on the channel. And if you’re checking out this video on our blog post, make sure you check out all the other blog posts on our website. So thank you so much. 

And back to the rest of the video. The return on Aspen is 3.24 times. So that’s almost like that’s a 60% increase on after bootcamp one. Right. So I want you to get this because we’re just dropping the price and we’re taking the loss in the front end. But after Bootcamp one, we’re actually increasing our revenues, right? So the total sales then increases from 29000 to 48000, right? So even though we’re making loss at the webinar, but after bootcamp one, we’re actually making good money and after Bootcamp two where we upselling the high end coaching programs, that’s where, you know, this is a major significant difference. Yet from 90,090 4000 net profit to 232,000 net profits. 

So that becomes our loss of 15.5 times. So that instantly has almost tripled the business, right. So I thought, yeah, why not try even going really radical and dropping this to. A lower price even. Let’s go to 97 bucks and see what happens. And based on the projections, I’m estimating a 40% conversion rate because it’s such a no brainer offer at £97, I believe we can convert 40% of the room. And this is based on many of my other clients that have done the same thing where they have dropped the price of the front end offer and they have just got conversions through the roof. Now. For many coaches, this is where they get stuck, right? They’re saying, Oh, but I’m losing 9000. I’m losing money in the front end. I’m losing even more money in front end. That’s bad, right? But after. 

Yeah. At the webinar, you’d be losing more money. All right, But that’s okay because you’re getting more numbers through the funnel. Right. Because now instead of 31. Well, 32 people showing up for your boot camp. Number one, you have 51 people showing up for your boot camp one and assuming the same conversion rates at 24%. Look at that. You’re you’re actually getting 65,000 after boot camp number one. So instead of getting a 3.2, four times return in ad spent, you’re now getting this guy is now going to get sorry, not you, but this guy is now going to get a projected 4.4 times on his ad spent return. 

On his ad spent, which is. Yeah, pretty good, right? Like you’re basically more than doubling your revenue from your existing funnel. Well, he is not you pardon me with that. But yeah, so the point I’m trying to make is because we’re getting more numbers through the funnel. And then at the second boot camp, we actually. Yeah, that’s where the magic really happens, where we’re actually going like, yeah, 24 times our ROAS return on that spent, right. So for every dollar and stuff, just getting $6.30, we’re getting $24.60. 

That’s a massive almost four times increase on his business. Right. Assuming these numbers will still hold true. Right. Even if they don’t hold. Exactly. Because Yeah, maybe because they pay $97 we don’t get the quality of participants may not be as good even if we drop off by 20%, 30% on this numbers. I mean, that’s still we’re still way ahead. Right. So I just want to share this because. Yeah, and this is what Evan Pagan talks about, about pushing the free line. I’m not sure whether you’ve listen, but what he says is basically, you know, make it as affordable and basically make it free if possible. 

As much as possible. So they get more people get through your funnel and they experience more and that will actually help you to grow your business. So don’t look at don’t be shortsighted and look at just, Oh, I’m losing money in the front end of my webinar, but actually look at, oh, okay, if I can get more people and I’m confident with my delivery, I’m confident with my product, then if those numbers hold the same, I could get more money and grow the business faster than the backend.

 And in this case we projected to get four times more roughly. Even if we get three times more, I think he’ll be a pretty happy cookie. So in this case. Yeah he, he’s yeah he’s, he’s sold he’s, he wants to give it a go and test out new, new price points and see how that goes. I believe it will be highly successful even if we don’t achieve numbers of in terms of conversions in the back end, I believe we’ll be way ahead of the 6.3. I believe we will at least double, if not triple, at least based on this numbers here conservatively. Right. So yeah, and that’s without changing anything else, without changing any ads or anything else.

 That’s how this helping this client to transform his business just in one meeting. And he’s super delighted, super excited to test it out. So, yeah, when we get the results, we will definitely come back and share this. So yeah, hope you found this video useful, especially if you’re coach. I’m sure you will give a try, apply it and if you do need help, please feel free to reach out to us. If we have any vacant slots to accommodate, we can definitely talk to you. Otherwise we can probably refer you to someone who is also an expert in this area. So thank you so much for watching this video. Really appreciate your time. I hope you got something out of it. If you did, make sure you like, share and subscribe.

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