High Ticket Coaching Funnel #7: Challenge Funnel

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What’s a challenge funnel, and how does it benefit high-ticket coaches? 
If you offer a highly experiential coaching service…

… Or you can provide your prospects with a quick and important win in a matter of days….

… The challenge funnel strategy might just be what the doctor ordered.

Think of the Challenge Funnel as giving your prospects an experience of what you can offer.

It’s a chance for your target audience to get a taste of what you can do before making a financial commitment. 

If they experience value and achieve a tangible win or two during the challenge – there is a good chance they would want to invest in your high ticket offer. 

For example, if you help them lose 5 pounds in 5 days… they are more likely to sign up for your program that helps them lose 30 pounds in 30 days.  

But the BIG question is: 

What are the elements involved in creating a challenge funnel?  

Watch this video as we uncover the winning formula to create a Challenge Funnel. 

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Introduction to The Challenge Funnel

Hey, congratulations, you’re up to funnel number 7 in this series of High-Ticket Coaching Funnels. And funnel number 7 is The Challenge Funnel. So I’d like to basically break down the whole Challenge Funnel to you. And if you’re a high-ticket coach or course creator, this is a very important funnel that you want to take note of and possibly implement in your business because for our clients, we have seen fantastic results with this challenge funnel if you do it right.

Importance of the Challenge Funnel

So today I want to give you not just a structure but some tips as to how to make a Challenge Funnel a good one and a successful one. So to start off what you need for your challenge funnel is, of course, a signup page.

The Signup Page Structure

Let’s take a quick look at what a signup page is because this is where you want to drive your traffic with an email list or whether through ads you want to drive all your traffic to this signup page.

 Example of a Signup Page

This is a client that we’re currently running a 4-Day challenge for and it’s called Closing More Clients Challenge. So basically, this is for salespeople, for business owners who want to learn how to close more deals and so this is a four-day challenge.

Components of a Successful Signup Page

Okay, so we have a strong headline, a video from the client himself who is doing this challenge, who is conducting this challenge. We have a call to action, and this is a sneak peek as to what they get from each day of the challenge and who is it for and a personal message from the coach himself, right? And a bit of background story, some bonuses, if you tend, and some testimonials, right?

Two Options at the End of the Challenge

So, and bottom line is, at the end, we give them two options, whether to continue doing it themselves or to join this challenge, right? So, it’s a free challenge. They can basically sign up and join the 4-Day Challenge.

Benefits of Challenges and Traffic Strategy

So, with challenges, as I mentioned to you is it can get a pretty good high ROAS because the thing is if people attend the full 4 days of the challenge it means they are pretty serious, and once they attend the full 4 days they are then willing to basically sign up for your High-Ticket Coaching program okay there’s a higher chance of that happening not guaranteed of course but it is a pretty good chance okay, so how we do it is we send traffic to the sign-up page, as I just showed you.

Retargeting and Premium Experience

We want to retarget people who don’t sign up, obviously, right? Of course, because they have showed initial interest and they might have got distracted on the sign-up page. And then what we want to do is, the next step is where we give them an optional upgrade premium experience.

Creating a Premium Experience

OK, so if they want to upgrade, they get a premium experience. They may have to pay a bit of money for that. And in our experience is that people who actually sign up for the premium experience, they generally tend to be the higher quality prospects.

Building Hype Through Groups

So you want to treat them special. And what could this premium experience be? It could be, you know, additional training, networking events or additional digital training materials, access to Q & A session with the speaker, the coach.

Creating Value and Promised Results

So there are so many things you can do. It’s totally up to your creativity, but think of it as to how it actually creates more value for the participant in order to get the result they want. And coming back to that, your challenge, you need to kind of like give them a promised result at the end of the day, right? So why are they basically coming for this challenge? So it might be in this case for our client that I just showed you is to walk away with strategies to close more clients and that is the whole idea.

The Importance of Small Wins

I mean he could create like say you know 4 days to create your closing script, your sales presentation, something like that is more tangible would also work as well. So the key thing is that you promise something very specific that they can take away, right?

 Group Engagement and Building Anticipation

All right. So once they, whether they upgrade to the premium experience or not, this is the next step where you need to kind of put them in a group, whether it’s, whether it’s a Facebook group, a telegram group, a WhatsApp group, whatever it is, you need to put them in a group because what do you want to do is you want to build up hype for the event, right?

 Running Ads and Retargeting

So you put them in this group, you basically send them in messages, get them excited, send them value, get them excited for the challenge that’s coming, okay? So this is where we kind of hype the group, alright? And some people won’t sign up for the Facebook group. What you want to do is you want to retarget them as well, right? And you want to download download the workbook, download bonuses, all that kind of stuff on the thank you page.

Email Sequence and Promotion

Okay, I’m not gonna show you the thank you page because yeah, I think it’s pretty self-explanatory so I’m not gonna show you the whole thank you page there for this particular client.

Post-Signup Engagement

Alright, so then what do you want to do is you want to create an email sequence as well. Once they sign up, just like in a webinar or any event, you want to create that email sequence. Once again, try and promote that upgrade that day if they didn’t upgrade right and ask them to join the Facebook group, Telegram group, or whatever it is that you want them to join right so this basically would then lead them back to these pages okay so they can make sure they take the action that it previously did not take right so at the challenge what happens at the challenge all right this is what many people ask well this is the option where you can have a welcome party which is before the challenge, okay?

Pre-Challenge Engagement – Welcome Party

So you can have a welcome party to welcome them and it’s a really short like 30 minute, one hour one, right? And then, so this is like a bonus thing that you give to them, alright? If they attend a welcome party, the chances are make it exciting, make it fun, so that they will attend your whole challenge throughout, okay?

Daily Wins and Anticipation

Now, after the challenge in day one, day two, day three, basically every single day, you want them to take a little bit of a small win away. Get them to do an exercise, get them to do something, write a script, create a LinkedIn profile, whatever it is, to get them to experience a small win.Get them to do something, write a script, create a LinkedIn profile, whatever it is, to get them to experience a small win. So that each day they come, they can get that small win. And they are anticipating, wow, tomorrow I’m going to learn this other thing or I’m going to walk away with this other thing. That is not a small win, right?

Planning for Daily Achievements

It could be like, you know, writing a headline for an ad, for example, if you’re doing a copywriting challenge, right? So all these things you need to plan and make sure they take away that small win because those small wins are what keeps them coming back day after day, right?

Culminating Small Wins in a Huge Outcome

And then each small win should culminate in a huge win right at the end, right? It all contributes to this big outcome, okay? So say for example in this client’s case it could be day one you kind of like get this like script to actually prospect, day two you get the script to close prospects or approach prospects or something else and day three you get a script for ghosting how to deal with ghosting and following up right so each day basically you’re getting something and walking away with something specific to your business or your client’s problem right that helps solve that big problem okay so each day they get an outcome and you could run you know up to a five day challenge people run 30 day challenges 60 day challenges especially a lot in the fitness programs right so by the time they get to day five they have this big outcome or day four, whatever, however long the challenge is, you have this big outcome, right?

Bonus Day for Celebration and Pitching Opportunity

And then you have a bonus day right at the end as well. So you might have bonus day to celebrate a celebratory thing where they had come for the celebration or for the completion of the challenge. And if they come for that celebration of course that is another opportunity for you to pitch them okay so in many cases where you’re selling a high-ticket offer you generally do not want to sell send them to a sales page right you may want to it depends right but in many cases you might want to send them to a free consultation and application page for your high-ticket offer, okay?

Pricing Strategies and Downselling

And on the high-ticket offer page, that’s where once they come to consult, where it’s where you can sell them the core offer. If they cannot afford it, you want to downsell them a product or two, right? So maybe your high-ticket offer might be $15,000, the downsell product might be $9,000, and your lowest downsell product might be $3,000, right? So you’re capturing multiple layers of affordability and price points.

Email Sequence and Post-Challenge Engagement

Okay, so yeah, and of course, with your email sequence, each day, you want to send them back to the challenge, make sure you’re reminded. And the email sequence, you will also want to send them after the six days to send them to the application page as well.

Retargeting Strategies

Okay, you might also want to run some ads to retarget them to the application page and also during the challenge you might want to retarget them with ads so that in the first few days so that they are reminded to join the challenge itself.

Conclusion and Implementation

So yep I hope I’ve explained this pretty well and this is a challenge funnel and you know I’ve gone into a little bit of about how to structure your challenge as well and you about how they should get an outcome and the whole structure where you actually get them into an application, a one-on-one consult and eventually sell them or offer them the solution that they actually need at the price point they can afford. So I hope this was useful for you and please if you got some ideas from this, make sure you implement it for your next challenge and I look forward to seeing you in our next video.

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