How to Fill Seminars or Webinars FAST

How we fill up our seminar rooms

Thinking of venturing into the speaking business?

Seminars as a form of one-to-many selling is probably one of the best ways to generate lots of sales…FAST!

While it’s great to start one…

…many get discouraged due to low sign-up rates and lack of engagement.

Good thing, being several years in the game…

I took a look into the reasons behind low sign-up rates.

And came up with a few solutions.

Tested these marketing ‘tweaks’ with my clients’ campaigns.

And the results were phenomenal.

In this video, I’ll explain the 3 ‘game-changers’ that will PUSH your sign-up rates upwards.

Thanks to these marketing tactics, I saved my clients a ton of dollars.

More seminars get filled up, attendees get more value and my clients get more sales.

Check out my video and leave a comment!

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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Terence Tam from Radical Marketing bringing you a very important message today. And that message is “Why people are not signing up for your seminar or webinar?”

I’m going to give you three major reasons why people are not signing up for your event.

Now, the first thing is lack of credibility. When you’re advertising your seminar or webinar online, there are so many other people that are actually advertising their events as well. So you’re competing with those guys or girls.

So you need a way to make sure that you answer that question in people’s heads, which is, “Why should I listen to this person?” Now, if you can answer that, then that is one great way you can get people signing up for your events.

Now recently we ran an ad for a client and when we changed the video the client was using into a video where he had multiple famous influencers in the video, we actually managed to slice the cost per acquisition (that’s cost per signup) by 50% instantly, just like that. So it is so important to have that credibility.

Now you probably can’t get, you know, the celebrities or whatever to actually endorse your event, but perhaps even getting testimonials from your past clients or customers, that will also help serve to build your credibility.

And if you don’t have any past clients or customers that you can rely on for testimonials, at least give people some background as to why they should listen to you. What results you have achieved in the past, and why they should attend the event as such.

The second reason why people are not signing up for your event is that they do not trust you enough. So I’ll give you an example.

Recently, we ran another ad for another client in Europe and the client at that point in time hadn’t produced much material for us. So we had to use an image plus our copy and we were getting leads, signups for about 40 bucks per signup, which was on the expensive side.

So we got the client to finally produce a video that we scripted for him. And after scripting the video and giving us that video, we replaced the image with a video of him and now he’s speaking into the camera. People know who the speaker is. They can see his face and they trust him, right?

Because otherwise they don’t know who they are looking at or who they are signing up for and now in this case, they now knew who is the speaker and they have a little, small taste of what it’s like to be at his event.

Now the cost dropped by 75%. We were getting sign-ups for under 10 bucks. That is the power of having trust and trust can be built through video like what I am doing with you right now.

By being in front of video, you are able to build trust with your audience and rapport more powerfully than you could ever use with just images and texts. So get on and start making that video.

Now the third thing, the third reason why people are not signing up for your event, your seminar or your webinar, is because the topic is not relevant.

See, the thing is with most people when they decide to host an event, whether it’s a seminar or webinar, where do they get their topics? They think, well, I’m really good at doing this. So I’ll just create a topic out of what I know.

But very often that topic may not be very relevant. So what I suggest is to do some market research. And what do I mean by market research? It’s by finding out whether that topic is a hotly searched topic using Google. Find out how many searches a month there are on that particular topic on Google and also find out what is the trend of that keyword that you’re looking for.

So maybe you have two or three topics you came up with initially. By doing this keyword research and looking at trends, you are then able to know.

Maybe this topic A is not that great because it only had 500 searches last month. On average, topic B had 2000 searches. Topic C had 400 searches. So obviously you want to go with topic B because that is the most likely one to give you success.

So do some market research before you jump on and create a full webinar. This is a very important thing because people don’t want to attend something that they have no interest in. So, find the right topic by doing market research.

So I hope these three tips were very useful and keep that in mind whenever you’re designing or creating your next event. And I’m betting that if you cover these three topics, you will be able to attract more people to sign up for your next seminar or webinar.

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