How radical marketing helped me transform my business and life

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As you may know, I come from a strong marketing background with 5 years of researching and teaching marketing principles at some of the top universities in Australia.

After deciding to go into business full time in 2002, I applied many of those principles I had learnt and it gained me some success in various ventures.

However, even though my businesses grew rapidly initially, doubling and tripling in revenue, I’d always hit a plateau after a few years.

I tried everything I knew and learnt. I applied what all the business gurus told me to do.

But I still could not make that break through!

So I thought maybe it was a mind-set thing.

I set out to do all the courses and books that I could grab hold of in the mindset/motivation space.

While they helped sometimes, they actually made it worse at other times. Cos I kept thinking there must be something wrong with me when things didn’t work out…not enough affirmations or visualising.

You know what I mean if you have been down that track.


After I lost millions in the Global Financial Crisis due to some bad property investments, I decided to spend some time in reflection.

Among other things, I came to the awareness that when I started many of my businesses, I was radical in my approach.

I set out to change industries or the way people did things in the industry.

I made a lot of traditional people in the industry mad and defied the naysayers. At the same time, I won raving fans because of my new approach.

But later as my businesses grew, I stopped being radical because I listened to what other ‘experts’ in the industry told me.

‘You can’t do that, it’s not acceptable’

‘That’s not true, you should do things our way.’

At the same time, my method of doing business got copied by many others.

So I STOPPED being radical, without actually realising it.

I spent more time reflecting, creating principles that will help my businesses in the future to continue being radical…to have the ‘radical’ DNA in my businesses.

I did this so I would never again stop being ‘radical’ and growing my businesses exponentially.

So what have I achieved so far with this ‘radicalness’ in my business DNA?

  • I’ve reduced costs by 41% in one business over 6 months, while increasing my revenues by 10%
  • I’ve received unsolicited offer of $5M Euros to purchase a share in one of my businesses
  • I started a new business with $0 start-up and obtained enough clients for the first 5 months of the new start-up in 2 weeks.

Here’s the good news for you.

Remember I told you I lost millions of dollars during the Global Financial Crisis?

Well, as you can imagine, I was really down and out.

My self-confidence was shattered and I was diagnosed as having ‘major depression’ by a psychiatrist.

I even considered suicide and almost had a divorce.

Yeah pretty depressing stuff considering I had a net worth of over AUD$5M and thought I was a very successful entrepreneur just 12 months before that!

But the powerful realisation that came out of this is that I developed a compassion for other entrepreneurs.

I imagined thousands of other entrepreneurs going through the same pains that I had gone through.

I realised the enormous damage bad business can do to the lives of entrepreneurs and their families.

People who dare to take a risk, to create unique value via products and services they provide for the common person should not have to endure such pain and suffering.

This inspired me to make it my mission in life to help other entrepreneurs, by helping their businesses grow dramatically through radical marketing.

That’s why I decided to set up the Radical Marketing Academy as a vehicle to help entrepreneurs worldwide.

How can I help you experience wild profits? Here’s some of the channels:

  • personal 1:1 consulting to turbo-grow your business
  • Seminars
  • Speaking engagements
  • Brand consulting
  • My books

Plans are in the pipeline to create more products and services that will make an impact in your business. I’ll update you when they become available.

Contact me if you’ll like to find out more about any of these services above.

My 1:1 consultation service is backed by a triple money back guarantee…so if you don’t get results at least 3 times of what you pay me, you pay nothing.

Finally, as my way of contributing to you, I also offer a free 1:1 consultation session to select entrepreneurs. Simply click here for more information:





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