Hook, Line, and Conversion: Your Guide to Marketing Webinars

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Webinars are a great tool to get people into your funnel and share the knowledge you’ve worked so hard for. Marketing webinars are essential to your success; here is why.

Approximately 17 percent of webinar attendees will sign up at least 15 days before the event. Therefore, when it comes to webinar marketing, having an extended game plan and using multiple marketing strategies is essential to your success.

Read on to explore our most recommended webinar marketing methods to get the best webinar attendance for your next event.

Build Your Landing Page

A strong landing page is a quintessential part of marketing webinars. This is your major platform for breaking down (in detail) exactly what your course is about, what’s included, and what your students can expect.

This is also an ideal time to share a little background and a personal anecdote that allows your audience to better relate to you. You’ll want to demonstrate how the skill set in this course has changed your life and the potential it holds to change theirs. Be sure to include a retail price versus your personal pricing for added incentive.

Work on Your Teaser Video

While a robust, text-filled landing page is a great selling tool, the fact remains that our attention spans are shorter than ever. That’s why a powerful teaser trailer is a great way to gain interest in your upcoming course.

Include vibrant images that instill a specific emotional reaction on the subject while still showing you as the authority on the subject. You can choose to do it in the format of a “talking head” or narrate over the video. Try to stick to a few clear and concise selling points during the video to avoid overwhelming your audience.

Look into Webinar Listing Sites

Webinars are rapidly becoming a leading source of online education. More and more people are turning to the Internet to attend these events and learn new skills.

While some sites will charge a flat fee for promoting your webinar, others will work as an affiliate and collect money on each enrollment made through the platform. If you built your webinar through a specific course builder or website, you may have access to promoting it on the same site for a small fee.

Use Social Media for Marketing Webinars

You’ve invested time in creating quality content to grow your social media following; now it’s time to put it towards good use. There are a number of ways to use social media for marketing webinars.

Some ideas include offering access to a private Facebook group to those who register for the webinar – as an additional support tool.

If your event features guest speakers or instructors, you can also feature Youtube videos from your guests to increase their credibility. Finally, it’s always a good idea to offer a special limited-time offering to your social media following.

Invest in Paid Social Ads

If promoting your social media page isn’t enough, we strongly recommend investing a bit of money into running paid ads. Practically every social media platform offers the ability to purchase ads, and each will vary in their benefits.

One of the greatest perks in paying for a social media ad is the ability to reach a very specific targeted audience. This is especially true if your webinar focuses on a specific niche, making it easier to narrow down your audience by career choice, interests, or even family life.

Create a Blog on the Subject

If you’ve been staying on top of blogging and providing your audience with honest and valuable content, this is the perfect time to tap into that platform. Try to focus your blog more on the topic of the webinar than actually trying to sell it. It’s better to be informative rather than “salesy”.

Once you’ve laid down some valuable information in the blog, wrap it up with an invitation to the webinar (maybe even a special discount code) and a link to your landing page.

Reach Out to Your Subscribers

Email marketing is a vastly underused resource. However, studies show it’s still one of the most effective tools for business. Reach out to your subscribers’ list to inform them about your webinar.

You’ll want to keep the email short and sweet while still remaining relatable. Throw in a clever story to grab readers’ attention – just be sure that it’s relevant to the subject of the event.

Build a Pop-Up Funnel

Funnels are often touted as highly complex marketing setups used to drive traffic. While it’s true that a good funnel can be effective, the process doesn’t have to be so complicated.

To put it into simple terms, you want to build a segment of several landing pages, starting from a smaller, more affordable deal and leading up to the larger product (in this case, your webinar). Your original content grab can even be free; the point is to keep the visitor wanting to see what else you have to offer.

Partner Up with an Influencer

Influencer marketing is a great resource to incorporate into your marketing plan. The first thing you’ll want to do is find an influencer whose brand and audience matches the niche of your webinar. From there, you may need to take some time building a relationship with that person.

It’s important to work out a fair deal for having the influencer promote your webinar. Most times, it involves payment, but in some cases, a trade or arrangement can be made to benefit both parties.

Beyond Webinar Marketing

Having knowledge of marketing webinars is just one piece of a larger puzzle. There are several steps you’ll want to take to host a successful webinar.

Whether you plan on hosting a webinar for profit or as a promotional tool, by taking it step-by-step and doing your research, your event is sure to be a success!

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