How to use Chat GPT to create better Facebook ads

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Our Sneaky Way of using ChatGPT to Create Kick-Ass Ads

Are you tired of spending countless hours on market research just to craft one ad?
Let’s face it, most business owners don’t even write for their target audience… 

… because they simply don’t have time to understand them. 

But what if I told you that there’s actually a better way to understand your customer?  

In mere minutes- rather than hours. 

In our latest video, find out how we create a perfect customer avatar.  

(no crystal ball required here)
With just good ole ChatGPT, our trusty AI assistant! 😜

This video reveals all the prompts, and what to ask ChatGPT.

The result?  You can understand your target market better within minutes (and thereby create amazing ads)

And as a bonus, I’ve thrown in a special prompt – so you can even save time setting up your Facebook ads. 

ChatGPT is amazing for digital marketers and will slash hours off your market research… This video will show you exactly how. 

Video Transcript



So today I’m gonna basically show you how to create a customer avatar using Chat GPT so that you
don’t have to spend hours doing market research to create this customer avatar
. Now, if you’re not
familiar with the term, ‘customer avatar’ it’s not one of those blue people in the movies, alright? So
what we want to do is to create a representation of your ideal target customers. So think about it, if
you have a lot of customers and you can think of your best group of customers, what they like, what
do they look like, how old they are, and what defines that particular group that is your customer
avatar. So let me show you some prompts that I’m going to use here.

So, first of all, in this scenario, what we want to do is to create a customer avatar for a new client of ours who is basically helping contractors, people in the construction industry in the US. To make financial sense of the business, so to get a better grasps of their financial health. Because, as you know, maybe I’m being generalist
here, but a lot of these people are really, really good at what they do when it comes to the
financials. They’re probably not so good. And this is what my client helps them to do, to actually help
them to take hold of their financial situation in their business. And the good thing about it is she has
been in the industry before, so she has a lot of credibility and she knows the exact pains and the
exact situation that these business owners face.

So let’s get Chat GPT to kick things off. So I’m just going to give Chat GPT some basic information. I’m just copying and pasting because if you want to wait for my one or three finger typing, that’s just going to take too long. So I’ve pre type this and I’m just going to paste it here. So basically we want to tell Chat GPT that we want to develop a custom avatar that looks like this. And I want to know their pains, their fears, their desires, and I want to know all the details that’s relevant to this program that we’re helping to develop right, for this
particular audience.

So let’s see what Chat GPT says once we put this in. Okay? It actually comes up
with a name for me, john Henderson, right? And it’s telling me where they live. What does this particular customer avatar look like? What are the fears, the pains? Yeah. And one of the key things is the administrative task tax complexities bookkeeping, definitely. What are John’s desires? Right, so through this, you get a very clear understanding, or at least right now, you got a basic understanding of who this customer avatar is, right?

So yeah, it’s even telling you how to propose your program to them, which is pretty cool too, right?
So, yeah, that’s pretty comprehensive. Right? So at least we got an overview of what the custom
avatar looks like. And trust me, just this one question alone is going to put you ahead of most
marketing companies and even professional marketers. All right?

I don’t know, but a lot of them clients that come to us, it seems like when we take over the projects,
we don’t see any customer avatar, honestly. And I don’t know how they’re just writing copies
without a customer avatar, because this is one of the basics, guys, really. Okay, but I want to dig
deeper. I want to dig deeper to John, right? I want to know what are the private conversations he’s
having in his head about his business? So let’s see what he’s saying to himself.

Why can’t I get hold of these numbers if I’m not there, the quality of work takes a hit. Yeah, totally.
Cash flow, We have jobs lined up for months, but why for months? But why am I always struggling to
pay the bills? So all this, as you realize, I hope you started to realize that all these can be used in the
ad copy itself, which makes it really awesome, right? Yeah.

This is helping me to get a really clear understanding of what John is going through and what he’s
thinking, right? Okay. So next thing, I want to find out even more about John, right? I’m not done
yet. I want to find out a bit more in mind. This is like, going to take me hours if I did it the traditional
way, going to YouTube, going to watching videos, going reading books, going to Reddit, searching
blog posts, all that stuff, right? So what I want to do next is to figure out what he secretly hopes for
his business. So let’s check it out. These are his deepest desires. And maybe he doesn’t even want to
tell people, right? Because maybe he’s a shy person. Maybe he thinks people might judge him for
actually thinking this or verbalizing it.

So, yeah, let’s get into his head a bit deeper. So all this stuff here, as you can see, something that legacy maybe is something that he doesn’t really talk about to his employees, right? But maybe to his wife. He does, respect, work life balance. So all these things like work life balance, for example, he may not want to express that in front of his employees, for example, right. But deep down inside, he craves for work life balance, right? He craves for respect as well. So all these things that sometimes it’s not just about money, right? Money can just be one of them. Right, So, yeah, that’s really good. Right?

To find out. So I’m going to ask Chat GPT to come up with the likely issues about his business that’s
keeping him awake at night. Because if he can solve what is keeping them awake at night, imagine
like he’s thinking, oh, jeez, I don’t know why I’m not generating good profits every month and why I’m
struggling to pay the bills. Right? And imagine the next day he sees an ad say, are you a contracting business and you’re working really hard, but somehow you are struggling to pay the bills? Use this checklist to discover where the leaks are right? in your business. That would instantly get him to actually take action. Right?

So let’s see what is actually keeping him awake at night. Let’s ask Chat GPT. So financial instability.
Yeah. Financial health of his business, getting new clients, quality of the projects that he produces.
Hiring is another one, competition. Yup. Okay. Scaling their business. Definitely. I think this applies to
a lot of business owners, right. Not just John here, as you can see. So, yeah, so I can use these in my
marketing to actually get John to compel him to take action. Right.

So what else do we want to find out? While I’m doing this? I want to just tell you I’m just going to put all this prompt if you’re watching this on YouTube, I’m going to put it prompts in the comment section. And if you’re watching this on my blog post, obviously I’m just going to have all this in my blog post. And while we’re at it, make sure you like my video and subscribe so you can get more videos like this. All right? Okay. Next thing
I really want to know is what kind of emotions he’s feeling right now about his business and what
emotions he really wants to feel about his business.

So let’s ask Chat GPT again, because remember, emotions are what drives action, right? So if we cannot know what emotions or copy is, what we need to create with our copy, we’re not going to drive action. So currently he’s feeling stressed, anxious, frustrated. He wants to feel confident, control, security, satisfaction.
Whoops, what’s that? Peace of mind. So all these things is what we want to basically, if our solution can actually promise this, then we want to make sure that we write our copy in a way that stimulates those emotions for John. Right, okay.

And then lastly, what I want to find out is what are the objections that John can possibly have about
our program so that we can address all these objections in the ad copy or in the video itself. Right,
the ad video itself. So that’s why I’m just going to put down what are the objections and see if Chat
GPT can tell me. So, yeah, absolutely. Time commitment. Do I have the time to do it? Is it easy to use? Is it relevant to my industry, to my business? How effective is it? Is it good value for money? So all these things I
need to make sure I address and overcome for John. Right? okay. So just doing that research very
quickly, in like, what, 10-11 minutes, we have created a really clear picture of the customer avatar.

There are other questions you can ask, and I’ll put some of these other questions in the comments
section or in my blog posts so that you can just copy and paste into Chat GPT, see what you come up
with. But now say, I want to fast track things, right? I want to write the copy straight away, and then
I want to basically launch it on Facebook right? Now, one of the things with Facebook ads is that you
really need to know who you want to target, what interest targeting is relevant to reach this
particular audience right? To reach your customer avatar. So another prompt that I have created
that you can also use is to do this please come up with 30 audience interests on Facebook ads that
are likely to work for this audience right. To reach this avatar. All right, that’s good enough. Okay, so
let’s see what Facebook comes up with.

All right, so, yeah, as you can see, it’s listing all the possible audience interests so I can pick them and
plug it into Facebook. And straight away, I have the audiences ready to run. I don’t need to
spend maybe 30 minutes to figure out what kind of industry I need to target or what kind of
interests I need to target on Facebook. It’s given it to me. Make sure you check out all the other
awesome content that we have for you.

So thank you for watching, and we’ll see you in the next video.


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